5 Ton Challenge Weight Loss Journey — 2013

[MUSIC PLAYING] I watched my daughter
Danielle one night and she’s picking up every
bad habit I have about food. Sweets. She’s just developed a craving
for sweets all the time, constantly. And I keep telling her,
no, you can have it, and she’s like,
well, you have it. And what am I supposed to say? If I can do it, believe
me, anybody can do it. I love to eat. I don’t over eat. I just don’t move after I eat. I won’t burn one calorie. I lay down,
immediately take a nap. I don’t want to
be that big mommy that the other kids talk about. I’m studying to
be a health coach. No one wants a fat health coach. They’ll look at me and say,
hmm, and what are you doing? I would like to be much
more physically active. The biggest a-ha
moment was definitely the last doctor visit that
I had and the realization that if I don’t do
something about my weight it has the potential
to take me out of here. I’ve tried to lose
weight on my own but I’m either losing
weight or gaining weight. There is never two weeks
where my weight just remains the same. My wake up moment
was last year when I went to my doctor’s
office and they diagnosed me as pre-diabetic. There are 80-year-old
bodybuilders and I want to be that person. I want to be on top of
the world in my 80s. I have struggled with my
weight my whole entire life, from being a chubby
baby to a chubby child. And I was an athlete in high
school but I was still chubby. I want for everybody to
gasp at how well I have done and what I have accomplished
in the six months. I actually walked into a store
that was mostly smaller sizes and the salesperson
said to me that I might be in the wrong store. I’m excited about a
new start, a new me, and I feel like going
through the program is going to introduce
me to my new me. [MUSIC PLAYING] And our pictures, of course,
are right outside the cafeteria so everybody can see you. So when you walk out
they’re like, yeah, you really changed from
your picture right there. It’s just amazing that they are
starting to see the changes. I can run a mile. That was the
biggest thing for me is that I didn’t believe that I
could actually do the workouts. I saw my niece maybe
like a month ago and I had on some tighter
jeans, and she said, Lacretia, those are a little
bit too loose for you. Aw. And I was like, aw. My best friend
used to always say, if you could just
eat one bite– she used to treat me like a child. Just eat one bite of
vegetables, Karissa. And now it just
amazes her that I have a plate full of vegetables. My biggest motivator was knowing
that this was a competition and that we had to
weigh in each month. I couldn’t imagine at the
end of month– oh, my god. I’m the only one who
hasn’t lost any weight. I feel like I can pretty
much take anything on now, so I’m going to run a 5K
which I never would have done. Feeling like you failed
or you let your team down, and you miss a
couple of workouts and you come back to a workout
and they’re like, hey, girl. Let’s keep it moving. They don’t look at you
any different kind of way. They embrace you and
love you just the same as they did three weeks
ago when they last saw you. So that’s something that
I’ll always hold dear, is the support and the
love from these girls. Just seeing the
changes that I’ve made has really helped to make
me a more confident person. It feels good to get on
a scale and see change, and so once you see that
you want to continue to keep along those steps. You want to continue
working out, you want to continue doing the
food changes that you’ve made, so this is just the beginning. The encouragement from my Blue
Cross family, my team as well, and then my coworkers–
that word of encouragement gave me the motivation
to keep going. It’s changed things
for my entire family because now instead of
laying around and watching TV on Sunday afternoon we get
out, take our bikes somewhere, and go biking all
Sunday afternoon. So it really has
changed my life. It was on Friday. And we looked at each
other and we both decided we were
going to workout, we were going to make
sure we at right, that entire weekend to make
sure that we both met our goals. And when I weighed I was down
50.6 pounds, and I cried. I’ve lost 59 pounds,
but the biggest change for me and what I was
really striving for was the change in my
health assessment. So my BMI is down by 14%. One of my next
goals is my husband and I are going to run the 10K
Cooper River Run in Charleston, South Carolina next spring. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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