21 Day Fix vs the Ultimate Reset

>Hey guys, Dave and Monica Ward here, to talk to you about the Ultimate Reset and the 21 Day Fix. And how those things are in some ways alike, and in some ways very different. Ah, we’re in sort of of an interesting period of time where, where I am actually doing the Ultimate Reset, and Monica is doing the 21 Day Fix. So we’re both doing these 21 day programs, Ultimate Reset is also 21 days. And they’re very different. And we wanted to, we thought we’d just sit down with you and, talk to you about how these two programs are different. And then maybe a little bit about how they’re trying to, accomplish some of the same things. so Monica, tell us about the 21 Day Fix.>Okay, well the 21 Day Fix is actually, a fitness and nutrition program designed to tone your body, lose weight, and teach you a balanced approach to nutrition, through portion control and through color coded containers. So you have, about, six different color coded containers, each of them correspond with like let’s say protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables. If you were doing a whole food nutrition
plan, it’d be like, right lean protein, um, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fat and a little bit of like, maybe hummus, or cheese, or like, dairy. You know, just very limited dairy. Um, and, so you’re combining those, you only get a certain amount. When you’ve eaten through your containers… The food is not provided, just to be really clear. You’re portioning it out throughout your day. And once you’ve eaten all the containers in your calorie range, you’re done for the day. You have a pretty simple fitness program. It’s a thirty minute a day workout. You do workout every single day. There are days when you have active recovery days. That’s probably twice a week. So five of the days, pretty, pretty intense. Well they’re intense but there’s also a modifier, and a beginner so that if you’re new to the program, you can follow the modifier in the workouts and do exactly, what she does and feel like you can maximize your, um, your results. But really, I think the biggest focus is on nutrition. And Dave and I both decided to do these programs, because we had an opportunity to, to not only not be derailed, throughout the holidays, so it’s the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving. And then again, I’ll go between Thanksgiving, and Christmas for us. Ah it’s like not only could we, potentially not derail, no, we won’t derail, we’re gonna stay committed. However, we can actually get crazy fitness results, during the last two months of the year when typically, you and I, go, the wheels come off, wild abandon…>Yea, it’s that time, well it is, that time of year though you know, if you think about what’s going on wherever you’re at right now. Today is November 5th and it’s getting colder, people are wearing more clothes. Ah, there’s less sunlight. We just had an election, I don’t know
about you, but our election was really contentious and it drives a wedge between people. We just had Halloween so there’s candy laying all over the place. And then Thanksgiving is coming up, there’s all these temptations. That happen right now, so I think it’s a good opportunity, to tackle something like the fix or the reset.>Uh hmmmm.>So, I’ll talk about the reset.>Do that!>Okay, so this is the Ultimate Reset. Everything is here in this box. Um, we have a lot of supplements here, which sort of looks like you’re getting a lot of stuff, with this kit, if you’re wondering why it’s a little more expensive than, our fitness programs it’s ’cause you’re actually, getting a ton of supplements with it. I’m not going to go into what all that stuff is, but I will let you know that there’s, this handy dandy little card that just tells you what to take when. It’s a very, very simple schedule to follow. You take some pills, wait, eat, wait, take some pills, eat, wait. It’s that simple, seriously. Um, so pretty straight forward, ah nutrition guide. But the one thing you’ll notice I don’t have in my hand is DVDs. And the reason is because, the Ultimate Reset is not a fitness based program. Some people say you can’t workout while you’re on the reset. That’s really not accurate, they want you moving. They want you exercising. But not on a vigorous level, okay? So very low level exercise, um, half of what, you would normally do from an intensity level, okay? So you can exercise, you can move, I’ve been surfing, and that’s all good and that’s fine. What this is, is really a 21 day detox cleanse, okay? And so, it’s, it’s you know the supplements assist in the cleansing that happens. But it’s really about this part of the guide right here which is our nutrition guide. Alright, so I’m gonna just briefly describe how the nutrition plan works, because, while the 21 Day Fix is focused on portion control, and healthy eating, it’s got a lot of flexibility built into it. Monica’s got one of her containers here that has sweet potato. But what else could you put in this if you wanted to?>Um, you could put rice, you could put couscous. You could put quinoa, but also if you chose to have a tortilla, you do not have to cram it into the container. Or a piece of bread.>Yea, that kind of wouldn’t be fun would it?>No, they also give you options that are normal, normal things that people have tortillas and bread and what not, and that, or crackers, and you don’t have to smash them in here. You just measure them out as indicated in the book.>There is a lot less flexibility with the program here okay? Okay so the way it works generally, is that in the first week you get a little bit of animal protein. You’re still eating healthy whole foods. Okay it’s really stuff that you know, came from the earth or had a mother, for the most part, there’s some grains
