3 Tips to Building Your Business with Transform :20 with Rachel Baldwin

Hey Beachbody Champions what’s up happy
Friday and if you’re not watching this on a
Friday then I hope your Friday comes really fast I wanted to share with
you guys today my top tips for using transform 20 to build your business and
this program if you haven’t done the sample workout and you don’t quite
know it like this program is going to change everything around like the way
people think about working out because it’s only 20 minutes and Shaun T just
seriously brings a different level of mindset work which is so much of the
battle for so many people and I being part of the test group got to experience
that first hand and just let me tell you that this is going to be a game-changer
and I always encourage my clients and coaches who are feeling stuck to let
this be your game changer like let this be a game changer in your business if
you’re stuck in your fitness let this program be your game changer like go in
with that mindset so I’m going to give you some tips on that are super
actionable suitable for you to implement and take off your business I was free frozen on
my desktop okay to take your business to the next level I was going to hop on my phone
but anyways we’re good so my first top tip that was huge for me is to
share the free workout Thank You Beachbody for giving us this
free workout it is in front of the paywall
so you can share this workout with your prospects hated girls from flex jumping
out as my team thanks for the support loves but you can share this workout like
you can literally add so much value without them having to do anything like
they don’t have to give their credit card they don’t have to like I made a
funny post like I encourage you to do something like this like I made a funny
post about it and I said like I know this sounds crazy but there’s really no
catch like I’m just looking for people that want to try a whole workout from
this new program and just give me your honest opinion no you don’t need
your credit card no you don’t need to give your firstborn away you don’t like
how there’s always these like gimmicks and something like there is no catch
I use the clapping hands emojis I just made that funny and I sent that link out
to over 200 people within a matter of like 48 hours because so many people
were I mean people love free stuff and you’re just giving value like from the
start without asking for much in return like I did say to them that I wanted
them to please give me their honest feedback about the workout and a
couple of my girls were like their it wasn’t really their jam like okay fine but for
a lot of them they ended up signing up with a challenge pack and they are
so excited to start on Monday so if you haven’t done that or maybe you have I
encourage you to do another round of sending out that work out
and in my opinion or what I did is I sent the directions to go to Beachbody on Demand and go that route there is a downloadable video in the
back office but I wanted them to see everything that was in Beachbody on
demand like I want them to see how big this hub is that they
would get so that was purposeful for me and so I sent that out now the kicker
is that you do need to track the people that you send the link to and you do
need to followup with them because a lot of people just like took it and
didn’t message me back whether they did the workout or not but then I’m showing
them like hey like I’m gonna hold you accountable and I’m gonna be there but
so I was checking back in with them and something I did….so a lot of people
came back and said I haven’t had time and this leads me into my next point
is to really leverage that it’s 20 minutes so when people are like I haven’t
had time I’m like girlfriend it’s 20 minutes you have 20 minutes today to get
it done and I was just very like blunt with love is how I like to say it
about the fact that it’s 20 minutes like it’s just not a long time and I
encourage you to one do that but also to continue to leverage that on a regular
basis even as you start the program on Monday to show how you’re fitting it
in in a busy schedule so I’ve loved seeing other coaches like that went
through the test group with me sharing things like oh I have an appointment or
I have a call at 9:00 and it’s 8:35 like phew good thing my workouts only 20
minutes like I have plenty of time to get it in so sharing things like that
on how you’re getting it in what I’ll be doing is you
know like I have a toddler and so fitting it in with a toddler
is huge like this is a mom’s dream program 20 minutes even if you
know they need to get up 20 minutes before their kids get up okay 20 minutes
way better than an hour if they need to go to the gym or something you know
so just leveraging that 20 minute game-changer and showing how you fit that in is going to be huge then continuing on the
sharing path leads me to my third tip and that is sharing all different
aspects of transform 20 with a call to action so it’s not enough for people
like people need clear concise directions so sharing things like your
step when you get it the amazing food plan that it comes with
like it’s bound beautifully in the food diary there is mindset work in there
like sharing that or even just like taking a picture on your Instagram
stories as you’re filling it out every day and sharing those things on there is
so crucial to show people the value that they’re getting when you add a sticker
