3 Simple Ways to Suppress Your Appetite and Manage Hunger While Dieting

Hey guys what’s going on it’s Carter and in today’s video I want to talk about every dieters worst enemy Hunger Now obviously we’ve all experienced hunger at one point or another But whenever you’re dieting your hunger
signals only increase and what typically is a very manageable feeling Normally people can deal with their hunger in the short-term Whenever you’re dieting it can
quickly become a long-term issue In my experience I believe that
hunger while dieting is one of if not the biggest reason why people give up in
their pursuits for losing weight unfortunately the truth is that you
can’t completely eliminate hunger especially whenever your dieting dieting requires that we be in a calorie deficit which means we are feeding our body enough energy from food to maintain
its current weight so naturally the body will respond during this time by upregulating hunger and telling you essentially to eat more food so the challenge becomes managing this hunger so that you don’t deplete all of your
willpower and end up giving in to your temptation or binge eating. now like I said eliminating hunger completely is probably not going to happen but there
are things that you can do that can reduce or suppress your hunger and make
dieting much easier the first tip I have for suppressing
your hunger is to drink more water obviously there are a number of reasons
why you should be drinking enough water for your health but one of the big
reasons is dehydration. Interestingly, the same part of our brain that signals
thirst also signals hunger and so what can happen is that you feel hungry when
in reality it might just be that you’re thirsty or slightly dehydrated. so here’s what to do instead of acting on your urge to eat in the moment you know especially if you think that you shouldn’t be hungry like if you only ate
like an hour or two beforehand try drinking a 16-ounce glass of water and wait about 15 to 20 minutes you’ll probably find is that your feelings of hunger was actually just
thirst and they subside in about 15 – 20 minutes But if the feelings
continued then it might actually be real hunger and then you might want to eat
something at that point the second tip I have for managing hunger is to eat more Whole Foods and whenever I’m talking about whole foods I mean things like you know fruits,
vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, things like that now obviously eating Whole Foods is
important because they contain a ton of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and
phytochemicals, all those things that we need but they also have a powerful
effect on our hunger levels you see most whole foods contain a lot
of water and fiber both of which have been shown to increase our satiety. foods that are higher in water and fiber content are normally more volumizing and fill up the stomach for less calories one of the main ways that are more brain
signal fullness or tell us that we are full comes from stretch receptors in the
stomach that send signals to the brain saying that we’re full and the stomach is filled with content. it normally takes about
20 minutes for those stretch receptors to send signals to the brain that you are full and so when you eat more Whole Foods those stretch receptors will send signals to your brain that your full so what you need to do is you
make sure that a good portion of your diet–at least eighty percent–is
coming from whole foods and then after you eat a meal try the wait 15
minutes before you go up for seconds The final tip I have is to stay busy whenever you are dieting your goal
should be to think about food as little as possible If you’re just sitting around all day and
thinking about food being bored then it’s going to increase your chances of overeating so I recommend that you try to find hobbies or activities that keep you busy and more importantly keep your mind off of food some things that i’ve personally done that helped are reading, going for walks which kind of serves two purposes One, to keep your
mind off of food and then two, it helps you be more active and burn more calories alright so those are my three tips for
lessening and managing hunger while on a diet If you want to learn more about hunger and satiety while dieting, check
out my article that I wrote recently that talks about the subject in further detail and
i’ll put the link to that in the first comments down below alright guys I hope you liked this video
and I hope it was helpful and if you did like it please give it a share or
just share with somebody privately who you think that this could
help thanks guys


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