– Just tired, I don’t
want to talk to a camera. I don’t want to do any classes. – Yeah, talk to each other. – I don’t wanna talk
to, I don’t wanna talk, I’ve just, don’t talk to me, right. We’ve just had enough. – Just so bad. – Completely burnt out. – Yeah, we were (intense rock music) (trainer shouting) (men shouting) (men shouting) – G’day guys, welcome back. This is episode 22, the final episode of the Fitness Street series
22nd of February 2020, Robyn in the house. We’re clearly not on
Fitness Street right now, and I, we should have shot this video on Fitness Street before we left. But we were, we were just so tired by the end of the one
month of training that, I didn’t want to shoot another
video to be honest with you. So I’ve waited until 2020
to make the final episode. But, I wanted to firstly say thank you to everybody who watched
all of the episodes. All 21 episodes of our second series and our adventures on and around Fitness Street in Phuket, Thailand. The fitness capital of
the world, I believe. And, I wanted to shoot this video to talk about a few things with you guys, about some of the biggest
lessons we’ve learned in our most recent trip which was in October, November last year, 2019. So three biggest lessons. And so if you’re watching these videos, and you’ve never been to
Fitness Street before, these lessons would certainly help you prepare for your first trip. If you guys have been to
Fitness Street before, I know some of you guys have, then you know exactly what
I’m about to talk to you, everyone else about, with
regard to these lessons. And if you’re planning to
return to Fitness Street then definitely let us know
’cause we might be in the area. We are looking at returning back. – Eventually. – Eventually, like,
we’re in 2020 right now. – We’re actually training
for it right now. – We are training – Hard! – We are training, but I’ve
got to do a flying course, which runs for nine months. So I won’t really be doing
much in the next nine months, just hanging out here. So the first one is, the first big lesson that we took away from
our most recent trip was acclimatising, and allowing
yourself to acclimatise in the first week of
arriving to Fitness Street. It’s different for me,
or different for us, because we were doing
so many classes in a day to get the content to make the videos to show everybody what
these different places, you know, are like. And one month is not a lot of time really, it just goes so quickly, like this. (snaps finger) And so everyday I was
like, we gotta go here. We gotta train there, we
gotta get the content. We gotta get the content,
we gotta make the video. So I knew, I know, this
was not a surprise for me. I know about over training, but I was doing it for the content. So I’m not a very good
living example of that, Don’t follow me, but I know for fact if you are going to Fitness Street, and you’ve never been
before, and you’ve paid all this money on training,
and accommodation, and flights, and you’re
coming from the U.S., you’re coming from Canada. We’ve met heaps of
people from North America and from Canada, that have
flown like 20 something hours and you’ve only got, you know? ‘Cause you don’t get much
annual leave in North America, so I hear, like two weeks a
year or something like that. You just want to like make the most of it and you know, squeeze every penny and. – Understandably. – Yeah, it makes perfect sense but as I’ve mentioned in other
videos about over training, it’s hard advice to give. ‘Cause if you’ve only got two weeks off, it’s hard to say take it
easy in your first week, but you really, really have to. You have to allow yourself to
acclimatise to the Thai heat. Guys, the Thai heat is debilitating, like I can’t describe
it, it’s literally like, imagine being in a
sauna in your local gym, if your gym has a sauna. And trying to do a two hour Muay Thai, or one hour Unit 27 Crossfit class inside a sauna, it literally
feels like training in a sauna. – Or if you’re like going
to a big room yoga class. – Yeah. – It’s like walking
into that sort of heat. – It’s really, really. – Yeah. – It’s really hard on the body, just to, just to adapt and acclimatise to the heat. In my experience it takes a week, sometimes a week and a half. – Plus you have jet lag,
well, a lot of the time from where, where you’re flying
from, you’ll have jet lag. And then that’s going
to affect everything, I know it affects me. I don’t know how it affects you guys but. – My best piece of advice,
if you can get a month off, I know that some people are like gonna scoff it down,
“no way can I get a month!” – Or even three weeks. – But three weeks is a
decent amount of time, it really is to do some damage. But one week just doesn’t
quite cut it, you know? But if you’ve only got a week,
you can only take a week off, to give to Fitness Street, I wouldn’t recommend any
more than one class a day. I mean, that’s a fair,
that’s fairly reasonable. Your body is adapting to
the heat as I mentioned. And also ’cause I’ve got
a training background and amateur body building
stuff, I did back in 2017. My coaches always told me about resting, and the importance of
getting enough sleep, after lifting in the
gym, training in the gym. A lot of people don’t
realise that, you know? What you do outside of the gym, is just as important as
what you do in the gym. And, you know, your body needs to recover, your muscles need to repair. You need to bring your
cortisol levels down. Otherwise you’re not going
to effectively build muscle, or lose fat, or get into
shape, that’s just how it is. So sitting by a pool, I feel
like I’m rambling right now. But sitting by a pool after your first and only
training session of the day. You know, relaxing is part
of the training experience. You’re recovering and resting, getting your cortisol levels down, so you can get ready for your next class on the following day. And also meeting people, as well is part of the training experience which we’ll get to in point number three. But anyway, that’s number
one, acclimatising, getting your body used to
