5 Golden Rules Of Fat Loss

hey guys what’s up I’m here in a park in
Seoul Korea and today I want to talk about five golden rules of fat loss so
the first rule which you have probably heard before is to stay in a calorie
deficit a calorie deficit is required for fat loss that means you have to be
burning less energy than you require to lose fat on a consistent basis despite
what all of these fitness gurus are saying you can’t lose fat effectively if
you’re not in a calorie deficit carry it the only exception is if you’re staying
at maintenance calories and you’re building muscle naturally as you build
muscle you’re gonna have more muscle and proportion to body fat and therefore
your body fat percentage would have technically decreased but except for
that example you need to be in a calorie deficit consistently in order to see fat
loss results so the second golden rule of fat loss is to eat enough protein you
need about 0.72 0.9 grams per pound of body weight of protein or roughly 1.6 to
2.2 grams per kilogram of protein if your strength training on a regular
basis protein is important because it’s gonna help you retain your muscle that’s
going to help you perform well in the gym and overall it’s a necessity if
overall effective fat loss is your main goal so eat protein at those amounts and
perhaps slightly more as well if you struggle with your appetite so that’s
number two the second golden rule of fat loss eat enough protein so the third
golden rule of fat loss is to strength training it’s not enough just to do
cardio and run on the treadmill yes you can lose fat running on the treadmill in
fact you can lose fat not doing any exercise at all but there are some
specific benefits of doing strength training and adding strength and muscle
onto your frame and one of those main benefits is preventing adaptive
thermogenesis which is basically the natural drop in
your metabolism as you lose fat doing strength training is going to alleviate
this doing strength training is going to help you build muscle meaning you’re not
going to look like a stick figure when you lose your fat you’re gonna have some
muscle underneath on your frame so you look half decent and you
don’t look like you’re starving right so the main reason you should be doing
strength training instead of cardio for both men and women is because overall
you’re gonna look better there are some potential benefits when it comes to
things like the afterburn effects burning more calories after your workout
but the main reason you should be doing strength training for fat loss is
because one it’s a great form of exercise obviously but most importantly
it’s just better for your aesthetics you’re gonna look better than running on
the treadmill this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do cardio at all
cardio is great for burning extra calories it’s great for your heart
health and your brain health but the framework and the foundation of your
routine should be based on progressive overload which basically means getting
stronger in the gym the fourth golden rule of fat loss is to make a decision
as to whether you’re going to be losing fat aggressively or you’re going to be
losing fat gradually now both work because both they’re going to involve a
calorie deficit which is gonna involve fat loss if you do it gradually it’s
gonna be slowly if you do aggressively it’s gonna be quickly but there are some
distinct advantages and disadvantages to each of these fat loss strategies not
everybody should be losing fat aggressively and not everybody should be
losing fat gradually if you’re very overweight and you have a lot of fat to
lose then chances are doing an aggressive fat loss program is going to
be better for you the reason being is that you’re likely pretty new to
strength training that means you’re going to be able to lose fat and gain
muscle at the same time which means that the risk of you losing muscle on your
fat loss program is going to be minimized compared to somebody who’s
already like me for example twelve eleven percent body fat if I were to try
and lose body fat at a quick rate like somebody who’s 300 pounds then the
chances of me losing muscle mass are going to be much higher so for people
who are already pretty lean under fifteen percent on the 13 percent body
fat it’s much more intelligent to lose fat at a gradual rate in order to
prevent the risk of muscle loss now you can lose fat aggressively if you’re
already lean but the difference between that scenario and somebody who’s very
very overweight is that you can’t sustain aggressive fat loss for very
long if you already lean so that’s the fourth golden rule of fat loss make a
decision based on your circumstances your goals your weight whether you’re
going to be lose that aggressively or gradually the main
goal with fat loss is to lose fat as fast as possible but maintain a muscle
as much as possible the fifth golden rule of fat loss is to stay consistent
it doesn’t matter how much protein you eat if you train once or twice at the
gym if you do anything if you’re not consistent with what you’re trying to do
then I mean you’re not going to get results time plus effort equals results
you have to stick with what you’re doing for a long period of time in order to
get a return just like anything in life in order to stay consistent what you
need to do is find that deeper reason as to why the hell you’re trying to lose
fat in the first place is it for the opposite sex or the same sex are you
just trying to impress people or is it for something deeper are you trying to
prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do so
find that reason find that internal reason why you’re doing it and it’s
gonna become an internal battle against yourself and that’s what you want that’s
gonna give you the long-term motivation in order to sustain those daily habits
every single day that’s what’s gonna get you the results right habits on a daily
basis not information that you find on the internet so that’s number five the
fifth golden rule of fat loss stay consistent now there are a ton of other
rules for fat loss right there are a ton of other tips I could give you but these
five are gonna give you the majority of the results so if you’re new to this or
if you’re struggling with your fat loss then be sure to be hitting all of these
five rules and if you do I guarantee you’re going to see the results you want
given time as always guys thank you so much for watching I’m here in a
beautiful Park in Seoul Korea and make sure to subscribe to the channel until
next time I’ll see you later


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