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so I have an event reminder here telling
me that I need to pick up some chicken baked on fresh is delivering 40
pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast to me here is Victor boom so I’m
going to go pick it up now the quarter-mile your destination will be on
the left those awesome ways to do it but it looks like if you drive to service
here deep deep throat hi how are you
I know you this is my first time perfect where you want your chicken egg on the
backseat I’m sure right back here welcome crowds get down with the left
leg Ritter are you I’m sorry I’m sorry thank you a couple things over here for
you hater add red one mom I said no inator he was drummer really
back in high school Rock debris uncommon name I know oh you
have a great day are you to say thank you very much watch the wall there okay
they go oh thank you don’t feel cool they just stuck in the back seat big
pallet jack a chicken Kitty getting jiggy no fanfare no BS no stop so now I’m home
and let me tell you 40 pounds of chicken is a lot of chicken this is the biggest
amount of chicken I’ve ever handled at one time now that we got the box off we
can see the daikon packs it in four large bag ten pounds each that’s
convenient at least you don’t have to cook 40 pounds olive oil I eat a lot of
chicken breast and my normal diet so I’ll definitely be making good use of
all this food but tonight we’re only going to cook a reasonable portion about
five to six pounds I’m no chef but I do most of my own cooking so I can be sure
of what I’m eating so I’m comfortable in the kitchen one of my favorite ways to
cook chicken is with a countertop electric grill may get the job done
pretty neatly and efficiently I like to use garlic and onion powder to season my
chicken but honestly taste is a personal thing do what suits you but seriously
I’m not a professional chef so if you’re looking for actual cooking advice you
may want to look in a cookbook after about 10 minutes or so they’re all
grilled up and ready to go I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for
these grill lines in the meat now that the cooking is over it’s time
to sit down and eat my specialty is extreme eating
challenges and to my knowledge no one has ever really tried to eat a huge
amount of grilled chicken breasts so I took the opportunity with a confession
out I modeled the idea after the big 72-ounce steak challenge if a person can
eat 72 ounces of steak then surely they can eat 5 pounds of chicken right let me
start out by saying that they con offers up some very fresh chicken I’ve eaten a
lot of chicken in my lifetime and I can say with confidence that Zaycon is among
the freshest and hardiest I was skeptical to be honest about getting a
ton of meat delivered to me from a truck that skepticism was dashed as soon as I
took my first bite if you’re interested in trying out daikon fresh I got a link
in the description section that you can use to sign up and if you use the coupon
code new 22 you’ll also get 22% off your first order that’s not a bad incentive
at all the prices on the website are reasonable considering the quality and
the convenience of getting so much food at once they also still a lot more than
chicken they also sell ground beef shrimp turkey fish and pork
the company has stopping points in a lot of major cities to boot I mean if they
stop in Victorville which is not a big city at all there’s a good chance they
have a drop-off point in your neck of the woods too so how did the challenge go that was
about as hard as I anticipated my love of chicken was sorely tested the longer
I kept going he was easy in the beginning as you might imagine you have
a few minutes to eat before the body senses any fullness that’s all you need
to push so hard at the start I use barbecue sauce and ketchup to get it
down as quickly as possible but the body only wants so much protein so halfway
through I knew I was going to have to push hard to get it all in there were all kinds of games in those
plates in front of me and I wanted to get those games one of my best
strategies to get through a hard food challenge is to use a flavored drink to
overcome flavor fatigue my beverage of choice tonight is ginger beer a
non-alcoholic drink was a very confusing name if you think about it it has a
powerful burning aftertaste from the ginger which acts like a powerful palate
cleanser I think it was an excellent choice to help keep me motivated I try
to limit my drinking as much as possible but there’s just those times when you
got to take a drink I didn’t give myself a time limit or
anything but I was aiming to finish all five six pounds of chicken in about 40
minutes that isn’t world record territory or
anything but I knew the longer I drag this out the harder it would become if I
could finish the 72-ounce steak in Texas I felt pretty good that I’d be able to
conquer this too it took me about 38 minutes to finish my
oversized healthy little chicken that left me with quite a feeling of fullness
too needless to say I made all kinds of
games that day give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video also if you want
to try out shake on French for yourself check out the link in the description
section below and sign up for an account they have all kinds of meat fish and
poultry available for delivery and if you use the coupon codes new 22 you’ll
save 22 percent off your first order which sounds pretty sweet thank you for
joining me on this step of the freak eating journey I will see all of you
next time so what so we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a
freak you


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