21 Day Fix and 21Day Fix Extreme Realtime Updates

hey everybody on the champions page
welcome to June guys can you believe it we are at the halfway mark through the
year unbelievable that we are six now coming up we are six months into the
year it just begs the question are you six months towards your goal are you halfway
to your goal lots going on June is a huge month yes is preparatory months for
summit which is even bigger but we are excited for June and we hope you are as
well so the whole purpose of this video is I want you to understand what’s
happening in the month of June I want you to know what’s going on what’s
happening so you can take advantage of it this is coach monthly live we’re gonna jump
right into this let me share my screen with you just quickly for a second to
jump in okay welcome to June let’s go through the announcements and
the things that are happening in June first off probably one of the best
announcements to date is this thing called the summer strong sale yes it
begins today we are in June this begins right now it is $20 £20 off all
challenge packs and completion packs that are $150 £150 $174 Canadian dollars
off excuse me and above that cost that much money so any challenge packs that
cost at least a $150 £150 or $174 is $10 or £20
off during the entire month of June absolutely take advantage
of this – there are people who are on the fence there are people who are
waiting I mean the Sun is finally starting to shine they want to hit the
pools they want to get out to the beaches and they want to look better take
advantage of this opportunity let them know that this is the summer strong sale
that this is when they can take advantage of this and get $20 off to
start off with us awesome opportunity if you have any questions about this summer
strong sales down at the bottom you can see the FAQ 9090 okay and
one of the challenge packs you can take advantage of is our 2B Mindset
challenge pack and certification yes during the entire month of
June this is also $20 off its part it’s above $150 and so you take advantage of
this with 2B Mindset now if you remember 2B Mindset launched last I
think it was May and was a huge surprise to us you guys it blew us away and So many
who lives have been changed because of to 2B Mindset we hope yours has as well and
there have been other amazing programs that have come since but don’t lose
focus of what this amazing program can do for people who struggle with
emotional eating people who have a bad relationship with food this is the
program for them so during the month of June guys there are 30 new recipes a 30
day meal plan with a grocery list and 16 new recipes ready to go if you already
have to be mind set it is in the resources tab there but I would also
take advantage of this and introduce this to new customers saying hey look we
just added a new 30 day meal plan 16 new recipes there’s a grocery list
associated with this and it’s $20 £20 off during the month of June absolutely
take advantage of this if you have any questions about 2B Mindset and the
new recipes and meal plan checkout FAQ 9749 okay yeah it’s here
we’re ready for it we are ready to jump into coach summit next month I cannot
believe we are weeks away from all traveling back to Indy to reunite with
one another and to learn more and coach summit is hands-down our biggest event
of the year it is our best event of the year so many great things are in store guys I’m looking at some of the agenda items you are going to be blown
away now just a reminder if you’re new or you have not been able to have an
opportunity yet June 14th is the day that’s just a couple of
that’s just a week and a half away guys last day to purchase tickets online is
June 14 that’s it now you can purchase there but I don’t I don’t recommend it
purchase them online last day to do that in June 14th June 14th also is the last
day that Summit’s selection registration closes
so if you have not had a chance to select to jump online to select the
things that you need to the things that you want jump on before June 14th to take
advantage of that to do so just go to CoachSummit.com and login and you can
select your information there now there’s one other date here June 19th if
you are coming with us and you have yet to book a hotel room that is the last
day you can book a hotel room through us so yes procrastinators unite let’s do
this let’s get this taken care of June 14th
big day if you have a ticket and you have not done your summit selection registration do that if you haven’t purchased a ticket do that June
19 get a hotel room because who wants to sleep on the streets right nobody
alright FAQ 9713 but honestly coachsummit.com
is probably your best resource for that
speaking of summit no question the best time ever the best part of summit is the
Beachbody Challenge you know a close second is probably the classic
that’s a personal opinion but Beachbody Challenge is the best part of summit it
brings it all together throughout the week we’ve gone through workshops where
new announcements we’re getting hyped up we’re loving it and then we’re the very
end on Saturday night we are reminded why we do what we do and it is because
of the Beachbody Challenge now if you’re new to Beachbody not sure what
this is these are people whose lives have been changed a
transformation is astounding and they were voted the best transformation for
the Beachbody Challenge and there’s a top male and top female they
each get $100,000 it is amazing ok and so the
only way they win is when you vote so June 3rd through the 10th the voting
window is open so guys that’s today June 3rd all the way through June 10th you
get on and vote vote you can see their story you can see
the pictures you can see the transformation vote for the one that you
want to win FAQ 1706 has the information of where
to go to do that but I can’t stress enough how amazing this part of
Summit is it is my favorite part of Summit and I hope it is for you too ok last
thing on summit oh here we go this may get a lot of people excited
yes the photo opportunity at Summit is back we are allowing our top success
Club point owners to snap a pic with their favorite super trainer and yes I
picked I don’t know if I recommend these poses but you know what you don’t you
want to do you do what the trainer wants to do and you can earn an opportunity
if you’re going to Summit you have the opportunity to take a picture with the
super trainers here’s how you do it so like I said top Success Club point
owners there’s four different groups group number one the top 200 success
Club point earners with a lifetime rank of 1 star
and above if you are lifetime one star and above you have the opportunity if
