5 Best Glute Strengthening Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and today
I’m going to show you my top 5 glute exercises with a band. so let’s get started. if you haven’t already, make sure
you hit the subscribe button down there. so today, for these band exercises I’m
gonna use fit simplify, and I really like these bands because they are loops. so
I’m gonna talk about them a little bit more as we go. I’m gonna use the medium.
there’s a whole bunch of different resistances, but I’m gonna start off with
this one. so start off by putting the band just at your thigh. so above the
knee but not super low. you’re gonna lie down and get in the bridge position, and
what you want to do is the band is gonna try and pull your knees in. try and keep
them about hip width apart. so if you start going and you feel like your knees
are going inwards, you probably have too strong of a band and you can go a little
bit lighter. so what you want to do with the bridge, is just kind of come up one
segment of at a time, but again keep those knees fairly apart in the same
distance each time. so you’re just going to come up this way and then nice and
slow back down. so bridges work the glutes really really well because you’re
going up into that extension and then by adding the loop band, that it really
helps kind of activate multiple muscles at the same time. so you’re these are
doing all the glutes, the glute max, the glute med, the glute minimus, so you’re
working all three of those glute muscle groups, and so I really really like these.
go slow and controlled. the reason the loops are some of my
favorites are because it stays the same consistency. if you just have a straight
band that’s fine when you tie a knot and make it together, but then you don’t know
how much resistance it is, and so this just keeps it consistent. I really like
that they’re easy and fun to use. so just start off with about 10 of those then if
it’s really easy, you can kind of go the two sets of ten, two sets of fifteen, kind
of work your way up from there. if you can get it easily two sets of 20 a 25
then go you’re ready for the next resistance. so what I also really like
about the fit simplified bands is it comes with all of the different
resistances, so you can see here it does a nice range from extra light to extra
heavy which is a pretty tough one, but since the the you have the different
resistances, I’m going to go up just one less, so I guess go down a resistance
because the next one’s gonna be a little bit harder. so this time I’m gonna wrap
the loop around my feet so I’m gonna lie back down and so with all of these, even
with the bridging I didn’t really say it but it’s kind of you should you should
know by now if you watch some of my videos, you always want to kind of get
yourself in that pelvic tilt. you want to activate those core muscles too, so you
can see here where I’m kind of flattening out my back,
but I’m not using my legs to do it, I’m using my core to do it. so when you’re
doing these exercises, you really want to activate those muscles as you’re doing
it. so this one is a little bit tougher. we’re going to do a hip flexion
extension kind of with our knees up in this position about 90 degrees. it
doesn’t have to be exactly 90 degrees to start off with, but now what you’re gonna
do is you’re just going to push one leg straight out pull the other one up
towards you. so you’re doing a hip flexion /extension, and then you’re just
going to alternate sides. so again trying to kind of keep that core activated
while you’re doing it. sometimes that’s a little hard to do so you might not want
to start off that way, but eventually that’s really what you
want to try to do. so again as you’re doing this, you probably want to start
off with just maybe ten and then kind of work your way up, and then if they get
really easy, a couple of sets of 25, then you can go up the next resistive band.
and what’s also really cool about that fit simplified, is they’ve got an e-book
for you and they’ve got some videos on their website, so that’s really nice as
well. so the next one I’m going to do is a clamshell. I really like the clam
shells. I’m going to kind of go back up to the medium with this one. the the clam
shells sometimes look pretty easy, but they’re actually pretty tough if you do
them correctly. so the the most important part is to make sure you’re doing it
correctly. so what you want to do is make sure that your hips are perpendicular to
the floor. they want to stay in this position the whole time. if you feel like
your hips are rolling back, then you’re not activating those glutes there, you’re
not quite quite getting the workout that you need. make sure your feet stay
together. just one on top of the other and then you’re just gonna lift that top
knee. make sure you’re comfortable, so keep your head down on a pillow. I’m just
bringing mine up so I can talk to you, but just nice and easy lift up that knee.
