5 Minute Toned Arm workout For Mature Women Over 50 | At Home Workout No equipment Necessary!

today we’re going to do a 5-minute toned
arm workout no equipment necessary these exercises they’re not difficult but they
will make your arms and shoulders burn hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous
50’s we don’t need to be athletes now or over 50 but if you want to stay strong
and fit and healthy we do need to do some form of physical exercise every
single day so I’m creating a series of five-minute workouts for mature women
that actually work and of course they’re very very doable click Subscribe if
you’re new to fabulous 50s and a giant hi to all my fabulous ladies who are
already subscribed you guys are awesome now let’s start toning those arms our
warm-up exercise is a Qigong exercise and this is one of my favorites because
it just feels so good gently sway your hips from side to side
and loosely let your arms totally relax and flow behind your body and tap into
these these exercises massage your internal organs it loosens your joint
and it helps you become really mindful before you start okay we’re going to do
arm circles now hold your arms out straight and strong thumbs are pointing
towards the front of the room fingers straight squeeze your shoulder blades
together activate all the muscles in your arms activate your legs and hold
your abs in really tight keep your legs slightly apart and we’re going to do 30
seconds great now turn your palms up thumbs
pointing backwards and circle the other way for another 30 seconds this exercise
is going to tone your arms the best if your body is fully activated and it’s an
awesome exercise to align your shoulders and strengthen the muscles of your upper
back and your shoulders you’re doing really great body work with this
movement okay the next movement is the shoulder
taps hold your arms out with your elbows at 90 degrees
tap your shoulders while not lowering your elbows we’re going to do this for
one minute if you’re finding this a little bit difficult and your arms are
getting tired that is so okay you can slow down a
little bit from the pace that I’m doing or you can have a really small break but
come back to the workout as soon as you can all that matters really is that
you’re moving your body and you’re taking the time to do a workout you’re doing awesome keep going we’ve
only got a few seconds left we’ve got the gift here of a 15 second stretch
pull your arm tight and feel how good that is you deserve this stretch pull it
tight and feel that okay we’re going to do single arm rotations now hold one arm
out straight and circle the other one fast and strong
repeat this for 30 seconds on each arm keep the straight arm and fingers fully
activated that’s how you get the most toning this is much harder than it looks
so keep going you’re nearly there great job okay switch your arms now go
the other way keep your arms really activated here and
keep going another 30 seconds hold in your core and make sure that your legs
and knees are fully activated to try not to swing your hips keep your body as straight as possible
we’re nearly finished well done the next exercise we’ve got to pull our
arms right back and squeeze the shoulder blades keep your elbows together here
hold in those abs your abs are actually getting a really great workout too keep going don’t give up you’ve only got
30 seconds to go you’re amazing keep your arms up no
matter what shape you’re in this arm workout is making a difference and it’s
helping you get stronger don’t drop them keep going nearly done okay you’ve made
it to cool down and we’re back to my very favorite exercise that workout was
so awesome let me know in the comments below if your arms are really burning
mine are keep doing this cooldown for as long as you like and if you’ve got the energy
repeat this workout or go for a walk or do something to keep your body moving please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed
this workout and share it with your friends thank you so much for working
out with me today and have a beautiful week


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