5 BEST Foods To Add MUSCLE Mass FAST

hey guys so that’s all about five foods
that are gonna be really good for building muscle now why am I talking
about foods that are gonna be good for building muscle well I mean we all
wanted that more muscle but you know when you’re losing fat when you’re
trying to get ripped one of the most important things you can do is train and
eat in a way that’s like you’re trying to gain muscle because if you eat and
train like that that means you’re gonna be retaining your muscle that means
you’re going to get rid of that fat and then reveal the six-pack and the
muscular body underneath and not just look like a stick figure right so let’s
get on to the first food number one eggs eggs have been a classic bodybuilding
staple for decades right and that’s because they work eggs have an amazing
micronutrient profile they they contain so many important nutrients that we need
b12 vitamin D and they have a number of vitamins and minerals the list is
actually quite big they have a great amino acid profile meaning the protein
that’s in eggs is really high quality right so it’s great especially for
vegetarians who aren’t eating any meat eggs also have cholesterol no you don’t
have to be scared of cholesterol don’t think it’s gonna kill you mean clog up
your heart it’s not it’s not cholesterol it’s fine to consume from food and the
reason why it’s good for building muscle is because it may help to increase
protein synthesis they’re having study is enough shown that when proteins
matched egg whole eggs actually do better than egg whites alone for
increasing protein synthesis and researchers believe that maybe down to
the cholesterol number two potatoes potatoes are a starchy vegetable that
delicious versatile you can use them in so many dishes and that they are so easy
to cook you can just chuck it in the microwave put a little olive oil or
butter on it and then they’ll be ready in a few minutes I think they’re one of
the best carbohydrate sources just because everyone tends to tolerate them
well right there aren’t that many people that don’t tolerate the table as well
they taste good carbohydrates obviously are important for building muscle
because carbohydrates help to increase muscle glycogen they help to improve
your workouts so carbohydrates in general are a great macronutrient to
focus on your goal is to build muscle and they
shouldn’t be neglected carbohydrates are also good for keeping your testosterone
levels high so overall carbs are great and the reason why I’m mentioning
potatoes is because I think they should be one of your preferred
sources of carbs in your diet as with rice which is another good source
potatoes are also super high in fiber and prebiotic fiber right so overall
there are a great food to be including in your diet
number three moist is now voices aren’t a food you typically hear on like
bodybuilding sites they build muscle usually steak usually it’s eggs like I
mentioned before but oysters you know they’re a good source of protein they
have some M mega 3 as well if you like seafood then I guess that it’s gonna be
a good option for you just from a taste perspective there are bet expensive
sometimes and not as easy to cook with but they are super high in zinc right
zinc is a mineral very very important for human health especially for guys the
sink is intimately linked with your reproductive health so you know if you
have a sink deficiency the testosterone is gonna go way down you’re gonna be
tired it’s it’s important to be able to keep your sink levels up and Weiss’s are
extremely high in zinc just a few oysters in a day can help you surpass
your requirements actually quite easily so by far they’re the most concentrated
form of zinc you can find in a dietary source and they’re definitely worth
buying and cooking with if you can cook with them if you know how to cook with
them and if you can find them not within your budget so there are another food
that I think deserve to make this list voices also have an amino acid called
DAA the aspartic acid it’s a controversial
one which has been sold as a supplement set to increase muscle growth in
testosterone and there is some conflicting evidence on whether it
actually does increase the social on the bulk of the evidence sort of suggests
that the short term but not long term so since oysters typically don’t have it
there’s another bonus for you so the fourth is beef now I was going to
mention some plant-based sources of protein like beans for example but
honestly I wanted to keep it honest right beef although was a meat many
people hate on meat is amazing from also growth
the protein is super high-quality um saturated fat and meat although that can
be bad if you have it in excessive amount it has been shown to have a
positive correlation with testosterone beef steak as long as you’re not
overeating and it’s not causing you to overeat calories
I think beef is a fantastic source to have you diet especially if you’re
trying to lose trying to lose fat the protein can help to reduce your appetite
it’s gonna be incredibly good for helping you to repair muscle has lots of
iron so beef is a quality source of protein it can be a bit expensive
depending on where you live I remember as a university student I couldn’t
afford red meat that often and I really wanted to just because it tasted so good
and I felt like it helped me recover from my workouts really well but overall
the amino acid profile and beef is really good it’s very high and leucine
the amino acid which is responsible for the triggering protein synthesis so if
you can get your hands on some good quality beef then please do so try to
keep the beef you buy grass-fed just because it’s better it has more omega-3
and overall it’s going to be better for you but if you can’t not the biggest
deal in the world don’t start freaking out it’s gonna be fine but just try to
buy a grass-fed when you can so the fifth food is Greek yogurt and the
reason why Greek yogurt is good is because again it’s versatile it’s so
easy to make you just get the container and put it in a bowl right you put some
fruit on you put some honey on it maybe even a bit of protein powder and it’s
perfect this is a delicious meal it’s a super high in protein more so than other
yogurts and that’s because of the process that is required to make you’ll
get Greek yogurt right because of the process and straining it is more protein
in Greek yogurt so Greek yogurt is typically very thick some variations
have a lot of fat and some come fat reduced of that free whether you buy it
fat free or with fat just depends on how many calories you have left for the day
if you have a lot of fat and calories left for the day then by all means eat
the the fatty kind but if you’re trying to find a
right which is high in protein and relatively low in carbohydrates and fat
then low fat Greek yogurt is ideal it’s also relatively high in Castine protein
which is the protein dominant and North products so combining yogurt with
cottage cheese or simply having it on its own before bed can be a good idea as
it can give you a caffeine protein which is slow digesting protein and that can
help prevent your body going into a catabolic or muscle wasting state as you
sleep don’t expect magical results from eating Greek yogurt before bed but there
is some research showing that it may be beneficial for increasing protein
synthesis so yeah that’s number five Greek yogurt and
that’s it for the list those are five foods that should set you up well for
for building muscle retaining muscle while you’re getting ripped let me know
in the comments section down below if you want some more videos like this
where I talk about foods I can go into different plant-based foods which are
good for building muscle I can talk about the best kinds of dairy the best
kind of meats I can go into more depth about individual foods like this because
I think this can be a much more sort of practical kind of video for you guys to
actually used because you can take this advice then go to the supermarket buy
specific foods and understand why they’re gonna be good for achieving
certain goals like building muscle like we just spoke about know um overall as
well it’s all the biggest deal where your food is actually coming from as
long as you’re hitting your macro nutrient requirements you know if you
need 150 grams of protein and you get it from chicken and beans and you don’t get
it from beef even though beef might be slightly superior not the biggest steal
right nothing to freak out about but it’s something to keep in mind if you
have the opportunity to get beaten and this example anyway thank you I don’t
want to ram it for too much longer leave your video recommendations in the
comment section down below tell me if you hated the video if you
loved it if you aren’t subscribed if you re subscribed I don’t know why I’m
saying no bye bye and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace


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