15 Minute AB WORKOUT | At Home | NO GYM REQUIRED!!

15 minute ab workout, no gym required. This is a great at home workout, or if you’re
traveling since you’ll need little, to no equipment. What you’re going to need is maybe two hand
towels. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to
focus on strengthening the rectus abdominus, which is the abdominals, today. When training the abs you also want to think
about having a clean diet. When thinking about a clean diet, just think
about having a healthy meal plan throughout the week. It’s okay to have your cheat meal, but really
think about ‘what am I eating throughout the week that’s going to help contribute to getting
a nice ab, or midsection?’ Our biggest goal is to gain a little bit of
muscle weight while we’re cutting down on our fat. Here we go. We’re going to start with seesaw hydraulic
walk. All you’ll need for that – I’m using sliders
today – but you can actually use paper plates, if you’re on carpet, or you can just use two
wash towels. Something super easy. You’re going to put the sliders at your feet,
you’re going to start into a plank on your elbows, my back is nice, and flat, my abs
are engage, and what I’m going to do is push myself backward, pushup. We’re going to do five. 3, 4, 5. Once I’m done with that I’m going to go into
my hydraulic, which means going up, into a plank here. Once again, my abs are nice, and tight. My back is flat. I’m going to take about five steps forward,
I’m going to drop back down, and I’m going to do five. 2, 3, 4, 5. I’m coming back up to my hydraulic, and pushing
back. That will be one. Once you’ve finished your 30 seconds you’re
going to take a quick, 10 second rest. You can either do the circuit style, but I
like to get each of my individual exercises done three rounds at a time. So I’ll do my seesaws, then I’ll do number
two, all three of them because I feel it keeps the abs engaged the entire time. Next we are going to a front crunch, to side
crunch. For this I’m going to use a mat because I’m
on a hard surface. I love these because not only are they using
everything on the front of my abs, but it also transitions right into using my obliques,
all in one move. So you’re going to start on the ground. The elbow is going to help you. You’ll think about crunching, straighten your
body, and reaching up. It’s a crunch, twist up. Trying to really focus on your obliques doing
the work on the side. A lot of times the body tries to come forward
because we’re a little stronger here. Try to think about keeping it focused on this
side of your body here. Once again, we’re crunching, and reaching. We’re going to do 30 seconds on each side. And up. Take a quick 10 second break. You’re going to rotate around, same thing. Elbows out here. You’re going to reach up to that leg. Your legs are never touching the ground, you’re
just basically in contestant movement. So however many you can get done in that 30
seconds. These are great for getting the entire core
warmed up, too. We’re going to stay on the mat. Tricycle to straight leg kick up. This is another favorite. What I love about this is, the tricycle is
really great for the lower abs. It really targets this lower ab area, which
tends to be a little weaker on most people. Then once you’ve finished the tricycle you’re
going to lower down, and then you’re going to kick straight up. Tricycle, straight leg. With this one, when you sit up it’s all about
keeping a nice, straight back, and really good posture on that when you sit all the
way up, back, reach. Think about throwing my chest up a little
bit on that tricycle. You’re really going to feel that. You’re even going to feel that a little bit
in your hips. This is really, once again, hitting the deep
core stabilizers, the hip flexors. So we’re sitting up, then we’re reaching for
that leg. Should be fully warmed up. Now we’re going to go to a standing position. We’re going to do what’s called a side crunch. This is going to give us a little bit of a
leg, but once again, we’re really focusing on our obliques. This is great for balance, too. So you’re going to stand, we’re going to think
about a little bit of a crouch, and then you’re going to bring this leg up, and crunch. Crouch, crunch. Here, here. What we’re doing is thinking about really
bringing those elbows to the knees, and back down. Elbow to knee, back down. Once we’re done we’re going to hit the other
side. The last thing we’re going to do is slider
crunch hike up to run. So we can move this, or we can have it for
hands. Once again, you can use your paper plates,
or your towels; whatever you may have handy. We’re going to stick these under our feet,
and we’re going to start with a slight crunch. So we’re going to start here, in a plank position. Once again, we’re going to think about a nice,
flat back, tight core, everything is completely engaged, and just crunching in. I’m going back out and I’m hiking up, back
down, and then I’m going to do six mountain climbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Then I’m going to crunch. With that I’m really – I’m not just driving
my feet in. I’m actually thinking about my stomach. That’s what is actually the force bringing
my knees in. So instead of thinking about right in here
I want you to think about pulling through, into your stomach, pushing out, and then as
we’re pulling up here, this is going to be a lot of lower core muscles that we’re pulling
up with, to a straight back, and then we’re going to lift up a little bit as we run. There are a lot of really good movements with
that. Just be mindful when you’re doing these different
movements that it’s maybe not the feet dragging it in, that it’s my core muscles I’m using
to bring my feet in. When I go into my pike I’m not just dragging
my feet up, I’m really thinking about using my lower abs to pull that V position before
I push out. Just be mindful that you’re doing an ab workout. Make that be your workhorse. Everything that you’re doing, just being mindful
of that. Okay, you guys. That should be your 15 minutes if you do each
exercise 30 seconds, 10 seconds of rest, three rounds, 15 minutes, and done. Very little equipment, but some really good
results. Also remember, think about that nice, healthy
meal plan during the week. That’s really going to help you out. Make sure to check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com. Hit the like button, subscribe, leave us some
comments, and I will see you guys soon.

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