3 Exercises for Great Glutes and Legs – Quick At-Home Workouts with MomStrong

Welcome to quick at home workouts with MomStrong powered by Bowflex. We all want tighter stronger legs with nice shape. So I’m gonna show you today a few workouts that will really get you that way. Our obvious number one leg and glute workout which is the squat. So what I’m gonna do here, is I’m just gonna place my legs parallel, tucked underneath my hips, and I hold my arms up and chest back and I’m gonna sit back. You can knock out a few reps of those. Another way to kind of guide yourself – to make sure you have a nice depth of squat and straight back – is you can take and find a wall. And put your hands on the wall and then just sit back into your squat, sliding your hands down the wall and back up. Another one of my favorites to realy tone my quads is a reverse lunge. So we have our lunge position, which always always
you have your knee stacked above the ankle and you don’t want to go over. So we’re just gonna lunge down and then back up. Lunge down, back up. Your chest is up. Nice deep breath and back up. And then obviously you want to do the other leg. So what you can do with this, if this is
just too easy for you, you can grab some weight. I’m just gonna have it on 10 pounds here. And you can hold your dumbbell like this, and then do the same thing. So those are two of my favorite leg exercises. The last one I’m gonna show you is a side lunge, which really works that inner thigh here which a lot of women are really concerned about. So if you’re
in your same squat position and then you just lunge to the side, sitting back, chest is up still, and then lunge forward. You’re going down and back up. Down, sitting back into that hip and back up. So then of course we’re gonna do the other side. Down and back up. And I can really feal that burning already without any weight. But like I said with
anything typically dumbbells are so handy. These Bowflex ones are great because they’re pretty much every weight you could ever
need. You can just grab onto them and do the same thing. So what I would do, probably, is I would
probably do a little circuit: where maybe 10 squats, 10 lunges and then 10 side
lunges. And then either, if that was all the time I had, I know I was really working
my legs got a quick workout in. And if I had a little extra time, I may do the whole circuit two or three times. For exclusive discounts on products you’ve seen in this video, check out bowflex.com/momstrong

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