10 Minutes with MM100 Test Group Member Natasha Pehrson

coaches on the champion page welcome to
another fine edition of ten minutes with a morning meltdown 100 test group member
guys we have Natasha Pearson he poster child of morning meltdown 100 Natasha
welcome to our training she didn’t know that she’s gonna toss you have probably
one if not the most shared results of morning meltdown 100 you got killer
results you look amazing I’m just gonna jump right into this we are all
wondering how did it go for you during those 100 workouts
what was that program like for you awesome okay so I am super excited to be
here and I will just say taking a note from Rachel Hollis like an owning it I
did get amazing results and I’m gonna tell you exactly what I did to do them
because you guys a hundred days is a really long time to be doing a program
and it’s it was mostly my mindset so I’m gonna tell you where I was when I
started morning meltdown last year I got really incredible results with lift four
and then I kind of dropped off the end of the year I plateaued for a little bit
and I slowly started to gain weight back and I didn’t really realize it I felt
like I was in a slump and not only that I felt almost like a fraud I mean I as
coaches we preach can distancing that you can do this long-term and here I was
I gained weight back and I was really embarrassed about it and then I got
asked to do the morning meltdown test group and I thought to myself you know
what this is my chance to be vulnerable to share what I’ve been going through
and really own the next 100 days and share every single aspect of the results
that I was about to get so the very first thing I did when I got asked to do
to do the test group when I was taking my before photos I posted one of my
before photos on Instagram talking about like man you guys this is what this is
what has happened I’m really embarrassed I was terrified to post this I posted
many transformations before but this one I was really scared about in the
response that I got back was you are not alone this has happened to me and I took
that as my opportunity to show people what is possible so before I started the
program I wanted to set a realistic goal for
myself what did I want to achieve in the next 100 days obviously I wanted to lose
weight I wanted to be back into my pre pregnancy pants that I was a year ago
after and it had been three years since I had my last baby and then I also
looked at it from a business standpoint and what I mean by this is a hundred
days from now what does my ideal challenger want to see from me what is
going to be inspiring for them I was that person I had tried every quick fix
before starting Beachbody nothing worked I wanted fast results and so my ideal
avatar is somebody who is willing to work hard to get really crazy results
but something that’s also realistic and I thought to myself a hundred days is a
little bit more than three months so if I could use ten pounds a month and a
little bit more since a hundred days is just a little bit more that would want
me that would get me to sign up for morning meltdown I would see a picture
like that and be like sign me up I don’t care the price and so I thought that is
what my results need to do and I talked to myself internally is that in line
with what I’m actually willing to do for this program and it was because I wanted
my business to grow and I wanted the results and so I went all-in you guys
and when I say all-in I went above and beyond
I followed ultimate portion fix but not just that I only ate like the top third
of the foods list and I also took principles from to be mindset I drank a
ton of water every single day my dinners were um proteins and mostly veggies and
I went all in with a meal plan and I carved cycled the last three weeks of
the program and I every single day I ask myself am i doing everything I can to
get those results um and for the workouts you guys a hundred days is a
long time and I found the beginning the first month I was super excited every
single day and then days 40 50 60 70 that middle part it gets hard
the excitement kind of goes away I mean I was still loving all of the workouts
but it wasn’t like it in the beginning and so I made sure to
set my intention every single day before I work out those of you guys who know
Tony Robbins or who have gone to any of his events he talks about getting
yourself in prime state and so before all of my workouts every single day I
blasted music I danced around and I literally envisioned my goal I’m sure
you guys have seen that before and after photo of me where I’m wearing a hot pink
skirt and it’s on one of my legs and then a hundred days later I’m actually
fitting into that skirt and believe it or not when I was taking those before
photos I envisioned what is this gonna look like in a hundred days what do I
want my before and after photo to look like and I thought that every single day
as I was showing up for these workouts and I was doing the meal plans and on
the days when it was hard I kept thinking why do people want to
see from me in a hundred days and I put every ounce of myself into this program
and even went on vacation in the middle I’m around days fifty I was gone for
five days in San Diego and I still enjoyed myself but while I was on
vacation I didn’t follow the meal plan 100% for five days I tried to be mindset
as much as possible at eight veggies I drink a ton of water but when I came
back home I was on track the entire time and the most important part was that I
