3 Health & Fitness Tips Everyone Should Know

Hey, what’s up everybody? Today we’re going to learn three health and fitness tips that everyone should know. Alright! Here we go! Ready? Three health
and fitness tips that everyone should know. One! We must understand that many medical conditions can exist undetected within our body. For example, congenital structural abnormalities can exist undetected within our heart and unfortunately many cardiac conditions can go undetected until a crisis occurs. Therefore, in order to help prevent an unexpected medical emergency, it is crucial to be proactive and take the time to consult with your medical doctor. This will help us be assured that there are no underlying medical concerns
before we participate in any health and fitness program. Two! We must realize that our heart is created with finite energy and as a result only has an estimated two billion to three billion heartbeats for a lifetime. By acknowledging this reality, it makes it easy for us to understand that the force that gives life is still a mystery to science. Therefore, cardiologists don’t know exactly how many heartbeats a person has been given for a lifetime and it varies from person to person. Given the reality of these facts, we can now see the self-evident and irrefutable logic that we must strengthen our heart by exercising in a time efficient manner that does not require keeping our heart rate elevated for prolonged periods of time. Three! We must be aware that prolonged participation in physical activities that require excessive joint repetition and/or joint impact increases the probability for accelerated joint degeneration, pain, and injury. Therefore, in order to protect our joints and avoid the fate of accelerated joint degeneration, pain, and injury, we must exercise while limiting excessive joint
repetition and eliminating joint impact. With these thoughts in mind and with over three decades of accumulated knowledge and experience as a health and fitness professional, I created Milton’s Strength Training, a proven, weight resistance training program that integrates my version of
the squat, curl, and overhead press into one distinct exercise program that when performed for 10 minutes, 3 days a week in the comfort and convenience of your home or office improves health and fitness and eliminates back and neck pain. Alright! Remember, exercise must improve health and fitness while avoiding injury. Exercise must do no harm!

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