22 Min Abs and Glutes Workout | No Equipment Bodyweight Only

Hey guys Welcome back to button gut series the Molina fitness here at gym rrah bringing you another high intensity functional butt and core workout burning fat getting that heart rate up and most of all just making you feel good about your body and your goals that you’re that you’re trying to achieve here with us at Jim Rea fitness, let’s get started on our warm up. We’re gonna jog it out in place We’re just gonna get that heart rate elevated just a little bit There is jogging in place, whatever it is that you feel, you know? If you want to hit pop up on your toes if you want to pop your heels back Whatever it is that you feel comfortable with she’s kind of elevating the heart rate getting up but blood pumping throughout the body Again these guts and guts workouts are a functional training program here with me. I Decide so you’re gonna kick that foot out side to side. I call this a swivel. We will call it different things This is what I call it. Just kick that foot out starting to work our hips a little bit here Good about 10 more seconds Started thinking about gauging that core and everything that we’re doing here today and Be prepared for some energy. Alright, let’s go ahead and go into a little half squat reaching up over our head Opening up the chest warming up the core Few more And let’s go into some rotations not moving our hips too much you just want to move that waistline Good Start thinking about how hard you’re gonna put how hard you’re gonna work today and put your mind towards hitting this workout really hard All right, we’re gonna go into some hamstring kicks Warming up the back of the leg then we’re gonna go straight into our first part of the workout I’m gonna do about 10 reps and then we’re gonna go straight into a forward lunge. Get ready five more five four three Two One now, you’re gonna hamstring kick. I’m gonna step forward Good, you’re gonna hamstring kick step forward Nice up Step forward. Let’s do about eight more eight So again functional training here seven Six Keep their core tight so you don’t lose your balance Make sure you breathe so you don’t get any cramping a Couple more Good last one Nice we’re gonna turn those feet out you’re gonna sit down into a wide turn down squat also called a sumo squat You’re just gonna pulse it here at the bottom Keep that back straight and that core tight. I like to keep my hands right here. It keeps me centered Squeezing tuck that booty under squeeze those hamstrings those outer thighs eight seven six five four So I’m calling these sumo squat pulses burn burn Nice hold it at the bottom squeeze and come up Nice going back into this hamstring kicks the lunge. Here we go. Kick lunch So again stretching out the back of the leg going into a functional lunge breathe Targeting our legs Keeping our balance with our core pushing up through the heel Right here as you come out of the lunch, okay That’s what’s really gonna hit that glute and that hamstring Do you or good last two Awesome Turn those feet out We’re gonna sit nice and low pulse ready tuck the bed under I don’t want to see this Okay want sumo squat turned out squat like a dancer. Someone’s lifting a string up. I’m pulsing you up abs tight shoulders back back straight pulse it Again, keep your hands Center if it helps keep your balance Keeps your back straight Good 20 more one, two, three breathe Feeling that burn And outer thigh those glutes And five four three two, we’re gonna hold it here hold hold hold and Release good, we’re gonna put inside step it out We’re gonna grab our mat so the remainder of our workout, okay ready some really functional things using the mat So grab your mat. All right, I got my mat. We’re gonna go straight to some crawl down So you’re gonna crawl down using some upper body strength? Keeping your core tight and then we’re gonna do a couple leg raises here. Just gonna lift one foot off the ground other foot off the ground other foot off the ground good two more We’re gonna crawl back up You’re gonna give me five narrow squats Five, so I want your feet together Want to push your butt back? four three – Squeezing its top one. I’m gonna crawl back down. Here we go. Fall down Into a plank abs are tight legless five four three squeeze those glutes squeeze that core crawl back Feet together five squats. Here we go narrow squeeze four three two One we have a few more rounds of this stay with me crawl down lift two three four five crawl back up feet together five four three Two What here we go fall down With five four three two one crawl up Feet together two more sets after this breathe feel nut burn Crawl down Five four three two one crawl up We have one more set – What here we go 5 4 3 2 1 and crawl up And 5 4 3 2 & 1 Good now we’re just gonna cry on the plank. We’re gonna hold it for about 30 seconds really getting that core tight Basic plank on our hands teaching you how to hold your own bodyweight up. It’s really important stuff. Okay Make sure your back isn’t arched or your hip starts sinking. You want your gluts level with your chest? Okay You want your shoulders right over a knee over your hands you want to suck that bellybutton into your spine? Take deep breaths in halfway there Good press the palms into the ground eight seven six five Four three two, and one good go ahead and drop onto your knees We’re gonna set nice and tall, we’re gonna reach we’re gonna open up our chest We’re gonna twist Kind of stretch out our spine a little bit I like to give you guys a little bit of a spinal rotation break in between all of our butts and guts workouts Just keeping that core nice and tight And we’re gonna do some what I call split rotations in a plank position. Okay, so Practicing if these get too difficult you can always go back to practicing just your basic plank You can also do it on your elbows. I’m gonna do it on my hands – okay, so Plank position. I want your feet wider than the width of your mat. Okay I want you to drop your heels to one side like you’re wringing it out twisting your core Wringing out your waistline like a towel bring it drop your heels drop your heels drop Eight seven six five four three two One nice drop to your knees Come up twist it eight seven six five Four three two one back to plank Bring it out. Here we go. Drop your heels Plank split rotations And 5 4 3 2 1 drop to your knees and Rotate it 