3-Stage Viability Guarantee

– So what do we do that’s different? We start out with the fact
that the microorganisms that we have chosen, the lactobacillus and the bifidobacterium, we
would call it the major muscle, the major players in
our little act inside. We have special codings on those. It’s a special lipid fatty coding on those microorganisms to protect them. And fat is kinda like a plastic material, so think of it as like a very wonderful, totally environmentally
friendly plastic coating in the form of oil and fat on the bacteria to protect them from moisture. ‘Cause moisture, oil, and water don’t mix, so we protect them there. We make sure that we absolutely
have the right numbers. Numbers count. When we say we have billions of what we call colony forming units, kind of think of it as like billions of little organisms ready to grow. We take them and ’em in a special capsule. The capsule that we use
is a thicker capsule than most capsules in the marketplace. It’s an additional protective layer both in the bottle, as well as in us. We’d like to have that capsule open up when it gets into the intestinal tract. Preferable not to have it
open up in the stomach. It’ll still work, but the
capsule’s a little bit thicker, takes a little bit longer to break down and escort all those little microorganisms to the intestinal tract. It’s a nice taxicab. In addition to that is the bottle. The bottle is very special. It’s like a water-absorbing sponge. So what happens is we protect the product as it’s shipped around. We don’t have to refrigerate it. People don’t have to
refrigerate the product, which is really cool, and
when you open and close it, it’s remarkable, the bottle
sucks out the moisture that just jumped in.

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