4 Post Workout Meal options to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle.

Hello friends. Welcome to Fit Tuber. Post workout meal is definitely one the most
important meals of the day. You lift as heavy as you can, but until you
provide your body the proper nutrition specially post workout your muscles will not grow bigger. I have done that mistake in the past and I
really don’t want you to do that mistake. A post workout meal has to be taken right
after the workout. Like within 30 minutes or maximum 60 minutes. Post workout most importantly we need protein. This is because the muscle fibers that have
been broken while workout need protein to get re-build. Then we also need carbohydrates, preferably
fast digesting carbohydrates. This is to replenish the muscle glycogen which
was depleted while we were working out. Unfortunately, there can not be many post
workout meal options. This is because the body needs immediate recovery. First is whey protein isolate in water. Remember, whey protein in water is the best
thing you can take post workout. It is ideal for vegetarians as it gets derived
from milk. Moreover, it is totally safe and natural. Just take 1-2 scoops of it depending upon
your muscle maturity. And for carbohydrates, have a banana along. Second best option is to have 6 boiled egg
whites along with any fruit. I prefer dates. Egg whites are comparatively fast digesting
protein source than other lean protein sources like chicken breast. If you do not like boiled egg whites, you
can make a vegetable egg white bhurji also. Remember, no yolks. We need no fat post workout. Next is spinach grape juice. Now, this is not the best of the options but
Vegans! you can definitely stick to it. Just take 2-3 bowls of spinach and wash it
properly. Add in grapes along and blend them together. Have 2-3 glasses of this juice post workout
to get enough protein and carbohydrates. So friends, after 1-2 hours of taking this
meal, you have to take another meal which is also equally important. This meal has to be high protein, balanced
with complex carbohydrates, health fats, vitamins and minerals. Some of the options can be. Grilled chicken breast and brown rice with
salad or grilled fish and boiled sweet potato and salad or paneer bhurji with whole wheat
roti and salad or rajma/chana brown rice with salad or chickpeas spinach egg bhurji or moong
dal dosa with paneer and vegetable stuffing or sweet potato chaat. There can be so many options for this meal. Friends! I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, do give it thumbs up. And also please do remember to subscribe to
my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for

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