21 Day Fix Review – 7 FAQs

Hi guys, it’s Greg with Get Fit With Greg
and today I have a review. This time it is the 21 Day Fix review and I have seven FAQs
that I am going to walk through in this video. Let’s jump right in with Number 1: Who is
the fitness trainer of the 21 Day Fix Program? That is our very own Autumn Calabrese. She
is a celebrity fitness trainer and also a national bikini competitor. Number 2: The nutrition plan. That is probably
one of the biggest pieces of this 21 Day Fix Program. It is really easy and it is portion
control. It ships with all kinds of containers and if it fits in the container, is how this
works, then you can eat it. A lot of times many people think they are eating very healthy
and they are not really losing any weight and they are wondering why because they are
eating too much food. Even if it is healthy it can be too much. Seven color coded containers
will be shipped with the program. You even get a shakology shaker cup. It is very easy.
Once again if it fits in the container you are good to go. Number 3: What is the length of the 21 Day
Fix Program? It is kind of like when was the War of 1812? It’s 21 days! Three weeks — 30
minutes a day and that is the whole program. You are probably going to want to use this
program when you have a special event coming up or as we sat such as a wedding or high
school reunion or you just want to look good going on your vacation, that sort of thing. Number 4: The workouts. What kind of workouts
do we have? Am I going to get bored? Seven different workouts. We have Total Body Cardio
Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, (see the Fix thing – we are going to fix you up),
Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix and last but not least Dirty 30 Workout. So, a whole variety of Pilates
and Yoga, Cardio and all kinds of different things. Moving right along to Number 5: Equipment.
What type of equipment do you need? You don’t need a lot. Just mainly your body weight but
you will also want a Yoga mat and also some light dumbbells or resistant bands. Resistant
bands are actually included in one of the kits. I think it is going to be the Ultimate
Kit. So look for that as well. Number 6: Who can do the 21 Day Fix Program?
Anyone can do it because there are all kinds of modifications built into the programs.
So if you are just a beginner you can use the modifications. If you are more advanced
then you can move towards the advanced mode. So anyone can do it — 21 days — form a new
habit. 21 days — let’s rock this thing. And last but not least: What type of results
can you get with the 21 Day Fix? That’s easy. Who wants result? You do. 21 Day results varied
from about 10 pounds maybe give or take, you can probably expect in the 21 Day Fix Program.
Maybe even towards 15 but as you go through the program numerous times you are going to
see more and more results. Some of the other test participants were seeing results up to
40 some pounds as they continued through the same programs. Really crazy super results. That is the 21 Day Fix Program by Autumn Calabrese
and the seven FAQs. I’ll have all the information you need to get started right below this video
including the Facebook accountability group that we are going to be doing. Don’t miss
out on that. There is also going to be special savings starting in February only for February
2014. So make sure you don’t miss out on that. Subscribe to my channel as well and I will
talk to you soon. I’m Greg with Get Fit With Greg. Talk soon!


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