5 Minute Home Workout #8

hi guys subscribe and press the bell icon on your YouTube app to never miss another update from The Urban Fight How do you get fit? Just do this 5 minute workout 5 days, every week. We’ve been talking about what to eat for weight loss a lot in case you’ve missed that you can check that out here. But now it is time for some action. 8 exercises, 20 seconds works ,10 seconds rest. Let’s get started. We start by warming up with a light jog for 30 seconds. Move your arms as you jog and remember to breathe. And now we move on to jumping jacks. Look straight ahead and make sure you land on your toes. If you don’t want to jump then shuffle side to side. Now that we have warmed up our first exercise is ice skaters. Hop from side to side lowering your body as if you were speed skating. Our next exercise is skipping. Keeping your elbows to the side jump 1 to 2 inches off the floor and remember to land on your toes. Squats. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back and make sure that your knees do not cross your toes. For High Knees, jump from one foot to other lifting your knees as high as possible. With your arms rested on your waist first pull your knee close to your chest and then raise it as far out to the side as possible. Maintaining a straight line with your body, palms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart steadily lower yourself down and explode back up. For beginners rest your knee down and repeat the same. For mountain climbers get into a plank position and pull your knee close to your chest, one after the other. For Burpee, get into a plank position into a push-up, jump back in, jump up and repeat and we are done. If 5-minute gets too easy for you then you can do 2-3 reps of all these exercises with a gap of two minutes in between. That’s it. 5 changes down 13 more to go. You can check out our previous videos here and please make sure that you subscribe to our channel by clicking down there. I will see you again next Friday with a brand new change from the 18 week fat loss series until then, keep fighting THE URBAN FIGHT to be fit, one change at a time!

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