fitness during the heat. – Hydration. – And hydration. – Also getting into habits, yeah. – Yeah, getting into habits. Like we talk about this in other videos, but like it’s so easy to become dehydrated training in these environments. Like I know you would have seen the videos and gotan idea of us like dragging these big, you know, kegs of water. – Buying those huge boxes of Rehydrate, that, so much so that they’re
selling out on Fitness Street. You can go to these pharmacies and they’ve run out because
everyone’s doing it, but that’s what you need
to do there with that heat. – Yeah and it’s important, you’ve got to force yourself to like drink, you know? Drinking four, three, four
litres of water a day. You have to and it’s sometimes so hard, you feel like you’re not
getting enough water sometimes. You drink and drink and you
feel thirsty all the time. You just have to, you have
to look after yourself guys, it’s super important. I can’t, I sound like a parent. But it’s so, you know? – And it’s almost like you want
to go there to end off well. You don’t want to go there to completely annihilate yourself, and then leave because you’re,
leave completely exhausted. – Which is what happened to us. – Yeah. – You know? We were like
– literally that happened – I’ve been in this Fitness Street maybe six or seven times
now, so I know this. But again my reasons for
doing all these classes in one day is to get the content, right? ‘Cause I can’t get all the content that everybody’s asking me to get if I just do one class a day. So I’m running around
if you saw on, you know? I’m training and then
filming, and then training, and then filming, and then filming, and then training, and then
filming, and then filming, and then training and
then get to week four. I’m so tired, I don’t
wanna talk to a camera, I don’t wanna to do any classes. – We don’t talk to each other. – I don’t wanna talk
to, I don’t wanna talk. Just, don’t talk to me right? We just had enough. – Just so bad. – Completely, completely burnt out. – Yeah we were. – Point number two is self defence. Okay so, Fitness Street
is an amazing street which has everything
relating to fitness from crossfit type training,
functional training, outdoor boot camp type training,
to martial arts, right? Which includes MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai, all the boxing, all that sort of stuff. – Last year when we went to Fitness Street it was more about fitness
and having fun, getting fit. And whilst doing martial arts, and trying out crossfit, and so on. This year was a little bit different. – You picked up my point. – I, I for the first
the first time actually learnt the importance
of learning something that I could actually take away with me into the real world,
which is self defence. So the whole time I’m saying, you know? “Oh guys, I’m a Pilates instructor.” “I’m not doing this to
fight”, which I’m not. I’m not a fighter, but I do believe, as a woman in this world, for myself. I’m speaking for myself,
that it’s really imperative to learn the skill of self defence. Yeah, I can’t emphasise that enough. And lucky this time, I had the
most amazing class with Jaime at, where was it, Evolve? – Evolve Health Club – Evolve Health Club,
and it was a one on one, and he showed me some
different techniques, and like how to do it. It’s pretty hard, hard core. But I realised in the
lesson how important it is. So its not just about getting fit. It’s also about learning skills that you can take away
with you in the real world. – Man, I honestly believe,
every woman needs to have some, something in self defence, something. – And it does, it does actually work. Because there were times
when we were play fighting, – We’re messing around and. – Play fighting. – Yeah. – And instinctively I knew to just grab his foot in certain way. I never knew that skill
before and throw it away, and I was like, what?
– I was messing around, I was messing around in the kitchen, and I threw a kick, I threw a kick – As he does. – I was just messing
around, and she grabbed it, and she threw it and she
kicked me back (laughter). I was like, fuck. – We looked at each other like, stared at each other afterwards – It’s like man, I’m joking man. – We’re like, did that just happen? – But it was so automatic
– It was so great. – It was like she didn’t even think. And the third one in community. Now this is a, Robs do you
want to lead with this one? (Robyn laughs) I feel like I’m talking too much man. – No it’s great, your wealth
of knowledge, it’s amazing. Oh guys, so I don’t know how many of you are going to Fitness Street solo. Or thinking about going
to Fitness Street solo, but you certainly won’t end up solo. There’s such an incredible community of people at Fitness Street. From, I don’t know, Tiger
Muay Thai to Titan Fitness to Evolve, you know? You go there, you meet so many people from all over the world,
and it’s very much a journey that you can share with others, and like encourage each other through this journey to fitness, you know? Fitness is a life long thing. You’re not there just
to do your three weeks. You hopefully are gonna go there
to build to a certain level that you can actually take it away, and use it in your life back home. But during that time you’ll make friends that you might even have
for the rest of your life. I mean, Brad set up this Facebook group where everyone’s like
corresponding on there, and yeah it’s just the
most incredible experience because you can actually
share in with people. – Guys, it is unbelievable
just how easy it is to slot in to this community,
it’s not like high school shit where you’re so cliquey, and you feel like you can’t, you know? You’re not, you have to
be a certain person to. It’s honestly like, you can
be from the most remote part of the world and you’ll
make friends like this. (snaps fingers) In your first class, you know? You’ll meet people that
are from Venezuela, from Argentina, from Columbia,
from parts of Africa. It’s unbelievable, I think,
people from Iceland go there. Iceland! Like everywhere, a lot of Aussies. But the truth is that
you won’t feel alone. And if you’re watching
this and you’ve never been to Fitness Street before,
you’re going on your own, solo travelling, especially
for females watching. – Fighter’s Street but also Fitness Street and it could be a little
intimidating but don’t feel like that at all.
