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Hey, best pal-y I’m Ali, and this is Fitness Outrageous – fit tips, health hacks, and superhuman strategies. If you want to be better at life, you’ve come to the right place. Okay. Today’s video is CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit. Sorry I’m CrossFitter, I just- I gotta say it as much as I can. I travel a lot, and it’s hard to stay a Crossfitter when you’re not at home near your box. Which is the name for a CrossFit gym. Givin’ you a little CrossFit lingo. *clears throat* CrossFit. I’m gonna give you three CrossFit style workouts that you can do in a hotel room. You don’t have to go anywhere else you can just stay here, sweat on your carpet, and annoy the people next to you with your grunting. All three of these are benchmark WODs, so they’re well known popular workouts. I’ll just be modifying them so, switching in different movements based on the fact that we’re here. The first workout is “ANNIE”. Which you can do completely unmodified the same way that you would in a gym, IF you remember to pack your jump rope! Which you will now because you’ve watched this video and it’s so easy to just throw this in a suitcase and realize that you can do cardio anywhere. ANNIE is double-unders and sit-ups. Reps for time. A 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. So that means the first round you do 50 double-unders and 50 sit-ups, and then the next round 40 double-unders and 40 sit-ups, and you keep moving until you’ve done all of those reps as fast as you can and ANNIE has kicked your butt. Let me just give you a little proof that you can do double-unders in a hotel. Although, you can modify if you want to do single-unders because you don’t have your double-unders yet or if you forgot your jump rope, you can do tuck jumps, but I would suggest doing half the number of reps because of those really wear you out. Gonna start with double-unders. 1-2-3-4- 50… Ow! I slapped myself. Great! And then after 50, move on to 50 sit-ups and so forth and ANNIE is a quick one, but it’s a burner. She will definitely get your heart rate up. The next WOD is CINDY. Which is an AMRAP in 20 minutes. “AMRAP” is an acronym for “As Many Rounds As Possible”. So you just go as hard as you can until you’re 20 minute timer beeps and then you’re- you’re fit. CINDY is traditionally 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. I don’t have the grip strength to just hang on the doorway and do pull-ups that way so we’re gonna modify this and instead of doing pull-ups You can either do sit-ups or I would actually suggest Superman’s because pull-ups are a back workout, and Superman works your posterior chain. So Superman’s are you lay on your stomach, And then lift your body up kinda… you get why it’s called Superman, right? And like I said, it’s working your whole back. These are definitely less challenging than let’s say, doing a pull-up. So if you’d rather do something harder, you can move, do sit-ups. Although they’re working different muscles. or more V ups to get you a more of a challenge. After you’ve done five of those. It’s ten push-ups. That’s ten, right? I wasn’t counting. And then air squats. Get that depth! Fifteen of these and you’ve completed one round. And then you do that again, and again, and again until you’ve done it for twenty minutes. Thank you, Cindy. Now the next workout we’re gonna do is “Fight Gone Bad”! Which, sounds intimidating. It is! But don’t worry, you can still do it. It’s three rounds for total reps. Which means you’re gonna do as many movements as you can and each minute is a different movement. And actually one of the movements is rest. So like great this one’s got the sitting around built in. Traditionally FIGHT GONE BAD is the first minute wall balls, second minute sumo deadliftss, third minute box jumps, fourth minute push press, fifth minute rowing, and the sixth minute… nothin’! You just – you just sit around and let your heart stop freaking out. This one’s gonna take a lot of modifications because we don’t have a wall ball, or a barbell, or a wooden box, or a rowing machine, but no we – We can still do this! We’re gonna make it happen. Wall balls are a lot of leg movement so you can just replace them with air squats. Now I know you’re not getting the overhead push but don’t worry because I’m gonna add too much overhead on something later. Sumo deadlift high pulls are a lot of back So we’re gonna do, again, the Superman to get that back and butt going, and you’ll do this for a minute. And then move on. Now for box jumps I know you all want to see me box jump on that night stand, but no! We’re gonna do this safely. So instead of doing an explosive movement from standing up onto a box We’re gonna do an explosive movement from the ground up to standing. So yeah, it’s everybody’s favorite… burpees! A whole minute of them And move on. Now for a push press — it’s taking a barbell and pushing it from here to over your head. You can get the same effect by pushing your body away from the ground if you’re upside down. So yes, handstand pushup. Now, I can’t exactly do handstand push-ups, but you know what? I’m gonna try anyway, because, hey demo! And this is the lots of overhead that I was talking about earlier And I guess I’m just gonna give this a shot. I’m putting a pillow down so, you know, protecting my noggin a little bit. And don’t worry. I’m gonna show you modification after this, because these things are basically impossible and… Kick! Oh, nope! Not gonna happen! Hold on. I believe in me. Ready? You can do kipping, or strict, or… neither. Okay! Here’s the modification. You can use a bed, or a table, or a chair to take the weight of half of you off, and the idea is still to get your head over top of your hands and be moving down and pressing up — overhead. And again. You can add a pillow underneath in case you want some noggin safety. Do that for a minute. And then instead of rowing you’re gonna get cardio from your jump rope that you totally remembered to pack because Ali told you to. And you will do this for a minute. And after jump roping, your last movement is rest. Dope! Now, feel free to take this time to write down your reps because you were counting the entire time. It’s really helpful to keep track of your reps for each round so then you can compare and see if you improve during the rounds, or at least try and match what you did when you were fully rested at the first round. And you do two more rounds of that, and then you’ve done Fight Gone Bad! Even though you are on the road, you are still fit. Thanks for watching. I release a new Fitness Outrageous every Monday so subscribe and ring the bell if you want to get better at life. Oh yeah, and uh, I haven’t said it a while, CrossFit!

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