12 Min Home ABS workout | EASY 6 pack

hello guys it’s me being natty and in this video I’m showing you a quick 10 to 12 minutes ever workout which is really amazing that I’ve been doing this for a while now and seeing great progress in my AB section is basically 10 exercises with certain rep speech just like I said it can be done in 10 to 12 minutes so it is really not that time-consuming and really burns your abs first exercise is crunches this exercise you should put your hands in front of your head just like I will be doing it in a second because that they are not making the movement easier with your hands and all the work will be in the AB section [Music] [Music] [Music] second exercise is leg raise straighten your legs try to raise it all the way up point into the ceiling then slowly letting it down but never touching the floor [Music] [Music] sir exercises side crunches it’s pretty similar to crunches but as you’re doing it you’re twisting your body a little trying to make contact with the opposite knee each time while also squeezing your obliques just like with leg raise you don’t let your working leg touch the floor [Music] [Music] fourth exercises sit-up in this exercise you should do a sit-up but instead of leaning forward like you would do it with a regular set up you point your fingers up to the ceiling and the slowly getting back [Music] [Music] so fifth exercise five for scissors each leg should be straight minds are not exactly but try your best doing it and one of them is just a little bit about the floor and the other leg is as high as flexible you are and you change your legs after two seconds and you do it for circuit reps [Music] [Music] six exercises in and outs I really like it it’s nothing hard basically our bottom stays on the floor the whole time you straighten your legs then pull them in and you can either do it with your hands placed on the floor next to your body by the way this one’s easier you can also reach up with your hands and I will be showing you that in a second [Music] salmon’s exercise crunches with max raise lift your legs as high as you can while you straighten them and try to get your hands as close to your dolls as possible while you’re doing crunches [Music] eight exercise oblique we up you are on your side your legs are out in a 30 degree angle to your body when you lift your legs up and also your torso while trying to make contact with your right elbow and your knees each time and squeezing your obliques at that point so when you’re done you switch sides and then do it all over again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ninth exercise alternate here Dodgers try to keep your back on the floor reach out with your left hand to your left heel putting focus on the obliques then get back into starting position and then do it on the other side too [Music] and the last exercise here is Mazen twist you put your hands together raise your legs up and you’re gonna make contact with the floor every time as you twist your body at the beginning I’m not making contact with the floor but as I go on with the exercise I’m gonna be focusing on it a lot more and you should do it too [Music] [Music] okay so guys that was pretty much 300 core exercise you should do it three times a week not more than that you don’t need that just like with any other body part your core your abs knees recovery and shoot them between more than sweet times it can be done in 15 minutes so these are my top exercises for abs if you don’t have any pull-up bar but if you do have pull-up bars I’d recommend doing some more extra leg raises when you were done you should always trust your core I’m going to show you cool and easy way to stretch your abdominals should put your hands yeah straighten your legs and close your pelvis down to the ground and you should look upwards that’s where your abdominals are stretched after you’ve done doing this you can put your knees on the ground and still looking upwards [Music] going back this pose stretching your back a little I hope you found this video useful and if you did so leave a comment down below suggesting what else you want to see on this channel hit the thumbs up button and subscribe see you in the next one [Music]


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