5 MIN ARMS WORKOUT FOR WOMEN || Lose Arm Fat – No Weights – No Equipment At Home Routine

[Music] welcome to this arms workout we’re starting with raised arm circles to do this you want your hands to be parallel to the floor and you want to make circles as if you’re trying to fly away it doesn’t matter how big or small your circles are as long as your hands are not flapping to your sides let’s go [Music] we give yourself a big hub put your hands to your side like a bird and hold steady that way I’m sorry cannot stay in one place so I was fidgeting but the main point here is just keep your hands parallel the floor you will feel it first amendment birth to starts to sweep in but hang in there girls you got this [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay next we have tricep dips if you don’t have a box or a chair you can use on floor as you can see me showing on the screen but just make sure that your button grazes the floor where you don’t sit down and make sure your elbows long at the top to get the full effect of this exercise this is so good for getting paint out arms you don’t even understand how nice your arms are going to look if you do this consistently let’s go to 30 seconds you can use it I believe in you I do yes I do [Music] well you do I was going to sneak this in right push-ups ladies and before you say you can’t do a full push-up make sure you try because I know you guys are so strong so you ladies I wouldn’t fight you in the street because you guys look so good so try your best give many pushups as you can things are soft think happy thoughts think about your future bikini model version of yourself and just keep going because we got less than ten seconds to go keep going lock those elbows at the top keep a straight body so they’re off all done good job you get one full minute to rest shake it off drink some water while you’re waiting please do a second to subscribe to my youtube channel coloca fitness needs you I’ll er you to subscribe it’s free and it means so much to me [Music] Oh [Music] your back awesome let’s get into those rays on circles remember to keep your hands parallel to the floor doesn’t matter how big or small these circles are comment below this reminds you of that old art Kelly song what is like I believe lap and flap I need to stop thinking in these videos I’m sorry [Music] yeah okay now hold there we go parallel to the floor don’t let your pants fat and don’t let them go up yeah [Music] [Music] okay tricep dips this is what really targets the back of your arms to make sure it doesn’t jiggle you can do this with box or without a box it’s up to you to make sure you lock your elbows at the top and you don’t sit down I’m sick I can see you you’re doing a good job just keep losing [Music] you can do it you can do it push up you can do it out over here and cheering for you because I know you can do it just thirty Seconds to the end of this workout you work out two days awesome too proud too proud of you [Music] thank you so much for walking out with me today subscribe when I’ll see you in my next video is check out my website as well links below [Music]


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