5 Easy Ways to Relieve & Prevent Leg Cramps

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you five ways to prevent leg cramps. so let’s get started. so often with leg cramps, they can happen in three of the big muscles in the legs.
they can happen in the calves, they can have in the quads, and they can happen in
the hamstrings in the back. so we’re really just going to stretch those
out, and these can also be used to relieve cramps. so if you’re having an
active cramp, you can do the stretches as well. and I’m going to talk about some
other treatments too, so the first one is just going to be for the calves
doing a calve right. so I like the runner stretch, especially if you’re standing,
it’s a really easy one to do. so if I want to stretch out the calf on this
side, I’m gonna put that foot back behind me. the other one’s just gonna be in the
front. you can be against a wall, you can be against a counter top, or a chair, just
something sturdy to kind of hold on to because you want to have your balance so
you can focus on the stretch. the leg in the back, you want your heel to be all
the way down, and you want your toes pointed forward. sometimes a lot of
people will turn their foot out that way. then you’re not gonna stretch the calf
muscles, so make sure your foot’s pointed forward and that your heel is down. keep
that heel down the whole time, and then with your front knee you’re just gonna
lean forward until you feel a stretch all the way through that calf muscle
back there. and then you’re gonna hold that stretch for 30 seconds. so after you
do that 30 seconds, give it a little break, shake it out, and then you’re gonna
do that a total of three times. so again the heel down, toes pointed forward,
bending the front knee to get that nice stretch in there, and then holding that
for 30 seconds. so then the next one is going to go into a hamstring stretch.
again there’s a lot of different ways you can stretch all these muscles, so if
these don’t work for you, you can do them lying down on the floor, you can do them
sitting in a chair, and you can check all those out in my videos. but just prop it
up if your standing. maybe you know if there’s a chair or a stool you can even
just prop it on the floor, but to get a little bit better stretch you’re just
gonna have it in front of you. try and keep your knees straight, that’s what’s
really going to stretch out those hamstrings. if you want to get a little
extra stretch you can pull your toes up towards you in that I’ll get the
calf stretching as well. but the key to this one is you want your hips to be
forward. so you don’t want to be turned like this and stretching, you really want
those hips to be pointing forward. and you’re just gonna bend at your hips.
you’re hinging forward. you’re not rolling your back down like this where I can
touch my toes easily because then I’m not stretching my hamstrings. so you want
to bend at your hips and keep your back straight. so I’m getting more of a
stretch through my hamstrings here than if I were to curl my back and try and
touch my toes. so again just leaning forward, keeping that back straight,
keeping the knee straight. I might even feel the stretch here
because those hamstrings cross that knee all the way up to the bottom area. so again
you’re holding it for 30 seconds. you’re doing that three times. if you’re
cramping in both legs, make sure and do that on both sides. so another great
treatment to help prevent or even relieve leg cramps is using compression
socks, and the folks at Dovava sport sent me their Dovava dry stretch
compression socks, and these are about 15 to 20 millimeters of mercury, which is
how much compression you have. and so they’re nice athletic socks. so when
you’re using compression socks what that does is that helps move the fluid back
out of your leg. so if you’re cramping, if your muscles aren’t really doing what
they’re supposed to, a lot of times compression socks do a good job of
increasing the circulation to the area, so that’s why those are really good. the
next one is just going to be a quad stretch for that quad muscle. so
sometimes people have you know those charley horses in their quad muscles, and
again there’s lots of different ways you can stretch it. if you’re standing
especially if you’re you know coming from a run or getting ready to go on a run,
and you want to try and prevent those cramps, you can just hold on to something.
again make sure you’re holding on for balance. so you’re not having to focus on
your balance while you’re stretching. and then you’re just going to grab the back
of your foot. and you can come up this way and grab it first, but you really
want the top of your leg to be straight down. so if I’m looking down my knee is
pointed towards the floor. if it’s forward like this, I’m not really getting
that quad stretch. I want to make sure that if you’re looking at me sideways
both thighs are about even with each other. and then you’re just going to pull
your heel back as far as you can. you might not be able to go as far as me,
that’s okay I stretch every day. and if you want even a little
bit more of a stretch you can bring it back behind you some, and that’ll get a
little bit of your hip flexors as well. but again, it’s still that 30-second
stretch doing that three times, especially on both sides if both legs
are cramping. and then the last one is really just staying hydrated. being
dehydrated is probably one of the most common reasons of having cramps in your
legs, but if you’re staying hydrated and you’re doing your stretches and
exercises and you’re still getting your cramps, you know especially at night when
people get cramps at night. if none of this is helping, make sure you go check
with your doctor because a lot of times leg cramps are an indication of things
like low potassium, even low iron. it might be a sign that you’re anemic. it
can be a sign the diabetes are coming on, or even something like peripheral
neuropathy. so if it’s not a simple fix, if these aren’t working, it might
actually be something that’s you know a symptom of something a little more
serious. so make sure and go check with your doctor. and if you’re interested in
purchasing the socks, make sure and click on the link up here, and don’t forget to
subscribe by clicking down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you
feel better soon.

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