20 min beginners yoga routine | Work In Yoga | May 16

– Hey, everybody. Trina here with Primal Life Organics. Heather’s gonna be joining
me and we are gonna be doing our fifteen minutes work in yoga session here at Primal Life Organics
as we take a 15 minute break from our day to
just kind of chill out and have some me time. So Heather’s gonna join me, we’re gonna be doing get your glow on. Getting your glow on,
because this, today only, all of the face serums are on sale. And if you go Facebook you
can find the win-it Wednesday, or win-it weekly, and
today’s win-it prize is I’m actually gonna, Ray’s not
here, you’ll have to look. It’s one of those serums,
I don’t know if you get to choose, I’m not
kept in the loop anymore. So, anyway, get your glow on. – Get your glow on, alright. So what most of my team is started seated, so lets start seated. There’s been a request to
have somewhat of a meditation today so we’ll do a
slight meditation and then you’ll grab the glow from
inside and then we’ll do a little vinyasa, grab
the glow from the outside. Okay so lets sit at the front
of your yoga mat and you can sit, suit to bottom which
I soles of the feet together and your knees resting out
to the side and or a simple seat, whatever feels the best for you. And then I’d love to plug
down in to the tailbone and then sit up straight. Oh yeah. And if you have the soles
of your feet together and your knees resting out
to the side, there’ll be big hip opener, so if that
starts to feel too much then you can go in to a simple
seat and see how that feels. And if you do have like
blocks or pillows by you sometimes it’s nice to
put those underneath. Just so there’s a little
bit of a rest right. So just here. – [Trina] Oh you’re fine I
have my meditation chair. (laughing) – Hold on. Alright so take a breath in. And a breath out. And maybe your eyes come
to a little bit of a close, maybe they don’t and you’re
just settling in to your body. But breath in and sit up just
as it follows, so wherever you might be in your chair
or in a space around you, standing, or maybe you’re
simply sitting right. But engage the belly,
lift through the heart. The length in your neck, take a breath in, and a breath out. When we talked about that
glow from the inside right, so start to imagine the little seed. Think about the little
seed, and picture your heart picture your little self and your heart. And you picture your
little self by your heart, begin to dig. Begin to release the heart just a bit and have that magical seed that’s by you. Great. Magical seed in your hands. It’s glowing, there’s energy to it. And as you dig that little
whole inside the heart right, put the little seed in there. Take a breath in. Breath out. Place the seed, pack the dirt. And feel the warmth. You feel the glow. That little seed of energy, light, love, right imagine it green,
the heart chakra is green. Right, all the things
outside right now are green and lush, so imagine that
lush green light starting from within first. So each breath in, the
green light gets bigger. And each breath out the
green light gets brighter. Until you can feel it and see it encasing your heart. And the other organs. Until it reaches like
the front of your chest and the back of your chest. Top of your shoulders, arms, and fills right
through your hips, legs. And then all the sudden
it busts out and it’s now encompassing your whole
body and that breath in, the energy gets bigger. And the breath out the
energy gets brighter. And the orb of green light, right. Surrounding not only your
inside but surrounding the outside of you. And the glow starts from within. Breath in. Breath out. Slowly start to reach your
arms up to the ceiling, take an inhale. Two palms go to touch on
a X and pull them down on to your heart center. Arms reached out to the
sides lifting lightly right, breath in. Breath out, pull it in
through your heart center. One more time, inhale, reach up. Exhale, pull it on in
through your heart center. Right arm reaches down to
the side and the left arm reaches high, and the left
arm reaches up and lengthens the spirit right, the little side arch. And then come on back in to the center and left arm down, right
arm high, lift up and reach through. And back through the middle right. Inhale, reach up high. Exhale, curl your spine
and reach your hands towards the front of your yoga mat. Take a breath in here. And a full breath out. Inhale fully. Exhale completely. Pull up back through your
spine and let your knees come back through the sides. You’ll curl your toes and
push back to the back of your yoga mat standing. Forward pull. Shake your head yes. Shake your head no. Bend your knees greatly right. Bring the tops of your chest
to the tops of your thighs. Wave your body side to side right. Remember to breath in to it. And breath out of it. Big inhale, full exhale. Slowly roll and stack your
vertebrae one at a time. Should be at the back of your yoga mat. Full inhale, heels
planted in to the ground and pull up in through your
heart center on an exhale. Right so that glow, right
it started from the inside and now it’s on the out. Reach your arms up, take a breath in. And exhale, release over. Right there’s that forward fold, and then take your hands
and take a little stroll towards the front of your mat. You’ll be in a high plank,
right top of a push up. Take a breath in here, and a breath out. Big inhale, full exhale. Walk your hands towards the
back of your yoga mat right. Find a breath in and reach on up. Exhale bringing them
in to your heart center and you just stay on the exhale. Good, reach your arms down to the sides. Energy reaches out and
passes beyond, inhale. Forward fold on your
exhale come from the top of your yoga mat, high plank. Take a breath in here and a breath out. Lift your right leg and take an inhale. Bring your knee in to
your nose on the exhale. Inhale and push straight back. Exhale, bring it on in. Inhale reach it back. Exhale, bring it in. One more time, breath in. Breath out, breath in place it down. Walk your hands to the
