15 Day Challenge – Workout 5

alright but guess what we have another
leg day record is our favorite around here but we’re gonna play a game today
every time I see the word squat I want you to go get ready squat ok there is a trip through squat
squat going to graduate friends like their way through gonna be
right here in front of your shoulders and marina squat 15 at ease and here we
go come on down on these cracks what just
kidding you don’t have to be doing it actually home you do on his friends by
the way to learn from your shoulders what they can do without gonna put more
of the tension in your plot ok so practice squads work your quads a little
bit more and then attended kind of variation good to make sure your hips are coming
back and you’re getting nice and low but we got Kaytlin carried to mark and laugh
why good drop the way he bought 10 jump squats ready and here we go keep both feet out hey I’m used to but I
want you to still go 19 low I don’t want you to get a good jump squat I want you
coming all the way down ok cool spot net case a graduate this
time I want you to put your weight on your hips like that your feet are gonna be y que tous
pointed out 14 15 ready here we go so you’ll notice that her knees are
coming out overdosed ok I don’t want you buckle your knees or anything K was
gonna get more of your honor quad into your inner thigh and also get your
group’s pretty good tips are coming back perfect stay up my call three sweet that’s what he’s found that last
one could drop the weight and end up what year ago modification for these as bodyweight
squat quick ok alright perfect clear some say we’re
doing something so fun it’s gonna be a why he didn’t want to come forward let’s
show them how to do these may hold for five seconds and then what you gonna do
come back the whole ok that’s ok sinatra time we do intend holding each qualifier
second ready and here we go hold and be good 345 burpee thats to hold if so yeah
amber be good and quick good that you’ll notice to her later hopping back and
back and really quick good night and good back hand and hold how are your quads
should be burning burning burning burning and back out good free market and barfi good to more and last one holdup 54321 oh my gosh I
hope your quads are on fire take a quick drink and then coming right
back gonna do it again I think we can and by squads ok so I
have a little bit heavier weight for the front squat ahead and throw that way up
there right before your shoulders and let’s go for ten here we go all the way
down all the way up high five and last one could drop the weight jump
squat here we go modification is just a normal body
weight what ok nice and quick good squad can grab the way this time you buy that
I want you to put on your shoulder to devote your hips K beater why toes
pointed out and here we go down I want to make sure you’re pushing fear he’ll
pay not their toes and when you come up I want you to squeeze those glutes
alright do it really hard squeeze them. squeeze them I saw good guys and and ok here she goes good go ok here if you make a little bit easier
but if you’re fit and your strong I want you holding a good solid rock right here good whenever the scale and three more
you lying K and bought two more goals and how much
time I got a grab a quick drink and then come back we have more fun planned for
you I want you to grab do we put them on the
floor about a foot apart from each other we’re gonna wreck right heel print them
away and he called on the way now to a spot so we’re going to call the reverse
why standing up we’re actually gonna
threaten our leg but he bent over and back down and back down going for 15
mins K and grapefruit and they are so what you should feel when you straighten
your legs that stretch in your hamper and I’m like you feel when you do those
dead left ok so when you coming out I want you to come down lower than your
needs ok see how can pick her up and they’re
coming down tonight below your hamstrings quads too and I want us
to focus on our hamstrings right now we’re in 15 mins K next to do before criminal tricky so
called think alike flocked to come down kind of I gonna go run que dicen lo
you’re just gonna straighten your leg and then come back down the leg and back
down we’re doing ok ready and here we go you don’t want to lose weight in front
of your toe a little bit back to make you feel it in your in your glutes and
hamstrings back at me like a little bit more but the hour back to be nice and
flat I don’t want you around her shoulders forward and start but I don’t
want to do I don’t want you to be like this ok and on this lake and here we go been met me come down on your knee again
alright night the logo lower your hips more round booty right is operation
booty about that be called back and perfect hey straight leg lifts your comments
before our way through Google for 10 2012 to challenge yourself with the way
you choose ok shoulder blade fat and here we go awaiting your heel mommy’s K back please go to do you stand that Mr ok
we’re going to do what I miss with my phone we’re going to Florida Gators ok
what I want to do what’s shown here in a hot to 150 hometown produced by tucows
other side hold em back over in about 25 seconds then run around 45 that quite
horrible the minute okay and here we go ok I want to travel as far as you can
really be a low-fat you buy a link to their website good so we’re holding so
you should be landing a quad flat good lead but you don’t often go as far
as you can that’s why I’m a retrospective to shake
it out walk around for just a minute we’ll be
about one more time ready and go I know that was much break go quick not quite so hard to really push and job
good job five more seconds right here and my mom night he became a minute break you guys come
right back on the 2nd circuit ready and here we go okay let him down and then back up
that’s going to engage your books were hamstrung by coming knife and low good
are you at gonna get a money market one single leg squat now once we get started
a little trick for the final game but go ahead and get in position and here we go and am so you will notice it’s really
comment that when you come day I’ll just stop when your total
through the floor but I want to try to do is we are told to text you I want you
to come a little bit lower pay and let both have come a little bit lower than
your needs that’s going to really make utility bill or you do that yeah a lot more either site ready and here we
go so instead of just stopping that coaches
before you guys bring those hips deeper ok nice low weight throughout your toes
not backed by your heel straight leg deadlift grab those wait
for a fact my backpack and here we go go down and he threw a good stretch okay
i’m brushing your hips back behind your heels ok your hips are coming back and
then you have come forward you stand up and you’re squeezing peer group hey
you’re not pushing her hips forward or just squeezing good perfect ok but our cardio clear some space with
25 seconds of those four chairs ok ready and here we go get a job are you can you
guys we’ve got that little hole here for two seconds and then plug it push off
the floor good post that far away from you really
jump good and he thought alright by figure it out walk around a little bit ok here we go 25 seconds and me travel as far as you can really lead and
second that it you got your back and leg day this week I thought that’s why you
are quite begin until next week I know I know that you have a great workout plan
free tomorrow so we will see you then


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