and stuff in there too, but, for the most part it’s healthy, whole foods. You get a little bit of animal protein. So for example last night I had salmon for dinner. This morning I had eggs for breakfast. I don’t think I get any more protein today, And that was the only protein I had yesterday. So, it’s kind of once a day you’re eating some kind of animal protein. Week two it’s vegetarian. Um, so you, and, and you’re getting protein
but from non-animal sources. And by the way, if you’re vegetarian, there are vegetarian options for week one as well. You don’t have to eat animal protein, you can do this as a vegetarian probably easier than most people. Um so week two is vegetarian, week three is vegan, and very low protein vegan diet, designed to let’s take a break from all the protein okay? I personally eat a lot of protein. I eat meat, chicken, fish, all that stuff. I also take supplements, I’m a big lover of protein. That’s very taxing on the body to deal with all that stuff. So that’s kind of the diet in a picture. There’s some flexibility within the weeks, so as long as you’re operating within the individual phases one two and three, You have some flexibility of what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. So there is some flexibility with it, but as a general rule, you want to stick within those phases. So, I think we’re dealing with two very different animals here. The commonality between the two is that they’re 21 days. And I think that’s one thing that’s sort
of easy, to look at from a commonality perspective. Um, I think there’s a bigger thing that’s going on with both of these programs. And that is, you may have heard the saying
that it takes 21 days to form a habit. And I think that’s really what we’re trying, to do with both of these programs. This one, the Ultimate Reset is a little more extreme, and for people who are fitness junkies
can be harder, because we love to workout every single day, and it’s hard to take a break from doing asylum or whatever it is you’re doing. But what I think we’re really trying to do here is, establish simple healthy eating habits. And I have noticed the previous two times
I’ve done the resets, so this is my third round, the other ones I did with Monica. Um, I come out of it drinking less coffee, drinking more water. Um eating less meat, eating more vegetables. Um sleeping better. And being more intentional about how I go about my life. It just conditions you to do that. Don’t you feel that the 21 day
fix is kind of along the same lines?>Yea, I mean, I wouldn’t say
like I sleep better, I think that I look better and a I feel stronger, and I think in colors, So I’m making sure I have variety in my nutrition daily. I’m not like, just straight, if it were up to our children, they would eat carbs, like all day, maybe one dairy. They’d never have fruits or vegetables
and we’d be lucky if we got any protein in.>Right.>So pretty much, so you like, you know it’s fun because it allows us to teach them. As well, like hey did you get a fruit? Did you get some vegetables? So they understand the importance of
variety, it’s good role modeling. But I think a lot of people don’t really
know, what to eat and how much of it to eat. This allows people to get an introduction
to a balanced nutrition plan. And at the same time, while they’re working so hard, to understand that balanced nutrition, they get to see some great results by
restricting their calories, and uh…>And exercising.>And exercising and toning
up and slimming down and losing weight.>Yea, I think you know, I guess
as we sort of wrap up, you know, If we’re comparing the two, um, you know, the Ultimate Reset is more of a commitment, I think because it’s a little more rigid. I think if you’re gonna have success with the 21 day fix, You need to be really committed to it, I’m not saying you should take that lightly. Ah, I think it’s a little bit bigger obstacle to deal with the Ultimate Reset. But I also think, you know, the back end rewards are much greater. Not to put down the 21 Day Fix, but I think if you can get through the reset, You really, really do hit the reset button on your body. And it’s really a incredible feeling when you get done. And Monica knows that because she’s done it twice. Um, I guess where I’ll close with is, If you’re watching this video because
you’re interested, in doing one of these programs, or maybe both of them at some point, Um, let us know. We’ve done both of them, how many times
have you done the fix?>Two times.>Two times, so this your third time doing the fix?>This is my third time.>And this is my third time doing
the Ultimate Reset. And I think it will really help you to have someone who’s got some, experience in regards to these things. Monica forms 21 Day Fix groups really regularly, she’s got one going between Halloween and Thanksgiving, And another one going between December and Christmas, or Thanksgiving and Christmas rather. Um, I organize reset groups a little less frequently, but if you want to do the program, um, I work with people one on one, doing this program a lot, and I’m more than happy to talk to you about that. So, post a comment below on this video. Or, shoot us an email: [email protected] If you’re watching this on our website
thefitclubnetwork, there should be a form, down at the bottom, for you to fill out, where you can get in touch with us easily as well. So, anything else to add?>Nope.
>Alright, great. Well, thanks for your time, that is our Ultimate Reset vs. the 21 Day Fix, The 21 Day Fix vs. The Ultimate Reset
compare and contrast video. Thanks for again for your time, but wish us luck, it’s only day three, so we gotta get through this thing right?>That’s right, we will.

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