21 DAY FIX FAQ SERIES: Can I drink alcohol on the 21 Day Fix?

>>DAVE: Hi! My name is Dave Ward, and
I’m here with my wife, Monica Ward, who is doing The 21 Day Fix program. And, we just recently filmed a great tips
video where Monica gave you her Top 10 Tips. That has generated a whole bunch of questions. So, I’m gonna interview Monica and we’re
gonna talk about these questions. And, hopefully, get your question answered in this series. Alright, Monica, next question on our 21
Day Fix FAQ video series is: “Do you get to drink alcohol on the 21 Day Fix?”>>MONICA: Yes, you do.
>>DAVE: Oh, boy.>>MONICA: What?
>>DAVE: Let’s party.>>MONICA: So, three days a week you can substitute your carb… one of your… so I get two of these a day. And, three days
a week, I can sub one of these. Honestly, it’s the saddest size container for alcohol.>>DAVE: That’s, like, maybe 4 oz, do you think?>>MONICA: That’s a good question.
>>DAVE: Maybe.>>MONICA: That I can’t…I can’t tell you. However, it is a very, very small portion of red wine.>>MONICA:: And, uh…
>>DAVE: Could I fill it with vodka?>>MONICA: I don’t know. You’re such a trouble maker. So, one three times a week, you can sub out one of your yellow containers for red wine.>>DAVE: Okay.
>>MONICA: And, that’s it.>>DAVE: And, that’s it?
>>MONICA: That’s it. So, don’t give me any suggestions. But my, I guess my.. if you have too…if you must, I would, you know, you have the option to do so. You also can sub out… you can put potato chips in this.
They’re very specific about which ones. You can put in tortilla chips if you have that… you know, have to have some tortilla chips. So, there’s…there’s options in here. And, you just have to be really careful. That stuff is gonna alter your results. Obviously, you’re gonna get the best
results by staying true to the program. And, honestly it’s only two…it’s for 21 days. >>DAVE: Right.
>>MONICA: You know, why not give yourself the opportunity to get some rockin’ results in 21 days? And, then when you move into the next
phase, you can…you have a baseline for RA. Three days a week I can have.>>DAVE: And, you know, we talked earlier
in one of the other videos in this 21 Day Fix FAQ video series… we talked about establishing simple, healthy
habits and the 21 Day Fix, is not really designed to be this 21 day
thing where you go 21 days and get some results, and then go right back to whatever it was you were doing. That’s, I think, one of those simple healthy
habits that can really carry people a long, long way is learning how to really limit your alcohol content.>>MONICA: Um hmmm.
>>DAVE: Yeah. Okay, cool, thanks. Alright, well I hope that video answered your question. If you have another question, or if you want
some information about the 21 Day Fix, or if you want to learn how you can be
personally coached by Monica through the 21 Day Fix program, please email us at [email protected],
or you can go ahead and click on the link right here on the screen and it will take
you to our website where you can get all the information on our
free Fitness Coaching program. Alright, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. You can also add a comment below and we
appreciate you sharing this video as well.

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