5 Underrated Fitness Channels You Need to Watch

You know, I’ve been fortunate enough to
have amassed a decent following on my channel. Especially for a fitness channel that doesn’t
rely on looks but more so on… triangles. But, there are also some other fitness channels
out there providing great content that don’t have nearly the exposure they deserve. So, in this video, I want to share with you,
the fitness audience, FIVE fitness channels I believe are underrated and you should definitely
be watching. #5 Millionaire Hoy
High intensity interval training. That’s the name of the game with Millionaire
Hoy. He’s regularly beasting out full-length
HIIT workouts for you to follow, step by step. There are hundreds of videos targeting a multitude
of exercise types and fitness levels. For beginners, his videos also provide modifications
for each movement so that you can go at your own pace. And, all of his workouts are… FREE. No other full-workout channels provide the
level of detail and finesse that Millionaire Hoy does. And with millions upon millions of people
wanting to lose weight and get in shape, Hoy’s workouts can be immensely helpful. #4 Barbell Shrugged
At only about 169,000 subs at the time of making this video, it’s actually quite criminal
how underrated the channel Barbell Shrugged is. Barbell Shrugged rocks a podcast-style interview
forum mixed with stylized camerawork. Most importantly, the feature prominent guests
like Brad Schoenfeld, Chad Wesley Smith, Bret Contreras, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick, to name
a few. These are the top experts of the fitness and
health world. Their editing quality is also as great as
hitting a PR during a cut. If you’re a science and fitness nerd like
myself, then Barbell Shrugged is a must-listen and must-watch in my book. #3 Redefining Strength
As a personal trainer, I used to think I was so cool at creating different variations for
different exercises… until I found the channel “Redefining Strength.” I mean, c’mon, Cori, the founder, has TWENTY
different plank variations. TWENTY! The list of variations goes on and on. And for you bros that think this is some easy
stuff that’s only good for beginners… think again. Cori really doesn’t mess around with her
variations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy, girl,
or triangle. Redefining Strength’s videos are good for
anyone and she definitely deserves much more than 107,000 subscribers. If you want a few more ideas for your workouts
or if you’re a trainer and your client is getting bored with their program, check out
Redefining Strength to get some dope and creative tips. #2 Juggernaut Training Systems
In my opinion, Juggernaut Training Systems, bar none, is THE best lifting channel to ever
grace YouTube. No channel is able to effectively translate
elite training methodology into beginner-friendly tutorials as well as Chad Wesley Smith and
the crew at Juggernaut Training Systems. These guys tackle every training aspect you
can think of and back it up with scientific knowledge and… results. And when I say results, I’m talking about
training world-tier athletes and record holders. They do it with style too. Their video editing is pretty awesome. If you’re even remotely interested in lifting,
be it Olympic lifting, power lifting, or just lifting for general strength, Juggernaut Training
Systems should be your go-to channel. And finally,
#1 Jeff Nippard This one was always a no-brainer number one
for me in spite of the great channels before it. There’s really no other way to put. Jeff Nippard’s content is simply… great. Jeff’s very scientific, gives helpful advice,
tackles a bunch of fitness myths, and he really digs deep into the fitness research to support
his points. Kinda of like THIS GUY… but with the body
to back it up. And with 567,000 subscribers, you’re probably
thinking, “What? How is this channel underrated?” Well, that’s how great I think Jeff’s
channel is and should… no will, become. If there’s ever a multi-million subscriber
fitness channel in the making, this is it. Again, good science, practice, research, articulation,
and great editing. Frankly, I’m a bit jealous, but at the same
time happy to see Jeff’s channel soar through the fitness ranks. You don’t have to take my word for it. I suggest you check his channel out for yourself. And when you do subscribe to Jeff’s channel,
please tell a friend of yours to subscribe to PictureFit so Jeff doesn’t pass me in
subscribers anytime soon. But honestly, go check out his stuff, and
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