20 Minute LOW IMPACT Weight Loss Cardio Workout for Women over 50

– Hey killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from PahlaBFitness.com and on tap today, I’ve
got a great low-impact, weight loss cardio workout
that is perfect for women of a certain age. You guys, today there is
absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the ground,
and no equipment needed. But we’re getting a
perfectly moderate workout, which is perfect for weight loss. You guys, today is a Thorough Thursday, which means that I’ve got
both a warmup and a cool down and plenty of sweat in between. So when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go! All right you guys, let’s
get moving and grooving and that means that we
are gonna get started with some arm circles with high knees. You guys, I am so excited
about this workout today. You have no idea how
ridiculously enthusiastic I am, but here, before I tell you all about it and why I’m so excited about it, I’m going to invite you to
click that subscribe button that’s right down there in the corner. Just in case you’re new around here. Because you know what? I think, I actually think, that
I am the only one on YouTube who makes workouts for women our age. And therefore, I want you around. I think that we are going to
have a great time together. Here’s what you need to know
about me if you are new: first of all, I talk a lot. Yes, literally the entire
time we’re working out. Second of all, I totally crack myself up, and third of all, we always
start these warmups (laughs) with arm circles and high knees. You guys, I like to have
at least the first couple of minutes of the workout
be something so brainless that I don’t have to think about it, which means that I
always start the workout with this exact warmup so I can tell you about the day, and we can chat a little
bit about what’s going on, and what’s up with you, and why this is going to be (breathes out) the perfect workout. Today is so perfectly moderate. We’re gonna go ahead
and do some arm crossers with booty kickers, moving a
little bit more vigorously, but not a whole lot. Here’s the thing about today, today is one of my absolute
favorite structures of workouts ever. I’ve got the handy-dandy Gymboss here, set for intervals of 20 seconds, and we are taking it step stool style. It’s ladder style,
meaning that we’re adding an exercise each round,
but it’s step stool style because we’re not doing too much. And you know what? That is the nicest,
kindest, most generous thing that you can do for yourself at this age, especially if you are
trying to lose weight. My friend, at our age,
the harder you work, the hardest it is to lose weight. Our bodies have done this
thing, this miraculous thing, to get us to this age. But now, but now, our bodies have a little bit more trouble recovering. And when your body isn’t recovering in between your vigorous
super-hard workouts, it starts to feel stress. And when your body feels stress, it says, “Welcome to my home.” Not really, but we’re
doing welcome to my homes to finish up our warmups
before we get going. But your body, instead of losing weight, burning calories, doing the
things that it used to do, now, since it can’t recover as easily and as quickly as it used to, it says, “I feel stressed, so I’m gonna store fat.” That’s ridiculous, am I right? But, it’s nature. It’s just the way our bodies are now. And rather than fighting it
and feeling unhappy about it, let’s embrace it, let’s embrace this time and do what needs to be done to get the results that
we still want to get. Let’s (breathes out) embrace being kinder and gentler to ourselves. And let’s get started, because I’ve got the
handy-dandy Gymboss set for 20 second intervals
and we are starting with something I call Push, Push, Crunch. Which is a little bit of lateral movement.
(timer beeping) We’re gonna push, and push, and crunch. We’re gonna sweep over the top of our head to crunch on the other side. Now here’s the great thing about a step stool workout, we do this first exercise and then we get 20 seconds of rest. Now I know lots of you are gonna be like, “Oh, Pahla, we just got started, I don’t need 20 seconds of rest.” (timer beeping)
You’re right, you don’t need 20 seconds of rest, but we’re going to just
take 20 seconds of rest. I promise, there is
plenty of sweat to be had. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do that Push, Push, Crunch. I’m scooting over a little bit. And then we’re adding a second exercise, significantly longer work interval. Don’t worry about how long
the work intervals get, my friend,
(timer beeping) there’s plenty of work to be done. Push, push, crunch. And then this time when it beeps, we’re adding on those Rainbow Jacks. Still doing that sweeping overhead motion. Still doing that pull your knee up, pull your core in
(grunts) crunch those abs on one side, which is also
known as your obliques which is what I was trying to say and did not say.
