12 Minute Ripped Muscle Building Workout Shortcut – Super Slow Demo (Part 2)

so for when we talk about why you should
do the super-soul workout and the benefits of it and this video I’m going
to give you a demonstration exactly how to do it now to start i did a typical
dynamic stretch warm-up you can see my video on how and why to do that and
we’re just going to jump right in Remember this is only five sets
we’re going to start out by doing Leg press and the reason i like to do that
is because it gets it out of the way. It’s probably the hardest movement
and also the most testosterone and HGH is in our legs so there are studies that
show why it’s good to start out doing legs as opposed to something else so remember the key here is that momentum is our enemy you want to avoid that so we’re going to be
starting out moving 10 seconds up to 12 seconds as well as back you want to have
your feet shoulder-width apart on this machine and your back especially your
lower back flush against the seat it’s important when doing this workout not to
straighten your legs and don’t let the weight drop doing either of these will
offer you arrest what you want to avoid to activate all of your muscle fibers
you know you’re doing it right when your legs begin to shake at the speed that
we’re doing this it’s good to start with a weight that’s about half for thirty
percent of what you normally do and you’re going to want to cheat by moving
the weight faster so avoid doing that this is why i asked people to count the
seconds during the rep when doing this it’s a way of monitoring because your
mind will play tricks on you to get out of doing the hard work but going faster
moves you into just working slow-twitch muscles the best results with this is to
go to failure plus two so if you’re doing this alone that means spotting
yourself as you’ll see me do using my hands help the movement or for the other
exercises where you can’t spot yourself drop the weight as if you were getting a
spot about twenty percent but don’t do it fast that’s why it’s a good idea to do this
with a partner and each one of you do the workout in its entirety while the other one just spots i’m just
going to speed it up a little bit here because you get the point you want to
almost run from one set to the next to avoid any rest people don’t understand how this can be
done in under 15 minutes and if you look at me after just this first set I’m completely shot that’s how it’s
possible you just have to experience it most people in the gym just do activity
rather than muscle resistance workouts under continuous load that drives a deep
level of fatigue like this one the first inch of this movement should take about
three seconds this is a way to deprive yourself of the
initial momentum which is just what you need for this workout after the first
few reps you’ll have the feeling that you were stopping something from falling
on you and continue to do so until you can no longer stop the weight and that’s
the point of this once you reach exhaustion don’t try to Heave or jerk the weight to get
the last repetition and instead just keep trying to produce the movement even
if it’s not going anywhere for another five seconds or so if you’re using the
appropriate amount of weight or resistance you’ll be able to perform
four to eight repetitions you can also see why this workout is
very safe moving so slow with light weight when you do this workout you’re
removing momentum and inertia when you’re pushing as well as on the
negative start at one time per week and move to two times maximum you’ll get a
lot more results in less time and the muscle gains happened during your rest
an important factor here is that there’s no screw around time you’re not on the
phone no emails no talking to other people just working out and or catching
your breath. Machines are often better for this because it’s easier to do
breakdowns just do them slow as well as mentioned the benefit of using a quality
machine is that allow you to focus your mind on the effort as opposed to the
movement you don’t have to stabilize our balance any weight which is often better
when you’re alone doing this so far I’ve done three sets and I’m
totally spent there’s not many other workouts that you can say the same if
you’re not burned out you’re probably not going slow enough and/or you have
too much weight the experts who recommend doing this
workout like Dr. McGuff who’s an emergency room doctor always talk about
how strength training is the best preventive medicine that we can engage
in people often ask me when can I do this again now if you can do it the next day that
means you definitely didn’t do it hard enough meaning slow enough movements with the
extra reps after failure you have to recover from this one and you’ll know it
when you have because you feel great but doing this too soon will only increase
your cortisol and will hurt your muscle growth rather than help it but the
easiest way to tell when to do this again is to listen to your body when
doing this type of work out you’ll be eager to do this or other exercise again
like getting a new engine in your car you just want to drive it and it’s
important to know exercise won’t make up for a bad diet there’s a lot of information on my site
as well as my youtube channel here on what to eat and what to avoid you can
see my video on what a for breakfast as an example and other recipes as well always make sure to keep the weight
moving unlike many other workouts I’ve done
this is very safe and I can’t say that about other workouts there are many
aspects of crossfit for example that i like but with high weights and swinging
and some dangerous movements unfortunately I know quite a few people
that have gotten hurt doing it you also don’t see many Olympic
weightlifters in the gym older than 40 because they either get hurt or their
joints just can’t take it any longer so the next time you tell yourself you
don’t have time to go to the gym if you have under 15 minutes a week just know
that you’re bullshitting yourself in fact you could send this to everyone who
says that as well in a blog associated with this video
I’ll talk about the best things to eat before and after this workout so check
that out here on this link but most importantly what you definitely don’t
want to eat the stop muscle building and fat burning after the workout you can
also see my guides on what supplements i take as well I’ll have a complete
breakdown and directions of what to do for this workout in the blog associated
with this video by the experts who started and continue to recommend this
workout 20 years later good luck so that’s the whole workout in less than
15 minutes and i’m absolutely exhausted right now so I haven’t made it clear
already be sure when you are extending your arms not to make a perfect
extension all the way straight stopped before that happens as well as when you
coming back down to the bottom you don’t want to balance or rebound back up because that’s a little bit of a cheat as well
and that’s really where the gold is here in those two areas are working so
precisely the muscles like that. Now for more out-of-the-box work you can subscribe here or
check out the website www.TheArtofUnity.com like the Sprint 8, which helps to
increase your human growth hormone (HGH) as well as your testosterone for burning fat &
building muscle and it’s also anti aging as well as great healthy recipes pre and
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