11 LAZY Fitness Life Hacks That ACTUALLY Work!

hey guys what’s up it’s Adrienne welcome
back to my channel I am in bed today why am I in bed you ask well because you
asked we’re doing this video from bed today because we are doing 11 workouts
that you can literally do from your bed aka fitness expert lazy people like me
and you and no I don’t sleep in workout clothes how convenient they’re just on
perfect I can wear go right from bed no but really ain’t nobody got time for the
gym but everybody got time for the bed we all want to get our booties in shape
and you don’t want to get our arms in shape we all want to get our ABS in
shape what ABS I know I’m asking myself the
same thing guys we’re gonna do it all today’s post edification shout out goes
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let’s workout from our bed yeah yeah okay not that one that one’s hard
number one is bed lunges now these are so easy you literally stand next to your
bed put your leg up this just adds difficulty and do your lunges I’m
telling you if you want a nice booty this is the way to go and your thighs
are gonna burn so hard so just do both legs I like doing 10 on each leg and
then repeating those reps as I can which normally I can’t next we got some
Russian twists up in here I’m sure you guys know what these are and how to do
them but we’re doing it bed style so we’re incorporating a stuffed animal but
I mean you don’t need to do that but it’s just easier make sure you’re really
twisting with your core and not just your arms you know it’s nice and fun
it’s a little harder in bed from distance ah candlesticks now these
are fun to do against your headboard I had a lot of pillows okay but I had a
lot of pillows so I didn’t do them against my headboard they’re definitely
harder in bed because you don’t have like a firm ground underneath you i
weirdly felt this in my arms kind of from like pushing myself up but this is
a killer core workout and yeah it definitely makes you sweat all right
oblique crunches let’s do it these are really easy to do from bed I actually
like grabbed onto my comforter for support it’s basically you put your legs
in like a thirty degree angle so not straight and you’re kind of doing these
side crunches like half diagonal explain excuse my form it’s not amazing but
these are killer for your obliques so like the side of your abs and they’re
really easy to do from bed so may as well just do it while you’re being lazy
it’s a really really good workout Bry step dips alright these are super easy
but unfortunately they do require you getting physically off your bed sorry
about that but they’re really good for the back of your arm so if you’re trying
to get rid of that little flabby flabby these are really hard as you can see my
muscles are like shaking and if you want to switch it up and make it even harder
put your legs out straight I’m telling you this is killer just by my smile all
right leg extensions time so for this first one I like to pretend I’m kicking
a table top and I’m kind of keeping my leg bent and then I also do a variation
where I am extending my leg fully out this is so good for that booty and these
legs and the ABS really everything so I just do about 15 or 20 on each leg of
each kind and you will definitely feel it I’m not saying no we got the doggy
leg raises so we’re about to fire hydrant it up and I know it looks funny
but it’s a killer inner thigh workout booty workout I would do about 15 to 20
on each leg you know just showing you some angles but yeah next we got some
basic crunches but in the gym I like to put one of those half squishy ball BOSU
ball things behind me we obviously don’t have that so this time I’m putting some
pillows behind me that’s right it makes it so
much harder and especially because the ground isn’t flat it makes it even
harder so if you’re trying to challenge yourself do some crunches on a pillow I
already died as you can see and I think I just threw in a little bonus workout
right here while you’re just on the pillow it’s just do some leg extensions
this is killer for your lower abs we all want that so okay yep we are just on a
roll with these workouts who needs the gym literally if you do all of these
these are a lot and they’re going to make you sweat so these are just leg
dips basically I lay down against my pillows and either put my arms out
straight horizontally or just by my side and just keep my legs as straight as
possible and using my lower abs I just kind of throw them towards the ground at
different angles you can switch it up this is such a good workout for your abs
and for your legs so yeah hip thrusts ladies and gentlemen okay I love these
so this is a classic twist on the normal hip thrust where you would have both
feet on the ground and resting your hip towards the ceiling but with this one I
have one straight leg aimed directly towards the ceiling it just makes it
harder and it focuses more on that one butt cheek if you know what I’m saying
so that’s a killer one and last but not least you guys have made it to the final
workout flutter kicks I love doing these I basically do 10 seconds of forward
kicks like this and then 10 seconds of side ones make sure you are moving your
legs from the hips and not just from the lower legs you want your abs to be
really getting a workout here thumb just Sonya so different angles and then your
workout is complete congratulations are you guys thank you so much for
watching this video I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy workouts you can do
from bed like the epitome of lazy girl workout give it a thumbs up if you
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no goosey goosey


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