4 Unique Squat Movements To BOOST Your Fat Loss

OK, so now that I’ve introduced
you to the basic squat, let’s talk about some variations
of the squat movement. There’s several of them
I’m going to show you. Remember the 1st one is
just the body weight squat. Anytime you do a
body weight squat, you’re either going to keep
your hands on your hips and squat down and back up. I like keeping my hands
out in front of me because it helps me
keep better form. I find that I can keep my torso
more perpendicular to the floor when I do this, and I also
find that it takes stress off my back. Inhale down and exhale up. And then there’s
the prison squat, which means just locking
your hands behind your head and doing the same exact
thing, down and up. This adds a little bit
more difficulty to it. So that’s the basic squat
movement with your body weight. Now, we can go ahead and
make this more difficult by adding some resistance. OK? So we can take 2 dumbbells,
and we can keep them right by our side. It’s the same exact move. We’re going to inhale down,
we’re going to exhale up. Now we’re adding
that resistance. So after a while, you
should get to the point where you can make
this quite heavy. Now, we can easily add
to the difficulty of this by making it a weighted jump
squat, which sometimes you’ll see in your MRT workouts
done on Wednesdays. So it’s the same exact movement,
an inhale down, exhale up. Now we’re going to put
a little jump to it. Now we’re going to
continue this in a fashion, so I’ll knock out 5
quick reps for you. So it’s up, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So a couple of important
things on this. Exhale up, inhale down. You want to make sure that you
push off your heels initially, but, at the end of
the jump, you are going to drive from
the ball of your feet. That’s a weighted jump squat. Now, you can do the
same exact thing without the dumbbells
in your hands. And there’s a couple
of different ways to do this jump squat. OK? What I find in our
boot camp classes is that most women do
a lighter jump where most men can do a higher jump. It’s just the nature of the
way our bodies are designed. So we go ahead and
we do a jump squat. It’s just jumping up. Same exact protocol as
all the other squats. This will really get
your heart rate going. Now, we can really
accelerate this by bringing it to the next level
by bringing those knees up. OK? So you can see I can jump
pretty good for a white boy. So, let’s see. You can also do the same
exact thing with the squat by putting everything
in the goblet position. So remember, the
goblet position. So I like these, this
is my favorite again, because takes
stress off the back. So just inhale down, touch
the elbows, exhale up. Inhale down, drive off
the heels, exhale up. That’s an introduction to
the weighted goblet squat. Now, you could also turn
that weighted goblet squat into a weighted goblet
squat, jump squat. So again, same
exact thing but now we’re lifting the
feet up in the air. Exhaling, inhaling. So there’s an introduction to
all the basic squat movements.

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