back of your yoga mat. Standing forward, rise up, breath in. Forward fold on that breath out. Walk your hands to the
front of your yoga mat, you’re back in your high plank. Take an inhale and an exhale. Lift your left leg high. Breath in to your nose, breath out. Inhale, reach it long. Exhale, bring it on in. Breath in. Breath out. One more time, inhale. Exhale, plant your toes down. Walk your hands towards
the back of your yoga mat. Rise on up, bring your right leg with you. Right, inhale, stand strong and long. And proud your right leg is lifted. Take a breath in. And a breath out. Relax the shoulders just
a bit, yeah there you go. A little lengthen through the arms. Now take the left arm and cross it over. Take the right arm back behind you. Look back and past the right hand. It’s a modified dancing
Shiva, breathe in to it. Slack on the shoulders on the breath out. And then reach your
arms a little bit more, yeah lift your right leg a little higher. There we go. Breath in, breath out. Come back through the center. Okay now for the fun part. Slowly start to dive forward,
you’ll be in a standing split. Breath in to it, breath out of it. Inhale. Exhale. Okay now for the fun. Take your hands and walk
’em towards the front of your mats, stay in that nice high plank. Bring your knee in to your nose. Look forward, step it. Rise up, warrior one. Bend in to the shape of that front leg. Breath in, put this heel down, breath out. Big inhale, full exhale. Up and over in to your warrior two. Open and shine. Find the strength. Find the length, breath in. Breath out. Okay so now bend in to the
strength, lift the back foot. Now as you lift the left
leg is gonna lower as the right knee lowers and
then you’re gonna rise back in to it. Left knee lowers, right
knee lowers and you rise back in to it. So strength, balance, one more time. Use the pure form of the muscle. Lower back down, flip your front paw. Reverse your warrior. Come on forward, step
in to your high plank. Walk your feet, your hands
back toward your feet. Rise up on an inhale. Left leg comes up. And breath out. Yeah stand while on that bottom leg. Right arm cross over to
the left, so that side. Left arm back and right
hand, grab a hold baby. There you go. Plug in to your own leg. (laughing) – [Trina] Sorry I just had to say that. (laughing) – Lift up just a little higher. Okay now come back to the
front and take the dive standing split, left leg
forward, there you go. So come back this way, there you go yeah, lift your back leg. Breath in, breath out. Alright now the fun begins,
start to walk forward. There you go, knee in to your nose. Look forward between, step
your foot between your thumbs. Rise up in warrior one. Breath in. Breath out. Lengthen through your
back leg, breath out. Okay now open up warrior two. So command presence, open the strength, catch the glow. And half moon, this is the shine. So half moon up and over. So left arm down, right arm high. Okay good, now so when you
find that balance point so start to bend the left
knee and the right foot will touch down, so the
right foot touches down and then lengthen back up. So control, balance, ease, relax. Booty bounce. Okay and lower down, reverse your warrior. Big breath. Come on forward, step to your high plank. Walk your hands back. Rise up, inhale, right leg comes with you. Exhale, dancing shiva. Inhale, back to the front. And then standing split up and over. Walk your hands out in to your high plank, knee in to your nose, step
it forward, warrior one. Warrior two. Flip your front palm, reverse
your warrior, half moon. There you go, right, so
now that little balance comes in to play. We start to bend the
right knee, and the left touches down, ohh mine got all wonky. Rise it up. Ah your love, reverse your warrior. Big inhale. Send it out and beyond. Step your hands back, here you go. Rise up, left leg comes with you. Open, open. (laughing) Exhale dancing shiva. Your face. (laughing) – [Trina] We’re not
looking very, very strong. (laughing) – Right here we go inhale,
it’s like that roller coaster of life, and inspire. Now you’re like okay now I’m over here. Breath in, knee in to your nose. Step through it, I found the grace of it. Up and over warrior two, and
kablam there you are again. Flip your front palm, reverse. Reverse, reverse, half moon, shine bright. Ready, that little balancing trick. Lowers, rises back up. Lower, reverse your warrior. Come on down. Good, drop your knees. Flip your legs. (laughing) Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Bend your back. Right. Might have forgotten about the seed, but it’s taking course. It’s doing the things. Take a breath in. And a breath out. Reach your arms up on an inhale. Bring your hands in to your
heart center on the exhale as your thumb knuckles
rest in to your sternum. Lets take a breath in for our bodies. Ah the sweet glow on the breath out. Bring your hands up to
your third eye, center. Breath in for your mind. Exhale, breath out, blow. And to your third, I mean to you insight, I mean your third eye
center, your insight, your wisdom, the top of your crown chakra. Right, the connection to us all. Breath in. Sweet glow on the breath out. Alright. Namaste. (clapping) That was a little warm, little palm. – It started out like– (laughing) She was trying to be
really nice and we’re like oh I’m gonna be sweet, and
then we were all like bam. (laughing) That builds like the inner
fire and gets your flow going, so anyway guys check
out the win-it weekly. Face serum today and then
the serums are on sale and you will want to get your glow on. The coffee and vitamin
serums are the bomb for that. So anyway right. – Thanks again. – See you next week. – [Narrator] Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe to
keep learning how to create your healthy self. See you next time.

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