documented the entire process the entire process you guys posting my before photo
gave me permission to be vulnerable and really talk about everything that I was
going through the next 100 days and so day five I posted my day one versus day
five transformation day one versus day ten then day one versus day 20 so when
people look at my results at a hundred days and they’re look that’s Photoshop I
can say no go scroll back on my feet and you can see you can watch the entire
process and that was really important for me and I knew that in the beginning
I again I saw oh where do I want to be in a hundred days I took so many before
photos you guys a lot of them you haven’t seen because I don’t fit in
those clothes quite yet I’m still working on it but I took two three hours
I tried on almost every single piece of clothing in my
that I want to fit back into and I took pictures in it so I could share that
later on I’m taking I’m taking notes on my sticky pad right here I need to
review just a few things of what she said because there’s power in exactly
what she said number one is take a before picture do it as uncomfortable
and as awkward to take take me different clothes table clothes on now you don’t
like clothes that you want to fit in to take before pictures you don’t have to
share them all say what and videos I took with me videos of actually trying
on the clothes so there’s no I can Photoshop that you guys just do it if
you’re new to Beachbody and this is your very first program take a before picture
it’s worth it okay second thing that I want to draw out
that she talked about set goals and reference them daily she had she she
invents you use that word it a lot envisioned herself what does what do I
look like a hundred days from now if I could paint the ideal me in a hundred
days what do I look like I don’t want to feel was my energy level was my
mentality like paint that picture and reference it every single day I really
really like that third thing nutrition is key you cannot get the results that
Natasha got by simply doing the workouts nutrition almost outweighs the workouts
there’s there’s equal there’s equality there but you have to stick to it find
out what works for you and stick to the nutrition program and the fourth thing
that I wrote down and then we’ll get to my second question the four thing you
wrote down is commit commit to do this I feel like a lot of people kind of go one
foot in one foot out that gives you themselves a plan B they’re kinda like
well I’m going to give this a try but if it doesn’t work then it’s a no go all in
you you saw Jericho commit yeah if you’re at summit you sign the board you
have to be 100 book you sign the commitment there honestly guys commit to
doing this and get there it’s gonna be hard it’s gonna be hard but you commit
to it and get the results you want wow that was
okay question number two is let’s talk about a little bit of the business side
of running your challenge groups of getting people to say yes obviously it
starts here really really soon for the VIP early access but what what do you
have plans for your challenge groups to keep engagement high and to get
continued to bring people in okay so I’m gonna talk about this in three parts
first how I’m onboarding people second how I’m gonna set them up for success
and then how I’m actually going to run the group because we start on Monday you
guys um so when people sign up I send them a welcome email I have a challenge
group guide that I actually took from another coach and made it my own don’t
have to recreate the wheel here um and also I was listening listening to one of
Brendon Burchard podcasts and he said figure out where you’re willing to be
generous and double it and so I my love language is giving gifts I love gift
giving gifts to people those of you guys who watch Parks and Rec like I’m
seriously the Leslie Knope of gift-giving um so I decided I’m going to
Creek it a bunch of decals for all of my girls to put on their shaker cup so
Jericho had this decal on her cup that says girl gang with the lightning bolt I
recreated it and I’ve made like 300 of these you guys lots of late nights
cricketing with my husband but my challengers love it and it’s taking
their excitement to the next level because when you get excited everybody’s
excited to start a new program they see my results they think man I can do that
too and they’re excited to start and so I send them this gift I tell them like
hey I’m super excited thanks for joining the group like we are gonna crush these
100 days and really just starting before day one building their belief in
themselves that they can actually do this so I want you guys take all of this
with a grain of salt figure out what you are willing to be generous with um if
you’re like man cricketing for hours does not bring me joy like Marie Kondo
that get rid of it figure out what you’re willing to be generous whether
it’s your time or whatever it is recognition and really doing that to
help your people get excited I’ve also been involving them in the process so I
had my group come up with a hashtag I am my
idea is grooming all of these people to become amazing coaches because 99% of
the time if somebody gets killer results they’re going to be a coach so I’m
getting them excited I’m involving them they came up with a
group hashtag that they’re gonna be posting on Instagram we’re all gonna be
using these this hashtag together and we’re really sharing what we’re doing
with everybody and I’m also having my group come up with their own
expectations I used to be a teacher you guys and one thing that I did in the