try not again to roll back. if I go and I’m rolling back like that to try and
get my knee up, then I’m not doing the exercise correctly. so you don’t have to
bring the knee up high, you’re gonna feel it, just make sure you go nice and
controlled. so once you get here, don’t just drop it back down. make sure you
control it both going up and coming back down. make sure you do both sides if
you’re just doing some glute strengthening in general. with this one,
you’re focusing on the top, so make sure you flip over and do the other side as
well. so now we’re gonna get just a little bit harder. so I’m just gonna
change it up again. we’re gonna go a little bit heavier, and then this time
it’s going to be in the same spot but now we’re gonna get onto all fours. so
this is the Quadraped position. this one is great because you’re stabilizing one
side and you’re moving the other side, so you’re really getting a workout for both
while you’re doing this even though you’re just moving one side at a time.
make sure that your hands are pretty close underneath your shoulder because
you don’t want to be working those glutes and then end up hurting your
shoulders if it’s too far out this way or if it’s you know way underneath and
you’re gonna put some extra stress on the shoulder there. so again you want to
keep your knees about hip width apart, even just here I can feel that band
trying to pull it in, so it’s already activating those glutes and those other
hip muscles as we go. so this one some people just call it the the fire hydrant
because it’s kind of like a dog going up to a fire hydrant, but all you’re gonna
do is just take your leg and bring it out to the side. so try not to let your
hips drop very much while you do it. so if I’m going like this or if I’m leaning
and dropping the other side, then again you’re kind of compensating and you’re
not doing it right. so you really just want to go out and then nice and slow
coming back in. so again this one is not only working this one in an open chain
motion, but it’s working the other side because it’s close chain. so you’re
working on stability and then you’re working on movement. so make sure that
you’re doing both sides so you’re you’re working each way differently. so again
just starting off with maybe you know ten of these and then working your way
up from there. so the last one is gonna be standing up. before I do that last
exercise, I just want to talk about the fit simplify a little bit more. like I
said before I really like it because it comes in five different resistances and
this is great especially if you’re progressing along because a lot of times
if you’re just starting off with the light one, you can progress pretty
quickly from that. so you have all of these to be able to progress, and I
really really like that as well. also in the book that you get with it, it
tells you not only does it have here like the the resistance, so this one’s a
heavy, but it has the estimated amount of weight as well, so in pounds. so a lot of
times people will be like, well how much equivalent is that if I was lifting
weights and so it tells you that as well which is nice because then if you’re
doing other workouts you can have something to kind of compare to as well.
it also has a lifetime guarantee so if for any reason you know they break or
something you can let them know and get another set, so that’s really awesome as
well. and if you’re interested in purchasing the fit simplify loop bands,
make sure and click on the link up there. so let’s go ahead and stand up. for the
last exercise it’s going to be a side squat. and just remember with squats it’s
really important to have correct form. so when you’re going down into the squat,
you really want to stick that booty back. that’s going to activate those muscles.
and make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. keep your toes facing
forward not out, not in, and about shoulder-width apart. when
you’re going into the to the squat, if you’re doing a side squat you can go
further out than shoulder-width apart that’s just kind of activating those
muscles a little bit more, but keep your weight equal. so you’re not leaning back
on your heels, you’re not coming up on your toes, the weight should be equal
distribution throughout your whole foot. so with the side squat, what I like to do
is I’m going to first bring my feet together and then go out into the squat.
so I start here and then I come down into that squat, and then come back up. so again with this if I’m going out this way, make sure then you switch to the
other side. so you’re working both in the same way. so again this is kind of
stabilizing one side, I’m opening up that chain and coming in and out, but this leg
is staying still. so really sticking that booty back, make sure those knees are
behind the toes, keep your back straight the whole time. so you’re going down and
up it’s one smooth motion and then you can go the other way. so down, get that
nice squat coming back up, so nice smooth motion. again just starting off with
maybe five on each side and then working your way up from there. so those are my
top five glute exercises with a band. remember you don’t have to use the loop
bands, you can just use a regular resistive band and tie it up, but I feel
like these are a lot easier and it makes it more consistent. if you’re interested
in purchasing the fit simplify loop bands, make sure and click on the link up
here, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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