(timer beeping) So Rainbow Jacks. Here we go for these, 20 seconds. And then after this, we’re gonna get 20 more seconds of rest. Now this is our, this is
our middling interval. The next time we add on our
third and final exercise to this little step stool for our ladder,
(timer beeping) so 20 seconds of rest. I know you feel that. That doubled interval,
already felt like more work. This 20 seconds of rest
feels a little bit more like, like okay, I guess we could use that. Starting again, we’re gonna
do that Push, Push, Crunch, then we’re doing the Rainbow Jacks, just like we did. And then we’re adding
Big Arm Side Shuffles. (timer beeping)
We’re really gonna get that rocking. So push, push, and crunch. Push, push, and crunch. Yes, I have to say it out loud. Yes, I talk rhythmically
when I’m doing this. (laughs) This is just enough of coordination for my brain and my
body right now. (laughs) And you know what, (timer beeping)
that just enough thing. Here we go, with the Rainbow Jacks. Just enough is kind of our buzz word on these weight loss workouts that we do. You guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing that Big Arm Side Shuffle, so I’m kinda working my
way over to the side. It’s another lateral exercise, we’re squishing to the side, shuffling to the side,
(timer beeping) while doing big arms right in front of us. Making a nice big circle. Nice and big. Woo, feeling this interval. You know, for lots of us,
for lots of our lives, we’ve gone so hard, worked so sweaty, felt the burn,
(timer beeping) done the insanity. 20 seconds of rest. You guys, that was our step
stool, how awesome was that? Coming up next, we’re doing an entirely
different step stool starting with Reach Across, which is just what it sounds like. You’re literally reaching
across in front of your body. So reaching up high on each side and tapping that opposite
foot out to the other side. (timer beeping)
And here we go. But now, at this age, we
kinda have to figure out what moderate is. You know, we’re so used to going hard that moderate feels, it feels too moderate. It doesn’t feel like enough. And that word, enough, I
tell you what my friends, (timer beeping)
woo, it’s hard. 20 seconds of rest. It’s hard because we
can still do the work. We’re still perfectly
capable of going hard of doing something significantly
more vigorous than this. It’s just that afterwards we pay for it. Both in feeling tired and feeling sore, but also in not getting the results (timer beeping)
that we’re looking for. Here we go with that Reach Across. When it beeps again,
we’re adding on Skiers, which is actually a pretty similar motion. I actually, I paired and tripleted kind of similar motions today so we could really feel
the difference in our body. Skiers, we’re gonna start
with our hands down low, bringing up, shuffling our
arms straight up and down in front of us,
(timer beeping) while bringing our foot, shuffling our feet back behind us. This is our 20 seconds here, and then when it beeps again, we’re gonna get 20 seconds of rest. So workouts like this, that honestly, I know sometimes you guys are watching me and you’re following
along, and you’re like, “Pahla, this isn’t enough.” (timer beeping)
And I will tell you, my friend, 20 seconds of rest. It really is. Honestly, if you want to get
your best weight loss results, err on the side of doing too little. I know that sounds crazy, it totally is, it’s so different from how we used to be able to lose weight. We’re doing Reach Across next. This is the third (timer beeping)
of our three in this step stool. So we’re doing Reach Across. Then we’re doing those Skiers. And then we’re adding on Toy Soldiers. But here’s the thing, here’s the thing that always worked. It’s just that long ago and far away we used to be able to fudge
it a little bit better than we can now. Now we’ve gotta be
(timer beeping) a little bit more vigilant. Here we go with those Skiers, and when it beeps again
we’re gonna do Toy Soldiers. Hands up overhead, reaching
our opposite hand down towards our opposite kicking foot. But now, now we really
have to be consistent with our calories in. We have to know exactly how many calories to eat,
(timer beeping) and we have to eat that
number of calories. Here we go with our Toy Soldiers. Kicking and reaching,
kicking and reaching. Having your hands up
overhead this last interval. Really bringing that heart rate up to just high enough. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest. Doing such a good job.
(timer beeping) (sighs) You guys. You guys, that was the step stool! Oh my gosh, right? It goes nice and fast
when we do it this way. When it beeps again, we’re doing something I call Kick Twists because we are kicking and twisting. I’m gonna have my hands
right about shoulder height, if you want to, you can
have your hands up higher. Moderate for you is moderate. (timer beeping)
I’m gonna twist while kicking. And twist the other way,
while kicking the other foot. If you want to, you can have your hands up reaching while you’re doing this. Totally up to you to make
this workout work for you. I will remind you again though, doing less is doing more
(timer beeping) for your body. 20 seconds of rest. You guys, the real key to weight loss is eating the right number of calories. Exercise is so good for your mind, so good for your body,
good for your bones, good for your heart, good for your lungs, good for you. But it has almost nothing to do with weight loss.
