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in today’s video I’m going to be talking to you about something very important for people who exercise that’s right we’re gonna be talking about your feet most specifically things that go on your feet your shoes stay tuned I’ll be back in about 13 miles welcome back to The Long Run with Joel and Christy. I’m flying solo today I’ve done my 13 mile run and so I want to talk to you today about shoes we all need shoes if we’re going to exercise we’re going to go to the gym run outside run at the park walk we’re going to lift weights we’re going to do anything that we’re going to do to stay healthy and stay in shape and stay fit we need shoes and so what’s going to happen is you’re going to find all this information about shoes that people are gonna throw at you this and this this and you need all of this stuff well I want to share with you today three myths and we’re going to try to bust those myths so we’re The Long Run with Joel and Christy today we are Mythbusters so let’s get to it Number one myth is this you must buy the most expensive shoes now let’s face it there are some expensive shoes out there most running shoes run in the neighborhood $150 180 $200 if you buy them the new uh Nike Vapor fly those are two hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of shoes now that’s a lot of money I don’t know about to you but that’s a lot of money to me and I don’t know if I really want to spend that much on a pair of shoes I thought about it I thought about saving up and saying you know what I think I want to try them because it says you can knock off at least four percent off of your time on a race if you use those shoes you know and I said you know what I don’t know if I won’t spend the money on that so what do we do those of us who are budget conscious those of us who have to save up for a pair of shoes what do we do why why should we have to buy the most expensive shoes well the good news is you don’t have to you don’t have to buy the most expensive shoes if you’re smart about it and so what you want to do is most running stores will want you to come in and getting fitted for shoes to take a walk on a treadmill they’re gonna measure your gait your your stride all of those things and they’re gonna they’re gonna tell you what type of shoe that you need I’m not saying don’t do that do that the first pair of shoes that I bought for running I went to a running shoe store and they measured my stride they videotaped my gait where my foot was falling and they said this is the kind of shoe you need now most of us are probably going to be a neutral you’ll find that out which is what I am but you might want that and stores do this for free you can go in and say hey I’d like to get measured for shoes and so they’ll put you on a treadmill the look at to your gauge they look at how your foot impacts the floor when you move forward and they’ll look at it as you’re standing still and they’ll give you all these kinds of measurements when you’re done with that they’ll say okay this is the best kind of shoe for you and the type of exercises you’re going to do and once they’re done with that they’re going to take you over to the shoes and see if you want to buy some now the shoes that you find in the running store are going to be the most expensive the first pair of shoes I bought I didn’t know any better I paid one hundred and twenty dollars for them and then I realized you know what I don’t have to do that so if you do your homework go in and get the type of style that you need and look at the shoes there kind of look at some of the things that you want and need as you’re looking for things that fit on your feet things that you feel comfortable and you can go in and try on the shoes without having to buy them and so you go in you get fitted for the shoes you find out which shoes are the best for you either one of the most comfortable for your feet because let’s face it if you’re not comfortable in the shoe you’re not gonna wear it you’re not going to exercise so what’s the best type of shoe the shoe you’re gonna wear get it the shoe you’re gonna wear find out what kind of shoes you like the kind of cushioning like and then realize what that is if you like a certain brand like Brooks or Nike or Reebok or Skechers or New Balance or whatever it is find out what brand you like find out what the top model is for that particular year then go back home and go to the Internet and buy the model that was the year before the year before models are gonna be cheaper they’re gonna be less expensive they’re probably maybe about 50% less expensive than what you were going to buy in the store so keep that in mind also you can go to outlet stores I buy all of my shoes right now they’re all Skechers and I’m gonna put a picture of the two pairs of shoes I have right now they’re in my running rotation so you’ll be able to see those but just know that I do skechers I’ve been running in skechers now for mmm going on about three years and I’ve run all my fastest races in the skechers now hashtag not sponsored unless skechers wants to come and sponsor me hashtag Skechers if you’re listening to this if you want to come to sponsor me for some shoes I’d be willing to talk to you about it but I’m not sponsored by skechers but I love them I love skechers I’ve run three sub three hour and 40 minute marathons in my Skechers fastest marathons I’ve ever run have been in Skechers and so I love those shoes they fit well on my feet they’re good for cushioning they’re they’re just all-around great shoes so but you don’t have to buy skechers you can buy whatever brand you like just make sure that you’re not being duped into buying the most expensive kind because that’s what you think you have to have because you don’t all right myth number two you must buy shoes that fit your feet now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself what why would I not buy shoes that fit my feet well when we go to the store and buy shoes for us every day we want shoes that fit our feet we don’t want them too small we don’t want them too big we want them we want them like we want them like Goldilocks we want them just right those just right shoes that they feel good they fit right but with exercise shoes you don’t want that you don’t want them too small you don’t want them just right you want shoes