4 Things I Consider When Choosing a Protein Powder | 180 Nutrition

Hi guys it’s Lynda Griparic i’m a naturopath and a nutritionist and a 180 nutrition ambassador. Now there are so many protein formulas out there but how do you choose the right one for you. protein blend i’m going to share with you today now there is no secret that i love the 180 nutrition blends and there’s good reason for that first thing that I always look out for in a protein blend is content and it’s usually under the guise and ours only sweetened with naturally with stevia which is a bonus why we want to be avoiding those refined sugars is that it really tends to disrupt the health of our gut and it can affect things like mental health it can also affect healthy weight so can lead to things like weight gain. There is also many more reasons to make sure that you’re going to low sugar and avoiding added sugar or at all costs so check out our website where we have written plenty of articles on this already now the second thing that you want to be looking out for is is the whey protein a grass that or a grain fed whey protein now we use undenatured whey protein isolate so you getting more nutrient impact and it’s without the chemicals and without the hormones that a lot of the conventional types of whey protein come with which can be inflammatory to the body and we’ve actually again written an article on there so check it out on our website. Now the third thing that always look out doesn’t contain over 15 ingredients for example and are they unrecognizable ingredients? those are the things i always look out for because you often just get sprinkles of fairy dust of nutrients and not a lot of quality and amounts of any one particular product or any one particular ingredient and you also get a lot of artificial additives like fillers and thickeners and sweeteners that we want to avoid and again those things affect the health about gut and our overall health now that’s three isn’t so the fourth thing that I would always look out for digestive system and this is a big one for me now a lot of the protein formulas out there can contain things like you’re genetically modified soy contain things like gluten or even grain fed whey protein as I spoke about before and these things can be quite disruptive to the gut I can be inflammatory to the gut that can really mess with our blood sugar they can really mess with the hormone health and so much more can be affected by these particular ingredients. Now our blend doesn’t contain any of those it’s gluten-free it without the soy protein a and any genetically modified ingredients which is fantastic for our health and i absolutely love it because it’s a fantastic fiber blend and I’m a massive fan of making sure that we move out bowels everyday so you’re removing the toxic waste from that process of manufacturing that our body does daily so 180 really helps to support that as well. So 4 reasons why i love 180 but 4 tips on what to look out for in your protein blend when choosing one

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