(timer beeping) Here we go with those Kick Twists again. When it beeps again, we
are doing Kick Jacks. So still kicking our feet, but our hands are really gonna be up, doing basically jumping jacks with your arms while still
doing kicking with your feet. So we don’t have to twist any more, I’m starting to get a little bit dizzy from this one. (laughs)
(timer beeping) Hands up, we’re kicking
and doing jumping jacks with absolutely no jumping today. You guys, this, this is the way to go. Now today’s workout, not
super, duper long either. And I know that moderation,
moderation is tough. It’s actually one
(timer beeping) of the biggest questions I get. Here we go with 20 seconds of rest. Next time is our longest interval. We’re doing the Kick
Twists, the Kick Jacks, and something I call Punch, Punch, Kick, because you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna punch, and
punch, and kick. (laughs) So when it beeps again, getting ready for those Kick Twists. I get asked about moderation all the time.
(timer beeping) It is a question that I think, I think it’s probably the
hardest thing to grasp. And I want you to know, that whatever feels moderate
for you, is moderate. There’s no minimum standard,
there’s no maximum standard, this exact workout. (timer beeping)
And here we go with Kick Jacks. Oh my goodness, I don’t
think I was kicking, I think I just was bringing my knee up for that last one, wasn’t I? (laughs) I was so intent on talking
to you about moderation that I was moderating my own exercise. When it beeps again we’re
doing Punch, Punch, Kick. And you know what, that
actually suits really well (timer beeping)
to what I was saying. Punch, punch and kick,
punch, punch and kick. Whatever works for you, is what works. I know most of us, I think most of us, are gonna err on the
side of doing too much. And I want you to know,
that doing less than that. (time beeping)
20 seconds of rest. Is so good for you on so many levels. You are getting everything
you need from this workout by doing it moderately. When it beeps again, doing
something I call Ding Dongs. We’re gonna swing our hands low while kicking our feet out to the side. It’s one of my favorite exercises, (timer beeping)
so I’ve got a big smile on my face. I’m looking forward to this one. We kick and swing, hands are going wild, feet are going wild. This one’s just fun, and you know why? Because this is our
last little step stool. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest before we add another exercise to it. (timer beeping)
Awesome job. My friends, you, you
can do anything you want with your workouts. You know, I could tell you
what the, quote, unquote, right thing is to do. When it beeps again, of course
we’re doing those Ding Dongs. And we’re adding on Letter K’s, which means that we’re gonna
have our hands up overhead, (time beeping)
reaching one hand down while kicking that same leg out. So your legs are actually
still gonna be doing this exact same motion. (laughs) It’s your hands that are gonna change. And we’re gonna start from the top and have one hand and that same
leg coming out to one side. On one side it’ll look like the letter K, on the other side it will not. But here’s the thing
(timer beeping) about getting the results that you want, it is important that you’re doing, not just what you want to do, or what you think is enough, because of, frankly,
what we’ve been taught our whole lives. It’s important that you do the right thing for your body.
(time beeping) Your body, 20 seconds of
rest, your body has opinions about what it wants to do now. Whether you share those opinions (laughs) in your brain or not, is a
whole nother kettle of fish. (laughs) You guys, when it beeps again, we’re gonna do Ding Dongs
again, plus those Letter K’s, plus my favorite exercise,
Drinky Bird Jacks. (laughs) (timer beeping)
You guys, so here we go with Ding Dongs. I actually, I stacked this
whole little step stool with my three favorites. These are, they’re good for your balance, good for your core, good
for your heart and lungs, just plain fun. Because when in doubt, you know, whether it feels like,
quote, unquote, enough, or not, here we go.
(timer beeping) with Letter K’s. Your workout should always
have some element of fun so that you can be consistent with it. Far, far more important than
any one workout that you do is the fact that you keep working out. When it beeps again, we’re
doing Drinky Bird Jacks, hands are doing jumping jacks. (timer beeping)
Feet are doing Drinky Birds, which is, my friends,
a single leg deadlift. This is balance, (laughs)
this is me falling over, this is all of us holding in our core. Woo, keeping that back straight. Moving quickly as you can, with good form. When it beeps again, you guys, we’re done. That was the last
(timer beeping) of our step stools! But we’re not quite finished,
here’s 20 seconds of rest. And here’s where we’re
really gonna get a feel for what moderate feels like. There’s no more step stool, we’re doing every single one of those exercises all in a row. As a finisher, staring with
that Push, Push, Crunch. Go ahead and give yourself
a little bit of space (time beeping)
over here. This pace, probably gonna
be a little bit slower than any one of them was individually. This is gonna be a long interval. (laughs) When it beeps again, going
into those Rainbow Jacks. Feel free to work at
whatever pace works for you. This is just about my top speed. (time beeping)
I have figured out what moderation looks and feels like, here we are with Rainbow Jacks, for me. Moderation for me might
