5 ramyuns and 30 eggs are not enough for two trainers? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.11.17]

(Finally lunchtime) – What? / – You’re not lifting more weights, are you? There’s a cafe inside the gym. Healthy kitchen. I really don’t want to go there. – It’s healthy. / – The food is really good. I’m going to eat some eggs. (Boiled eggs, a staple for trainers) (But…) (Are they eating 30 eggs between two people?) (The pot is filled with 30 eggs) How many is that? 30? (15 eggs per person?) (What’s next?) (Rustle) Instant noodles. What? Can you eat that? – What? / – What is he doing? We usually eat like that. – You eat instant noodles? / – Yes. We do. That’s shocking. Wow. I understand eggs but… Shouldn’t you eat a low-sodium diet? When you exercise? Is it alright to eat like that after exercising? Won’t you have exercised in vain? Right. During the off-season, we need to make our bodies bigger for next season’s competition. At times like that, we don’t only eat protein. We eat a ton of carbohydrates and salt. What are you doing? What? You should come and help. Oh. – What do you mean, “Oh?” / – Were you cooking? You were doing something? I said that we should eat. Do you not do anything before you eat? What are we going to eat? (She really looks like she’s clueless) We’re eating eggs and instant noodles. She’s a very unique person. – She is. / – She’s playing dumb. She’s unique. Also, why did you wear a white shirt? I told you that we’d be eating instant noodles. That’s why I brought this. (She stops him from nagging with a black shirt) Alright, just change. You want me to change? It’ll splatter all over. Dongeun, think a little bit. You’re killing me. – Oh, instructor. / – What? Should I wear this or this? Wear anything! (A new type of employee has emerged) She’s different. The best character has emerged. (We’ve never had a character like this) “Should I wear this or this?” I thought she’d apologize but she asked… – “Should I wear this or this?” / – The funny thing is… They’re both the same thing. What’s different? “What should I wear?” – What’s different? / – She’s trying to make him mad. (She’s making my life difficult) She’s a new type of employee. Should I wear this or this? Wear anything! Just wear anything. Do I look like a stylist to you? Just wear anything. – No… / – Am I your stylist? (He’s hungry after getting angry) I’m hungry. Instructor. What. What should I do? Take out the kimchi and slice it. – Just enough to eat. / – Do you have that? – What? / – Disposable gloves? Oh, yes. Just do it without gloves. Just bring it to me. It’ll get on my hands. I’ll just do it. Who cares if it gets on your hands. She’s so slow. Are those the aftereffects of exercising too hard? Are they? Director Yang ends up doing everything. He does everything for her eventually. – What a fun character. / – Put it back. Go and wipe it down. Alright. (Searching) – She’s slow. / – What? (What are you doing?) I need gloves to peel the eggs. (Looking for gloves until the end) You’re not going to peel them with your hands? “Where are the disposable gloves?” – Dongeun, wipe down the table first. / – Alright. You need to wipe it down before we eat. (I’m going to wipe the table) It’s so hard to make her do something. He asked her to wipe the table, where did she go? Oh, there she is. She’s so slow. She’s like a sloth. (He came to see if she was doing a good job) (The boss is about to explode from frustration) Wouldn’t it just be faster if you did it? Yes, but I have to keep ordering her. She used to be slower in the past. – Really? / – This is her working faster? Yes, it is. (This is her working fast?) Ms. Shim, have you ever seen an employee like her? – “What should I do?” / – I… Won’t be able to put up with it. (Even the great Ms. Shim is shaking her head) If you ask her to cut a radish, she’ll ask, “Should I cut this one or this one?” “Where are the gloves to cut radishes with?” “Should I use this knife or this knife?” She really doesn’t seem like she’ll fit in with cooking. What about you, CEO Kim? I’d move her to a different department. Immediately? We have a lot of students… – So she’d consult with their parents. / – Consulting. That’s exactly right. She’s really good at things like that. – She’d be a good consultant. / – She is. She blocks out all the complaints. (Director Kim takes care of all the complaints) People go to complain and probably get frustrated with her. “Alright, I’ll just take care of it.” – And they just leave. / – “Never mind.” “I made a mistake.” “Why