4 Easy Chicken Meal Prep Recipes | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

Who else gets distracted
scrolling on your phone and realize
you lost half your day? Then you have to
find time to eat? No worries, my friends. I have some quick
and easy meal prep ideas that’ll help you spend
less time in the kitchen and more time
with the ones you love. [Music] You’ve got a lot going on,
and prepping meals ahead of time can actually free up
a lot of time for you to start that book club that’s really just an excuse
to drink wine, or setting up that Instagram
account for your cat. I’m kidding. Not kidding.
Let’s get into four ways to meal prep
to set you right for the week. First, we’re going to preheat
our oven to 350 degrees, and we’re going to take
a 12-cup muffin pan and fill the bottoms
with a little bit of water. And then we’re going to put
some uncracked eggs in each one. This way we can just
cook them all at once while they’re in the oven. You’ve got a little pack
of protein throughout the week. So we’re going to pop these
on the bottom rack. So, next, we’re going
to prep our chicken. We’re going to take
our six boneless, skinless chicken breasts, lay them out on a sheet pan
lined with foil right here. And we’re going to leave
a little space between each one
so that they cook evenly. We’ve already drizzled them
with some oil, so now let’s talk about flavor. Instead of seasoning all six
of these with the same spices, we’re going to mix it up
a little bit. Because who likes to eat
the same thing every night. Diversify your chicken, guys. So, we’re going
to flavor these up. These two have McCormick
Chili Seasoning on them. These two right in the middle
have Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning
right here. And for our last two, I’m going
to salt and pepper these babies. Get it going.
Some ground black pepper. Look at that. You got some variety
for your week, right there. So the eggs have been cooking
for about five minutes. Let’s make it a party and throw these chickens
on the upper rack. So, while those
are cooking in there, we’re going to make
a big old pot of rice. I like brown rice, because
it’s got a nuttier taste, has some bite to it. So, we’ve got a medium saucepan,
turn that on medium. And with brown rice,
it’s always a 2:1 ratio. So, we’re going to take two cups
of water and one cup brown rice. Throw some salt in there.
Oh, wait. What did I do? What am I doing?
Bring that to a boil. Once that’s boiling
and bubbling, we’re going to reduce
that heat to low, let it simmer for about 35-40 minutes, until the water is completely
absorbed in all that rice. Now, let’s check
on our chicken and eggs. And by the way, if you’re
wondering which came first, it’s the– duh.
These look amazing. We’re going to check our chicken
with a meat thermometer. Fun fact, one time I tried
to check the temperature without taking the sleeve
off the thermometer. Poke it right through and
make sure we’re at 165 degrees. I think that sleeve
comes off the thermometer. Son of a– Maybe don’t do that. If it comes out to 165 degrees,
it’s perfect. So, we’ll set
those aside to cool. It’s been about 30 minutes,
so we’re going to pull out our eggs,
pop them in a bowl of ice water to stop them from cooking.
After they’ve cooled down, just dry them off, and put them
right in the fridge. You can go ahead and peel them,
and they’re ready to eat. So, it looks like
our rice is done, too. I’m going to give
that a good fluff, and we’re going to spread it out on this foil-lined
sheet tray right here. Now, I know
this might seem weird, but it’s actually a neat hack. It prevents the rice
from continuing to cook, getting all mushy.
No one wants mushy rice. No one wants
mushy food in general. Bleh. Having lettuce on hand,
great for meal prep. I already cut
and washed my lettuce, and keep it in a resealable
plastic bag with a paper towel, to have it fresh
throughout the week. I got my greens, I got my
grains, and I got my protein. I have a great foundation
for meals throughout the week
with a variety of flavors that I can mix
and match however I want. Let’s just make something.
I’ve got a bed of rice. We’re going to make
a quick little salad. I’ll throw some lettuce
on top of that. I got chicken,
and I got some eggs. And boom, you’ve got a salad. Or, if you want to, you can add
some salsa and cheese, make a burrito bowl.
Or, if you want, throw it on a bun
and add some barbecue sauce, and you’ve got
a barbecue chicken sandwich. Chop up that chicken
and then add an egg, and you’ve got chicken salad. Or you can make tacos,
or you can make deviled eggs, or you could just eat lettuce
if eating lettuce is your thing. Or you could just eat the rice. Or you can just chomp
on some chicken. Or you can just eat an egg. Or you can put the chicken
on the rice, and you can put the egg
with the rice, and– Click the link below
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meal prep game stacked. [Music]

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