to your step you need to share that people love stickers former teacher here
and I’m looking back over at my stuff your wall tracker as you track your
transformers week to week sharing stuff like that and not every day but
consistently at least two times a week sharing and you can do every day there’s
nothing wrong with every day but some people are like overwhelmed by every day
so at least two times a week I want to challenge you to adding in a call to
action on your Instagram stories and changing it up so using the polls option
and use it more than once that’s actually a trick I learned from another
coach shout out to Sydney Thompson for giving me that tip using
a poll multiple slides in a row because a lot of people won’t go
back and I’m like that’s so true I won’t go back if I want to vote on something so
putting the poll couple times using the drop your email thing that Instagram
gives you or like you don’t even have to have it say your email I just use it
for email but you can say like drop me an emoji if you want to do this
program too subtle things or things like that
but also you can incorporate subtle things and subtle things you should be
doing every day whether you’re talking about transform 20 or a different
program later on in the year but things like are you ready to join me yet like
girl this would be you like things like that but doesn’t have to be girl but you know what I mean
so those three tips are going to get this information in front of people
whether people are ready to do the work themselves it’s really up to that not
everyone is going to be ready to change their lives and this program is
life-changing you haven’t seen them before and after
pictures make sure you check those out share those you just need to be on your
Instagram stories sharing consistently it’s not enough to just share it once
and do one call to action because people there’s like a crazy statistic people
need to hear or see things five to eight times before they’re comfortable with it
so give them that opportunity again it doesn’t need to be every day but if
you’re sharing at least once a week you’re going to give people six
opportunities to join you and then post program doing a round two people are going to be
ready and it’s like people are going to be ready at various points of this
journey so also up until the cutoff to get in the Shaun T test
group I’m also really encouraging everyone on my team to sign up all
transform 20 packs as coaches because they do get into that test group I like
lost those words um into that test group and let me tell you from personal
experience Shaun T freaking brings it in a test group and that’s something i
really want them to experience and i mean just let this program be your
game-changer just allow it to do so so using that free workout and
leveraging the fact that it’s 20 minutes and sharing constantly is going to get
that information into people’s brains and then it’s your job to execute that
with getting into their DMS or their private message or whatever you want to
call it email Instagram private messages whatever that’s your job is to invite
them and let them know that you have a spot and create that FOMO I love I call them
FOMO boards like saying you have ten spots you’re looking to fill your 10
spots and tagging the people who join you on this program with you and
it’s not only fun the energy of people like getting ready to take off
and do this program and change their lives in 20 minutes a day or sustain
their results in 20 minutes a day or work on their mind like my endurance
like talk about all the different like pain points and I call them use trigger
words when you’re sharing about it like get real get raw get emotional so that
your following can connect to you and they’ve already thought about it that
way when you’re sliding into their DM’s so that’s huge and again
oh and using this is what I didn’t want to forget using the tool like the
quiz that Beachbody made corporate made I love doing that because then it
really sets them up with the package that is best for their goals I think I’m
about to have a little visitor and it sets them up for their goals and there
is so much more accountability that way like they basically picked out their own
package and that way if they come back with a price objection it’s pretty easy
to down sell a little bit like taking off a supplement or whatever and just
finding the best package for them but I love that tool because all the
questions are centered around their goals so
I’ll put it in the description the link for
that and I just want you guys to all get after it and use this amazing
program to really explode your business and recruit new coaches and change some
lives because this program is it’s seriously for everybody especially with
the added weights workouts can you say hi I got a sick kiddo today this is
usually napping but that’s what I have for you guys so using that free
workout leveraging the 20 minutes and constantly sharing and using call to
action features and then along with that doing the work and getting in people’s
inboxes is all simple right that’s all simple things that you can do
to really maximize this program and it’s still in its like infancy launch
it’s obviously pre-launch so use that to your advantage and get after it and
crush it I can’t wait to see if your business continue to explode

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