are you getting mad?” (A major talent at the gym) I’m a bit slow and the instructor likes to be fast. I should understand and act quickly but I can’t, so he gets frustrated. She’s a new type of character. She’s cute. Peel all the eggs. Alright. Can she peel all those eggs by today? Don’t eat first. Alright. I told you not to eat before me. – Alright. / – Alright? I told you not to eat before me, alright? (His nags without end) (Let’s start working) Is it alright that she doesn’t have gloves? Oh, she found them. Because they’re hot. (Slow) (Fast-forwarded) What? She’s taking out the yolk. Do you usually eat like that? They must only eat egg whites. Just the egg whites? – What a waste. / – The yolk is delicious. Because of the cholesterol? Right, because of the fat and the cholesterol. (It’s a labor party) (Doing the laundry and peeling eggs) They should eat a few of the yolks. – They’re delicious. / – They are. They’re savory. Soft-boiled. (Dongeun is dong peeling the eggs as well) She left a bit of yolk. There’s a bit of yolk. (3 eggs and 27 egg whites) (Whew, I’m hungry) (I need to endure) She finished by today though. I don’t think he’ll know if she just eats one. Right. (Should I eat it or not?) Oh, she ate one. She’s fast at times like that. (She even puts a slice of kimchi on top) Wow, she’s eating deliciously. She ate one. I didn’t think she ate one. There are a lot so it’s hard for you to tell. It must taste so good. (She makes sure to get rid of the evidence) She’s even cleaning her hands. (No one saw me, right?) She’s fast at times like this. (On the other hand, he doesn’t know about this…) (And is working hard to cook the noodles) It’s so weird to hear the sound of the instant noodle packet being shaken in a gym. (Goodbye for now, until you get cooked) Are the noodles not done yet? I just put them in. How many did you make? Five. Five won’t be enough for both of us. How many should I cook, then? (Five isn’t enough for two people?) You should’ve made more, five isn’t enough. When I eat instant noodles, I can eat… – Up to 10 bags. / – What? I thought she was a pilates instructor. She can eat 10 bags of instant noodles? She has abs but she eats 10 bags of instant noodles. She eats more than me. Why doesn’t she have a fat stomach then? The funny thing about this girl is that she eats pork hock the day before a competition. – Really? / – But she still places first? – She must not gain weight easily. / – She doesn’t. Her body gets more muscular when she eats. That must be nice. – She was born for this. / – She was. She was born for this. He made so little. He knows that I can eat a lot, so I wondered why he cooked so little. I was a bit disappointed. She should just eat enough but she keeps trying to eat until she gets full. (Nice timing) The noodles are firm. That looks good. (The smell of instant noodles permeates throughout) (Someone must be eating instant noodles) I told you people would talk about it. (What’s this smell?) I wondered if we were at a gym or a noodle shop. There are probably a lot of people who are on a diet. There are. He’s not even going out to a competition. Open it. – Alright. / – More, more. (The instant noodles arrive) (They finally start eating) (He uses his chopsticks excitedly) Isn’t that a washbin? It must be really good. (Slurps) He doesn’t chew. He practically plated himself a whole packet of noodle. (In a trance) Goodness. A pilates instructor is eating instant noodles. (Is this really happening in a gym?) What a peculiar video. Are you having an instant noodle battle? They’re not even talking. (Let’s begin the eating battle) It must be so hot. (Suddenly, it’s an instant noodle battle) They’re eating like someone is going to steal it. Her hair. Hey, eat slowly. He told her to eat slowly. (She can’t hear him) Hey. I’ll just eat two, eat slowly. You can eat everything. Was she worried that he’d eat more than him? He only cooked five bags. – She thought he’d eat more. / – It’s just food. That’s why I told you to cook six. – You… / – What a shocking video. Why do I need to compete with you for food? (They’re not competing, they’re eating) What? It’s amazing that this is a competition. – They have such different physiques. / – Sit down. – She stood up. / – Sit down and scoop it. (I’m not going to leave a single strand) (Slurps) She really eats well. She’s no joke. What is this? What kind of situation is this? Why isn’t she biting it off? She’s not biting the noodles off. Usually, Pilates instructors get furious when you come after eating