5 HEALTHY LUNCH BOX IDEAS ? Kids will love! (School Bento Box & Bags)

aren’t these planet boxes so cool I just
love all the different compartments so this lunchbox idea is super simple this
was just leftover pizza from the night before we had BBQ chicken pizza with
fresh mozzarella cheese I just used flatbread that was in my previous video
that I did on the dinner ideas if you didn’t see that and make sure you catch
that video to show you how I made those pizzas peanut butter honey and the Nano
sandwich on wheat bread with some trail mix and these way things only 100
calories and 10 grams of protein and I love these things I will provide the
links to those in the description of this video as you can see I left the
banana in the peel because I made this before for Lily and she said it was so
gross with because the banana was all mushy and brown so this way she can
actually just add the bananas and it will cease nice and fresh and that
little white pill is just a probiotic and I just put it in there because I
think it’s important to take probiotics daily and for mill number 3 it’s just
cubed chicken like I’ve told you before in my other videos I baked a lot of
chicken at the beginning of the week so this is a very simple lunch to put
together I just cut up the chicken into cubes and made it look really cute and
fun by adding off on the toothpick with the grapes then some strawberries
macadamia nuts string cheese and those quinoa crackers they’re really good while this one is so yummy and so fresh
because if you put everything separately in these little seal proof containers
it’s a chicken caesar wrap so I just cut up the chicken into cubes got some
romaine lettuce the Caesar salad dressing and the parmesan so that it can
all be assembled at the bench burning and taste on fresh and for the last one is this delicious
pasta salad I put a little bit of salami pepper tunies fresh tomatoes and then in
the separate containers I put this cheese keeps it from getting machine and
tastes a lot more fresh that you assemble at all right before you eat it
so here you go


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