you’re top 200 Success Club point earner this month you are in you get to
take a picture and hold Autumn just like that okay group number two the top 300
Success Club point earners with a lifetime rank of diamond you get in
Group three top 300 Success Club point earners with a lifetime rank of Ruby or
lower and then our last group is the top 200 success Club point earners who
enrolled as a coach since last summit or pretty much since July 1st 2018 there
are let me tell you there are people I get it lives have been changed because
of these trainers you have every day they are in your living room with you
motivating you encouraging you you’re probably swearing back at them
but they don’t know that and life is good like you have this
relationship with them even though they have no idea who you are
and you want to have this opportunity to take a photo with them do it look this
there are people who go all out for this because they want that picture with
Shaun T with Joel with whoever is there so this is your month to do it
FAQ 8892 has all the details on that but if you’re going to
Summit might as well snap a pic legally with the professional photographer doing
whatever pose you want to do at Summit alright so moving on to 21 Day
Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme as you remember on Friday we released the
real-time workouts we’ve updated the packs to include the real-time workouts
so real-time workouts are available now in the library
Guys once again people who just have BOD don’t let it just fall into place
don’t let it just be oh yeah now you have it no get them into a group get them started
with some of the additional products with your favorite products get
them started with an accountability program because now this is new to them
they’ve done 21-day fix before probably on the DVDs or on BOD now they get to
do it real time and you can take advantage of this and build your
business and find those diamonds in the rough so those are obviously now
available and the Fixate volume 2 cookbook is available as a standalone
purchase which I know a lot of people are excited about that they can purchase
that with this so once again run a group with the real time workouts and
have them purchase a cookbook to go along with this because the recipes are
great FAQ 5234 if you have any questions on that ok I know we talked
about this last whenever we talked about this Morning Meltdown100 a week or 2 ago but yeah continue
getting commitments for July 1st to July 16 start the process now start dropping
those seeds now and get commitments now saying look I’m running
the group I’m running group with so many coaches or I’m starting a new group or
whatever it may be I need commitments now and get them on
the pre-order commitment tracker which on the Champions page here on the
champions page in the file section if you want to participate in that FAQ 8306
Morning Meltdown 100 guys it’s gonna be big because next month July 1st
is when it goes live for coaches July 16th is when customers can purchase and
this can do great things for you they can do great things for the
transformation and great things for your business all right coming up here on the
last few things guys super weekend is just around the corner I know we’re
talking a lot about Summit but soon after summit in fact July 26th 27th and
28th is Super Weekend now if you’ve been to super weekends in the past you kind
of know how they go but you don’t anymore because this one is going to be
completely different something that we are trying and we feel like this is
going to be a huge success we’re actually just in the final touch-ups
here of filming some of the videos but this is going to be geared towards new
prospects new coaches people who are not coaches at the moment we want you to
bring your prospects to this this is not you know I’ve been to super weekends in
the past where people bring prospects but we talk to coaches rather than
prospects and they kind of feel awkward like am I supposed to be a coach or am I
supposed to be here okay not this time this time they’re gonna feel
incredibly welcomed because we’re talking to them if you’re a coach we’re
not going to talk to you but if you’re a prospect we’re going to talk to you so
bring prospects to your Super Weekend event and if you want to host an event
guys host an event it’s the easiest thing to do we’ll send you all the
materials ready to go but FAQ 9792 has all the details regarding Super
Weekend get to an event is a new open house style event for prospects is
called Succeed Together and it happens right after Summit ok last thing
success club prizes we’re coming up on this is month six for a lot of
coaches who have consistently hit Success Club since January they’ve
earned the tank or the t-shirt they’ve earned a Beachbodyopoly and they’re
playing it every stinking day and now they’re ready to go to school with a
branded backpack because this is the six month prize now if
you’re new to Beachbody what you do is if you hit it any month you hit
success club five or higher you get the tank and these three months and it does
not to be have to be consecutive months
any random three months you get the Beachbodyopoly game which everybody
loves any six months out of the year you get to Branded backpack so if you have
not his success club yet that’s probably the max but do it get the tank get the
game get the backpack for those going for the nine months any nine months
out of the year you get the sweatshirt and 12-monthers who are loving it that
rolly dolly I don’t know why I said that Branded roller bag is yours in December if you
hit it all 12 months guys that is it for June I’m going to jump back in here k guys so
much going on in June we are so excited for you I hope you are as well take
advantage of the $20 off all month long summer strong sales take advantage of
programs that you’ve done in the past run multiple groups because
there are different programs that speak to different people I hope you know about
these programs but do them and guys June is your month come into summit
next month just you know Carl says where you are just so exhausted that you can’t
do a finger nail more where you sit in your seat as Summit you’re like oh man
these past couple ones I have gone all out I finally have a chance to sit
down and listen to summit rather than going to Summit going mmm I wonder if there was more I could do don’t have that
feeling going to summit go to Summit knowing that you went all out this is
going to be an incredible month we’re excited a for what you have in store
we’re excited for what we have in store for you guys make it your best month yet
we’ll see you later

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