3 Tips To Maximize Your Fitness Tracker

Hi there. In this video I’m gonna
share with you three tips to help you get the most
out of your fitness tracker. I’m Doctor Kent Ferguson from Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. So to get the most out
of your fitness tracker, consider these three things. Number one, wear your fitness tracker on your none dominant wrist. Wearing your tracker on
your none dominant hand tends to provide more
accurate information. Number two, calibrate your
tracker to match your stride. Not everyone has a same stride. You may be tall or you may be shorter. Do you take a longer stride or
do you take a shorter stride? Regardless, you’ll get the most
out of your fitness tracker by calibrating your stride. Most trackers will provide instructions for doing the calibration. It is well worth taking the
time to calibrate your steps to achieve greater accuracy. And number three, incorporate other apps to boost your efforts. There are many apps available to sync with your fitness tracker. Incorporating other apps may allow you to tracker additional information. Some apps track food intake
and weight lifting activity. Other apps use your phones GPS to provide more accurate information on your runs, walks, and bike rides. Fitness trackers can
help you reach your goals as long as you make good use of them. For more information like this, click the button to like and follow us. Thanks for watching, take care.

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