5 Diet Motivation Tips | How I Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

If you are looking to lose weight then this
video is for you! Make sure you keep on watching because I’m going to give you
five tips to get your diet going and to have the motivation you need! Let’s go Hi guys welcome back to Super Mom TV so
many of my friends who were asking me How do I be so determined in losing
weight? So today I have 5 diet motivation tips specially for you and I tell you
these tips are really very very effective because it is going to mess
with your mind Make sure that you stick around to the
end and watch all my 5 Diet Motivation tips. So my tip number 1 is
very simple just tell everyone! Tell your family members tell everyone on the
social media Ahemmm…I thought your on keto diet? This is very effective in order to remind yourself to be strict on these diets
Here is my tip number two for you is to buy smaller clothes I bought this
about two years ago right after I gave birth to my second son and can’t find my
size forced-air size and I specially buy it at size I know that I can’t fit in
but one day I shall be able to fit in and voila I just try it today and I
can’t fit in without any bulk so previously it was like a big culture so
guys remember don’t hesitate to buy the smaller size this one day you won’t be
able to fit it every single time when I browse for clothes to wear in my
wardrobe I will see this jumper and I tell myself one day I will be able to
fit in and finally I can fit in and it is a greater satisfaction of all tip
number three is clear your fridge dispose all the unwanted sweets and
desserts that are not friendly to your diet and only stock up in all healthy
food so every time when you go to the fridge and you wish to snack you sleep
on healthy stuff because that is all that is available inside of three tip
number four is to do your foot swap swap your cows milk to unsweetened almond
milk or your beer to wine your rice – cauliflower rice these are some of the
examples of what can do for switch swaps and the very last tip is to watch hot
bitch oh my god bogey so when you watch hot Pete you desire to want to have the
authority so this is a very very good motivation for yourself because you want
to have that body so there you have it that’s my five solid movie weekend tips
I hope that you implement all the five tips and see how it will help your diet
journey it has helped me tremendously especially my very first tips which is
tell everyone because I don’t want people to think that I’m a loser and
whenever I meet up with my friends and if I’m not on best diet my friend will
be I see me I thought you’re on valium you can eat this how come you get it
right get it no go so yeah look how everyone your goals fit your pot with
all the healthy and diet related to not just that you can move it yourself you
can also influence your friends and family to go on a diet with you if you
have more friends and family then join your diet and it would be even more fun
you can create checkbooks and encourage each other so this is a bonus tip for
you so that’s all for today if you like my diet videos please like and share my
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next one bye bye you


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