be way too slow for you. It might also be way too fast for you. And it might be just right. When it beeps again, I’m
scooting over a little bit, we’re gonna do those
Big Arm Side Shuffles. You are doing (time beeping)
such a good job. Here we go, there’s no rest. There’s no rest for the wicked. And we’re good people, so gosh darn it, what are we doing with no rest? (laughs) My friends, I like to make sure that on any kind of a workout. We’re gonna go again, when it beeps again, with Reach Across. I like to make sure (timer beeping)
that with every workout, reach across and reach across, that we always feel, at least,
a little bit challenged. Even if we’re going moderately, I want you to feel a challenge I want you to feel
accomplished when we’re done. When it beeps again we’re doing Skiers. Hands going up and down
directly in front of you, feet shuffling back and forth. (timer beeping)
Stepping back behind you. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do Toy Soldiers. How are you doing with your heart rate? Did you find a nice moderate pace? We are almost, almost halfway
through this finisher. Let’s figure out how you can go so that you can make it all
the way through the finisher. (timer beeping)
And here we go with Toy Soldiers. Hands up, kicking out. Opposite hand, opposite foot. So that you can moderate your heart rate and figure out how long
you can go at this pace. This pace feels great to me. When it beeps again,
we’re doing Kick Twists. (timer beeping) And I’m gonna think about kicking. Kick (laughs) and twist, kick and twist. Making sure that you are
moderating however you need to. If that means that you’re
not kicking, (laughs) that’s totally okay. When it beeps again
we’re doing Kick Jacks. Hands are going up and
down, out to the side, like jumping jacks
(timer beeping) with absolutely no jumping. Feet still kicking. Oh my gosh, just like us, right? Still kicking, my friends. These workouts, you know,
they’re meant for women of a certain age. But that does not mean
that we gotta retire to the rocking chair. When it beeps again, we’re
doing that Punch, Punch, Kick. You and I,
(timer beeping) we still have plenty to give. Punch, punch, kick. Punch, punch, and kick. However, we just have to think about how much of it we wanna
give (laughs) any one time. When it beeps again, we’re going in to that final little bit, those step stool of the Ding Dongs. The Letter K’s and the Drinky Bird Jacks. Woo-doggies.
(timer beeping) So here we go with ding-dongs. These last three exercises,
a little bit more intense as just themselves, because
there’s more balance because the hand motions are bigger. Figure out what you need to do to make it all the way through. There’s not much longer. When it beeps again we’re doing those Letter K’s.
(time beeping) Hands up over head. One side it’s the letter
K, the other side it’s not. You guys, the next time
is our last interval. That’s our Drinky Bird Jacks. Hands are doing jumping jacks, feet are doing Drinky Birds. And all of us is pulling in our core for the final 20 seconds.
(timer beeping) Because this, oh yes, this is the finisher within a finisher. Everybody loves Drinky Birds. Maybe not so much. Everybody is getting a
benefit of Drinky Birds, how about that. Drinky Birds love you. The next time it beeps is the last time it’s going to beep.
(timer beeping) (breaths out) And you survived it. My friends, I’m gonna do tappers here for just a couple seconds. That was a good, moderate heart rate, but it was still elevated for sure. Got lots of endorphins flowing. Feeling really good. Let’s cool this down
(sighs) with a nice stretch. I love to cool down. These big arm circles
just like we started with. Because, my friends, much in the same way that I like to be able
to start the workout without thinking too hard, (laughs) honestly, I like to finish
the workout the same way. Doing things in a routine, it absolutely works for
my brain and my body. When you do the same thing over and over, your body gets more efficient at them. It just does, that’s mother nature trying to get better, trying to adapt. It also Pavlovian-ly, (laughs)
which isn’t a word at all, it helps your body truly cool
down a little bit faster. When your body knows what to expect, it does what is expected of it. So when you start doing
these work outs regularly with the same warm up, the same cool down, your heart and your
lungs and your muscles, they’ll get to know what’s coming next. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers. We’re gonna open up first. And then cross over, oh my goodness. Now I know some of you, I
know, I know, I hear you. You’re saying, “Oh that
wasn’t quite enough.” Okay, okay, I’m not
gonna fight you on that, but here’s what I’m gonna tell you. If you wanna do more, do some core work. Yes, that is my challenge
for you. (laughs) If you feel like you have more to give, do something that is
super, super, super good for your balance. For fall prevention. For your whole body in a different way. Not just, I need to burn more calories, or I need to do more cardio. Let’s get better. Let’s do something kind
and gentle and loving for ourselves. Now if this was enough, because it was, go ahead, there up on the screen, there’s gonna be an extended cool down, little bit longer than this one, to really help you
stretch out those muscles and feel amazing. On the other side, I’m gonna
have some core work for you, that is my challenge for you. On the bottom of the screen,
there is the letter P. That’s an invitation
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