3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Beachbody Coach

Hey Folks, Sorry I’m laughing. I was just
talking to one of my coaches upstairs. But um listen, I want to do a quick video on why
you should become a Beachbody Coach. I’m super excited right now about Beachbody. Especially
Beachbody in North America, in Canada. Our team is doing amazingly well. We are just
blowing it up all over the place and right now is just the best time to become a Beachbody
coach. I just got back from Leadership Summit in California and with all the top coaches
that there and the opportunity with in Beachbody just balloon in like crazy. Here’s the thing,
I want to give you 3 reasons why you should look at becoming a Beachbody coach. Number
1, Your gonna get in the best shape of your life and its going to be fun. You know, working
out and getting in great shape can be very difficult for a lot of people. That’s why
when you become a Beachbody coach you get yourself surrounded with amazing people that
all striving to do the same thing that you’re doing. Imagine being surrounded with like
5, 6, 10, 20, 100, sometimes 350 coaches now that are all surrounding me, that are cheering
me on. We all work out together, we have fit clubs together, we working out, were getting
in great shape, we do all the workout programs and its just an awesome blast, we have a great
time. Thats the number one reason you want to become a Beachbody coach is to get in great
shape yourself and have a blast doing it. Number 2, Why you should become a Beachbody
coach is your gonna have the ability to inspire other people. Imagine how having the chance
to you know to help a family member, lose some weight or get in better shape. Imagine
a friend maybe that’s been struggling with health issues, now seeing you and using you
as an example to maybe get in great shape themselves. The amount of people that I’ve
been able to help, literally every day has just been phenomenal and as a Beachbody coach
what we get to do is we get to interact with those people we talk with them on Facebook,
we motivate them, we assure that they continue on with the program and you know they just
the rewards are amazing. Someone sent me an amazing email, that I’m not going to share
with you, because it’s their story, but you know it brought tears to my eyes and I get
emails like that almost literally at least one or two every day. It’s just an amazing
journey that I’m on right now. Thats the number 2 reason that you want to sign up as a Beachbody
coach is you get to help other people. And the number 3 reason you want to sign up as
a Beachbody coach is you have the ability to earn income. What does that mean? I’m not
talking about, buying a lottery ticket and hoping that maybe in a few months your going
to be a millionaire. That’s not what Beachbody coaching is all about. Beachbody coaching,
what it is, is when you start supporting other people and you start helping other people
get in great shape and you guys are all having a great time doing it. Beachbody gives you
a small commission for what you do. So you get a 25% commission off of everything you
sell as a coach and also within your team, as your team gets better you earn even more
income. You can earn prizes and trips and things like that. But, the number 3 reason
you want to be come a Beachbody coach is to earn basically residual income. Now, some
people, Disclamer, go on to make a really good amount of money as a Beachbody coach
within the first few years of in the business. And some people make enough money to you know
pay for their Shakeology, new work out programs or things like that. But, the opportunity
right now is just massive because aren’t a lot of Beachbody coaches in the world right
now. It’s only available in North America. So its only available in the US and Canada.
You can not become a Beachbody coach anywhere else. And Beachbody in Canada at filming this
video, there’s barely 5 thousand coaches in Canada and there’s 140 thousand coaches
in the US around there. So you can see, especially if your a Canadian watching this video you
are not a Beachbody coach, you need to become a Beachbody coach right now. I will plunk
my team and say we have a blast in Canada with all the events and things we do. And
even in the US we have some great US coaches as well. So, those are my 3 reasons why you
should become a Beachbody coach. Again, number 1 become a Beachbody coach because you are
getting the best shape of your life, number 2 become a Beachbody coach because you are
able to help other people and number 3 become a Beachbody coach because you could earn some
extra income. Take it easy folks and I hope to see you on the team soon.


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