instant noodles. – They do. / – They say, “What were you thinking?” Right, they should yell at you. They say that you wasted yesterday’s workout. She’s the one eating though. (Just eat it all…) He lost. She’s eating that salty kimchi. (Nice!) (7 minutes after they started eating the noodles) Did they go on a trip? They finished that in 7 minutes. We already finished it. How can they eat that so quickly? (Let’s fill our stomaches with eggs) I need gloves. What? Again? Just use your hands. Can I take one more pair of gloves? Yes. (I can’t believe it) What is she going to do? (Happy) To eat the eggs with? She wants to wrap the kimchi around the eggs. She can just use chopsticks. (She puts in a slice of kimchi) Oh, kimchi? You should’ve left the gloves from before instead of being wasteful and using a new pair. It’s not because of the money, it’s because I’m concerned about the environment. The environment. Here? No. You could’ve used the gloves again. – He’s right. / – Don’t you know that it’s a waste? Right, she shouldn’t use too many disposal things. That’s right. (They eat in peace) You can reuse disposable gloves. Are they competing with this as well? (She aggressively eats the eggs) – Isn’t she full? / – Seriously. Did you eat 15 eggs each? Yes, we did. We split it in half. (The bottom of the bowl is showing) (Cleared in an instant) (Done eating) I’m done eating. That… Are you eating instant noodles to save money on food? – Because it’s cheap? / – No. That’s probably it. It is, right? – No, I’m serious. / – It’s expensive to order food. Because black bean noodles are more expensive. Cheapskate Yang. He is. – He is. / – He’s trying to save money. He’s a penny pincher. We’ll have to watch more to find out. (The peak time when people come to exercise) (What is Boss Yang doing?) – Eight. / – Good. (He’s training a female member) Are you Namsan Mountain? Lower your butt. (This person is?) Isn’t she an actress? – She is. / – Hello. I’ve been an actress for 24 years. Choi Eunju. – I’m an actress… / – Choi Eunju. And a fitness athlete. I’m Choi Eunju and I’ve been a trainer for 2 years. Nice to meet you. – Really? / – Do you work with her? (The end of the century star, Choi Eunju) – She acted a lot. / – She did. She was the best. She was. “My Wife is a Gangster.” Right, I know who Choi Eunju is. When people hear “Choi Eunju,” they think, “Oh, that actress from a long time ago,” or “Oh, “My Wife is a Gangster.”” I wanted to change this image of myself, so I went to a competition with the instructor. Oh, she pursued a different path. She won a competition as well. – She’s amazing. / – That’s right, I saw her. – I saw her. / – I think I saw a news article. First and second place, wow. She’s amazing. – That’s a lot. / – She went to a lot of competitions. She’s easily a contender for Asian competitions. That and global competitions as well. She got first place at a global competition and won the Grand Prix at a Korean competition. – Really? / – Yes. I wanted to make a comeback to acting, so I went to the competition but it didn’t directly lead back to a life of acting. So the instructor said, “What’s the point of resting?” “How would you like to teach students and female members?” More than anything else, I had experienced the change in my body. – Right, there was an article. / – That took 3 months. Only 3 months? Only 3 months. She exercised 8 hours a day. She lived at the gym. – Yes, so… / – 8 hours for 3 months? A lot of women saw that and came to our gym. (A rush of inquiries from women) Most of the women that came… Yes. Ended up quitting after exercising as much as her. Right, because it’s so difficult. You told me to just come for three days. To just come three times. Are you trying to train me for 12 hours a day? No, as I said before, one hour. One hour? If you give me one hour, you might change your mind, Hyunmoo. Will you give me instant noodles as well? Yes, I will. I’ll give you instant noodles, eggs, and kimchi. – Will you give eggs and kimchi? / – Yes. – You should go to eat that. / – Hyunmoo, go. – Go. / – Go. Kimchi with egg whites like this. That looks so good. How cool. – Good, 6. / – Lower your butt, good. Will you stop interfering with my members? She’s charismatic. Seven. What did you eat? – Three. / – What did you eat? My older sister ordered tuna rice rolls for me. You ate before and you ate again? He treats them like family. Yes, he does. I speak informally to the members, it’s very free. – You speak informally. / – Yes, to everyone. Can the members speak