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 now we’re gonna go ahead and rotate our body weight onto our backs and We’re gonna lay all the way down Start really eating those outer thighs. Everybody wants to hit those out of that. We’re gonna lay down You’re gonna slide your hands underneath your glutes come up on your elbows Okay, and I want you to point your toes up in front of you. Okay, so your abs are engaged Bouncing use your core, you’re gonna point your toes. I want you to squeeze those legs together I don’t want you to have relaxed lakes. This doesn’t do anything. Okay, let’s work smarter. You’re gonna open and close making a V We’re gonna go as fast as we can for 50 reps five zero. Here we go There’s Ted There’s 20 There’s 30 Point those toes Last ten Feel those abs Nice you guys those outer thighs inner thighs and knees into your chest Alright, we’re gonna do those again this time. We’re gonna do a little different. Okay. So again, you’re gonna come up onto your elbows Core is engaged Right, so that lower back is still on the mat toys toes are point pointed up in front of you You’re gonna open three counts One two three and close one, two, three and close point those toes Keep those legs nice and engaged one, two, three close One two three close one, two three close nice few more Two more here we go Nice knees into your chest come up to our back to give our back a little stretch about core a little stretch Go over one shoulder Look over either shoulder Nice back to the fast be open. I just call them like a be an open B Again, really hitting that outer thigh, but you’re also burning out your core Your abdominal muscles are engaged because you’re up on your elbows. And your core is Crunched in. Okay, so this is tucked in or backs on the ground Okay, but your abdominal muscles are engaged beat her up? Fast 50 reps again 5-0 do as many as you can stay with me Outer thighs are burning Abdominal muscles are burning One of my favorite butts and guts exercises That was 12 All right, you guys we are halfway keep those legs tight Last ten Nice and Come up Awesome job Alright, we’re gonna go ahead and go into a double leg drop leg job with a V open looks like this So this time you’re actually gonna come all the way down Go ahead and put your head down Legs are gonna come up. Okay, you’re gonna do a leg drop hands are underneath your glutes and a V open Here we go leg drop V open leg drop Knee open leg drop Open eight more eight Good Working those outer thighs Awesome job Knees into your chest So we’re combining a lot of our moves that maybe you’ve seen before Really just keeping those core engaged and those thighs and the glutes engaged the entire time here today Okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and roll over On all fours, okay Now when you’re here I want to make sure that you’re not arched right Or not just relaxed. I want you to keep this tight makes a huge difference when we go into this next these next exercises Okay Palms flat into the mat shoulders over Neath the hands. We’re going to flex our foot We’re gonna open our leg up. These are hydrants. You’ve probably seen it before you’re gonna give me an extension point the toe Flex the foot close it down. We’re not closing it all the way back to the ground. You’re keeping that knee off the ground okay, here we go open extend and close open extend Point that toe as you extend and kick it out eight 7:6 Feel those glutes firing up five that extension Gets that much more in those hips and those glutes targets the fat in those areas two and One nice we’re gonna go right into the other leg. Okay, so I’m going to turn around Again make sure you point that toe as you extend open instead Working our obliques suck that stomach in remember what I said don’t relax it By more for Three-two-one Awesome job Going straight into straight lake kickbacks. Okay, so we’re gonna switch feet I’m entering around again This time I want your foot flexed Okay, we’re just gonna raise it up raise up almost to where you want to touch the ground, but don’t actually touch the ground Okay straight leg kick back. Here we go Abs are tight 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 nice switch sides Straight leg. Here we go. Flex the foot one We’re doing about 20 to 25 reps on each side, so we get a nice burn abs are tight That’s what matters here today you guys Every time you’re doing these guts and guts work out But burns and your core burns. Ok. That’s what I want 5 4 3 2 1 nice We’re gonna go back and those hydrants with the leg extension. Okay, we’re new another set of those. Here we go open Good you guys Kick that out point that to four three two One I’m gonna give you an extra burn. We’re gonna stay on this leg and kick it up for 20 Oh my glutes on fire Awesome job Everybody wants to know how to get the perfect shape round butt and you know, I compete and glutes are big in my industry Especially when I get stepped on that stage Kiks kiks kiks my friend. They are so good for the butt and everybody thinks squats Squats squats squats squats are great Okay You do this you kick with me and you work my your butts With me you will see a huge change Take photos, okay document your progress Three two One straight leg back. Kick it up. Here we go Seven six five four three two one Nice, let’s stretch out those hips and those glutes and reach forward You guys it awesome today Super great burning in in those targeted areas. That’s what my focus was for for this series of butts and guts This episode I should say of butts and guts, okay Right now arch And round we’re going to arch and round And then you’re just gonna slowly come back up into plank and then walk back and roll up these spine Take a deep breath in give me some of those spiral rotations that we do in all our butts have guts workouts Awesome and other side three to And one Inhale exhale open thank you so much for joining me again for butts and gut series here at gym or fitness Have a great rest of your workouts and I’ll see you next time. What’s up? Jim Ray is Laura Moran We just finished filming our good morning Salutation 15 minutes of yoga you Cannot tell me that you don’t have 15 minutes get your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier It makes a huge difference in how you feel and your focus and your energy and your body 15 minutes a day. I know you can do this. 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