that are maybe one two sizes bigger than what you think you’re going to need or what you normally wear because what happens is when you exercise even if you’re if you’re running or you’re walking or you’re just exercising in the gym if you’re putting pressure on your feet your feet are going to expand and when they expand your shoes need to have room for that expansion if not your toes are going to get cramped you’re gonna start having feet pain you may even have some some knee pain and leg pain it all starts with your feet and so make sure that when you’re buying shoes you make sure you you buy the kind that you like kind of got good cushioning a brand that you like something that you’re going to wear and also that’s one to two sizes larger than what you normally buy or what that think you might want to buy all right here we go myth number three you must retire your shoes after 500 miles or six months whichever comes first I have lived by that for my entire running career which has been almost 10 years now be 10 years this August that I’ve been officially been a runner the first time I went out to do a run was in August of 2010 and so I’ve lived by that rule 500 miles after 500 miles you start breaking down you start losing cushioning start losing the spring in your shoes and what I’m finding out is is that the technology in shoes today are allowing you to go longer and longer on a pair of shoes which will extend your budget because if you run like I do I’m doing thirty five thirty to thirty five sometimes forty miles a week that would mean that after you know ten weeks ten to twelve weeks I’ve gotta buy new shoes well what I’m finding out is that that’s not always the case the shoes I have now one of the pair the gray pair you’re gonna see in the picture the gray pair has I just turned five hundred miles five hundred 506 miles right now on the gray pair the the black pair I haven’t had in a rotation I started running the gray ones first I worked in the black ones and now rotate them the black ones I wear during the week of my weekday runs and then the gray ones I wear on the weekend of my Saturday and Sunday runs and so what I do is I alternate those and so they don’t wear out at the same time and so I just turned 500 miles on the gray pair I’ve got about 240 250 on then on the black ones but they’re still really good shoes even though the gray ones were close to 500 miles I did my last marathon two weeks ago they still felt great and I ran a three hour and 40 minute marathon I wouldn’t say that there’s a hard and fast rule that you have to retire your shoes after 500 miles or six months whichever comes first I would say how do your feet feel in them and my feet felt great in the marathon a couple weeks ago and so what I’ve decided to do I’m going to continue this test we’re going to continue busting this myth and I’m going to keep wearing those shoes and using those shoes up until my next marathon which is the Chicago Marathon on October 11th and so I’m going to keep piling up mileage so by that point I’m only wearing those on the weekend the gray ones only wearing those on the weekend I probably should be somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe 700 – 750 miles by that point and I’m gonna wear those shoes in the marathon just to see how it goes and so I want to keep saying those things and just kind of understand where that where that line is if it feels like my feet feel like they’re hurting or or something before then I’ll retire them but if not I want to keep using them until I can’t use them anymore it’s better for my budget it’s better for my pocketbook it’s better for your pocketbook if you use them as much as possible actually the last pair of shoes I retired I have on my feet right now I didn’t throw them away when I was done with them I use them as casual sneakers now instead of running shoes they’re my casual sneakers if I am gonna go out and I’m casual these are the sneakers that I wear and so I’m getting more mileage out and getting more use out of them they’re probably probably two years old by now but I’m still getting use out of them because I’ve repurposed them for that purpose and you can do that too don’t throw your shoes out once you retire them from running or from walking or from exercising or whatever you can use them for other things and then once you do that recycle them send them to a textile recycling place or something like that especially because our shoes once we use them they’re not really good once we have worn through them to give them to Goodwill or something like that but give them to a textile place to recycle them and so you don’t have to retire your shoes after 500 miles or six months that’s the myth I’m going to continue busting gonna keep talking about that I’ll keep you updated as we go along as to how my shoes are holding up but I want to wear those at least until October so I’ll run it with Chicago Marathon and wear those in the marathon so keep up with me on that keep me accountable on that and I’ll keep you updated so there we go those are three myths I may come back later with some more myths in another video later but those are three myths right right there about shoes walking shoes running shoes exercise shoes that you can use to apply in your life – to extend your budget a little bit so you don’t have to buy shoes every couple of months but just remember those you don’t have to buy the most expensive shoes you want to buy shoes that are one or two sizes bigger than you would normally wear and you don’t have to retire them as quickly as you think so that’s all for today for The Long Run with Joel and Christy don’t forget to Like subscribe and hit that Bell for updates when we put up new content which we do every week so continue to check that out and comment below and let me know what kind of running shoes you like what kind of brands you like how many miles do you have on your shoes right now tell me those things if you’ve used shoes for more than 500 miles let me know that because that can that can help me in my in my study as well don’t forget about them the videos that are floating around here probably over here maybe over here more content from us that’s all for today I’m Joel flying solo thank you guys for joining me today for The Long Run with Joel and Christy Bye

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