– You should never because I’ve met other solo
female travellers there, obviously in the last 21
episodes, there were a couple, you would have just
seen them in the videos. They didn’t feel intimidated whatsoever. They didn’t feel fearful. They slotted in really easily. And you’ll make friends for life. You know, you’ll make friends for life when you go to Fitness Street. And that’s all important if
you’re on a weight loss journey or a fitness journey. – And if you just wanted
to stay in one place and be looked after, to then
sort of go out and venture, and explore Fitness Street. You could always go to
somewhere like Titan Fitness, where everything is provided for you. Like all the classes, all the food. There’s a massive sense of
community there, it amazing. And then you can just, you know? In your own time, go out, explore, check out different places. Unit 27, Tiger, wherever it is,
to get a feel for the place. That next time you go. – Yeah. – You’re that much more informed and maybe do it a little differently. – Yeah, it’s a good point
because everyone that goes to Fitness Street, usually
plans returning back. And like, your first
trip to Fitness Street, you’ve never been. It’s almost like you’re
putting your feelers out. – Exactly. – You’re just kind of like,
– Yeah. – Whereas like, when you
move in to a new apartment, it’s like, where’s the corner shop? Where’s the super market? Where’s the school? Where the, this, the whatever? When you go to Fitness
Street it’s the same thing. Oh wow, like these gyms. Like I’ve met people that
trained at Titan Fitness, the camp, and we were there for a month. That they got there and they
had no idea about the street. They had no idea, they’re like, “We didn’t realise that
there was all these gyms, “and Muay Thai, and this, and that.” And some of them have
planned a return because. – There’s so much more to do. – It’s just so, it’s just so much there. So even if you’re looking
at, if you’re watching this, and you’re a couple
and you’re looking at a fitness retreat with your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, husband and wife, whatever, you know? It’s perfect for that too. I mean, you would have seen some of the videos of Titan Fitness, where we were doing team based
training sessions together. – So fun. – And we were like, in the same group, and we’re just like smashing out these little workouts with each other. So it’s perfect, you know? For team building and for
relationship building, and if you’re, you know? It’s super hard, like
if you’re with somebody, in a relationship and you’re
trying to lose weight, and you want to do it
together because it’s hard, if one person wants to lose weight and the other one doesn’t,
like that’s a problem. That’s a brutal challenge. But going to Fitness Street is perfect because both of you will be
in the environment together. You’ll both be, you know, up
against the same variables, in the same environment, it’s perfect. – And basically you’re
gonna have date night like every night, because
you’re going to eat the most delicious food, so inexpensive. And you’re spending
time together, you know? That’s pretty cool. – I mean, people have even, they’ve met and they’ve gotten married,
as a result of that, I’ve heard that story. – Wow! – Yeah true, yeah, yeah. People have been married,
– That’s incredible – From this street. – Wow! – Cause you’re meeting
like, even if going back to being single and travelling
there, like if you’re like, “Oh I just wanna like,
I wanna lose weight, “but I wanna meet some people.” Man, this place, it could happen for you. You could meet people, and it
could be your next, you know? Husband, wife, or maybe
you’re not interested in that, and that’s fine, but you know? If you are, it is there,
everything is there. You might find the love of
your life on Fitness Street. If you guys do, let me know. All right. – Okay guys, so we hope to see you at Fitness Street when we’re next there, which will probably be, what? January and February next year? – So if you’re gonna be in
the area early next year, let me know and we could meet
up or do something like that on the Street somewhere,
maybe Ali’s Barbecue. Anyway guys, remember down
below, Facebook group. I’ll link up some articles go and read. Check out the previous episodes if you’ve just jumped
to the final episode. Again, thank you so much
for watching this series. It really does mean
the world to us, to me. If you know anybody that wants to go on a fitness retreat or a fitness vacation, and they need, you feel like, you know? You want to help them,
but you’re not sure how, send the videos over to them. It might just be the catalyst
they need to, you know? Get kick started on
their own fitness journey in Phuket, Thailand. And so I’m gonna end with this. I’m gonna do a little final montage, for this video to send
off the fun that we had in our one month there training. And anyway guys, thank you
very much and we’ll see you. – Thanks for watching. – We’ll see you very soon. – Bye. – Goodbye. ♪ Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay ♪ ♪ I think you only love
me ’cause I’m poppin’ ♪ ♪ This a layup, this a
rebound, gonna swap hands ♪ ♪ Tyson with the fake, not
the hair, money is rock ♪ ♪ When I link with ball point ♪ ♪ You know it’s knock,
knock, knock, knockin’ ♪ (“Knockin” by NBHD Nick plays) – 2019! (“Knockin” by NBHD Nick plays)


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