informally to you as well? What? “Chiseung, how do I use this machine?” “Make me some instant noodles.” “Go make some instant noodles.” “I’m on an empty stomach so I’m hungry.” This show makes me dizzy. (It eventually turned into night) Let’s go. Let’s go. (The roof of the gym) – It’s cool. / – It’s nice, right? – This place is amazing. / – It’s cool. – The weather’s nice, right? / – A rooftop. Open this up. (9 o’clock, a good time to eat dinner) Good. I feel like I’m on a trip. (He eats Australian beef instead of Korean beef) I’m sorry, but… Why aren’t you eating out at a restaurant? Are they confined to that building? Are you raising them there? – They ate instant noodles earlier. / – Yes. If you eat like that, it’s delicious. He really is a cheapskate. (Please let your employees leave) (Beef party while being confined) Wow. It’s cooking. (The meat is cooking deliciously) That looks good. Quickly, quickly. What do you mean quickly? It needs to cook. Quickly. (No patience at all) She’s really quite a funny character. She’s no joke. I’ve never seen a character like her. I wondered why Director Yang always got so mad. I think it’s because of her. Even if he gets mad, she doesn’t seem to mind. What do you mean quickly? Pass me the scissors. You can’t talk? (Rare) (At that moment, she gets curious about something) How much meat did you buy? 2kg. 2kg… – It’s not enough? / – I’ll buy you more. Every day when we’re eating, you… They fight every day because it’s a battle against a heavy eater and a cheapskate. (Cheapskate Yang vs. Massive eater) – That’s right. / – One person is saying, “quickly.” Why do you never buy enough food? You already know that she eats a lot. 2kg of food isn’t a small amount. It isn’t. But she eats a lot and so do you. If I bought pork, I could’ve bought more but I was trying to eat beef. Are you saying it’s not enough? She always says its not enough. – She said she had a small lunch. / – Right, she did. They only ate 30 eggs. They battled for food. (It’s impossible to fill her stomach) Right, that was their lunch. Shouldn’t they eat a light dinner? (Cheapskate Yang is very frustrated) – I think it’s ready. / – Yes, let’s eat. (Happy at the thought of eating) (Dongeun’s) (She puts it directly into her mouth) It’s not bad. (Waiting for the next plate of meat) – He’s using tongs. / – Oh, tongs. Oh, he’s using tongs. We’re seeing tongs again. Gluttonous people must use tongs to eat. (Busy eating) She doesn’t chew her food. Dongeun doesn’t chew her food. (I’m sure my stomach will digest the food) (She’s a bit scary) What’s going on with this person? Also, things like that should be eaten with cabbage or lettuce. If she eats things like that, he’ll steal her meat. Or pickled radishes. She’s only eating meat though. A bunch of meat will disappear if she makes a wrap. She’s not even eating kimchi. She’s just eating meat. (Dongeun’s plate is empty) I’ll give you more. Did you already finish? I’ll give you more. Here you go. Thank you. I didn’t add salt, dip it in salt. (Recharging her muscles) (On the other hand, Boss Yang…) You’re not eating? (Sizzling) (While cutting meat…) (He barely manages to eat a piece) (Dongeun’s dish is already empty) She eats quickly so I didn’t have a chance to eat. (The heart of a mother bird) Each person should have a flame in front of them. He’s like a mother bird. He can’t eat a lot of meat. Later, we should get that thing. That charcoal thing. – For barbeque? / – Yes, for barbeque. We should install a barbeque grill and put a refrigerator and dishwasher here. We’ll make this place our hideout. What would you like for us to have here? An awning. I think we’ll need an awning. – Right. / – For days… When it rains. Right, on rainy days. We’ll hear the raindrops on the awning. At least he’s getting them an awning. I thought they’d eat in the rain. (As long as the flame for the meat doesn’t go out) He would’ve probably said, “You’ll dry up anyway.” Goodness. (Given up) “Drink the rain instead of water.” (I want to go home) (How’s my plan?) What will you do about the cost? That’s right. (Coughs) He’s Cheapskate Yang. You’re going to add an awning and a refrigerator. You’re also going to need plumbing for a sink. Do you have money? Let’s forget about the awning for now. I knew he was going to say that. They can only go up there when it doesn’t rain. (How did Boss Yang become Cheapskate Yang?) Let’s do it, one by one. Yes. Oh, no. (Cheapskate Yang’s muscle house, to be continued)


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