beginning of every single school years I had my students figure out what do you
what are you gonna expect out of yourself and I will hold you accountable
so they are now taking ownership of what they’re going to be doing these next 100
days and when they aren’t doing it I can say this is what you told me we’re going
to do these are the expectations that you set for yourself of course I said
expect I mean I’ll tell them you have to show up to the group every single day
but they usually say that on their own so that is how I’ve been onboarding them
now how I’m getting them ready for the for the actual group is I am being
generous with my time and I um have been hosting these bootcamp kickoff calls and
I figured yeah I can do one but I want everybody in my group to come so I’ve
actually done I’m gonna be doing my third one this week and I am really
walking them through how to use Beachbody on demand where to find the
meal plans showing them how I actually make might make my meal plans and really
making sure that they are confident starting day one that they can do this
and I also share everything that I did with them I make and I make sure to tell
them to set realistic expectations I tell them how I got my results and also
if they want to get results like that but they’re not willing to do the things
that I did they’re not willing to eat the top third of the foods list if
they’re not willing to do the carb cycling or drinking a gallon of water
every day they’re not willing to do those things then they can’t expect to
get the same type of results I am and I tell them that’s okay
everybody is different not everybody wants to get drastic results some people
want to maintain everybody’s goals are completely different
I just make sure that their expectations are in line with what they are actually
going to do and I set them up for success doing that and then for the
group I am using both the challenge tracker app and Facebook um so I tell
them the challenge tracker app just for tracking I want you to log your workouts
I want you to log your shakes I want you to put in your progress that is just for
tracking it makes it so much easier for me to be able to see what everybody is
doing and then our Facebook group is the community I go live in our Facebook
group I encourage them to go live everybody is doing a one-minute live
welcome video and I tell them this journey isn’t just about losing weight
its transforming from the inside out and part of that is stepping out of your
comfort zone yes it is scary going live in a Facebook group but everybody is so
supportive of each other and they’re starting to already change internally
from before day one and then going forward I am going to be re-evaluating
what I’m doing every two weeks probably um those of you guys who have ever had a
baby you know your first baby you have this birth plan and you’re like
everything’s gonna go according to plan and then literally nothing on your birth
plan happens um so I am doing I’m going to be re-evaluating is this working are
my girls getting results are they showing up to this and if it’s not
working I’m gonna switch up what I’m doing a little bit and then also with my
gift-giving and I ask myself a hundred days is a long time how am I gonna keep
all of these people engaged for a hundred days but not only that on track
when it starts to get hard at day forty fifty sixty what can I do as their coach
to keep them showing up and so I have a list of things of what I’m gonna be
recognizing people for I got sorry to all of you guys that summit I like
cleared out all of those morning meltdown headbands because I bought so
many of them to give away to my challengers as prizes every ten days
what I’m gonna do is everybody who’s logged all their workouts logged all
their shakes they’re gonna go into a drawing to get one of those headbands
and then at the end every single person who does all 100 workouts in all 100
shakes I’m gonna send them
t-shirt no drawing everybody who shows up for a hundred days is going to get it
that is how I’m going to be generous and keep them motivated through the long run
and I also plan on doing recognition boards and really just making my group
exciting for people and making them want to do this program so that is what I got
for you guys if you have questions I will be in the comments if you want to
post them yes yes yes yes so if you didn’t notice she’s kind of excited and
I that’s what’s going to attract people to your group and that’s what’s going to
keep them there for the hundred workouts you guys if you’re just running this
like your run-of-the-mill challenge group or you just kind of do the
occasional check-in whatever that’s not gonna work you need meat meat to make
this exciting fun if you’re a gift giver like she is they make it fun if you’re a
gift receiver like I am hey you can’t wait to get all these funky okay so so
that was receiver oh yeah there you go so that was ten minutes because that was
really really important stuff guys take what Natasha has just said and make it
your own you don’t they did exactly what she just did but you can you can have
that same energy she has and you can make it fun for everybody that you bring
into this and if you’re doing this for your first time guys get the results
commit to this commit to yourself commit to doing this commit to all 100 days all
100 Shakeology is all 100 nutrition days do it all guys this is we’re so excited
for you guys to do this it starts on Monday I cannot wait to do this with you
guys Natasha thank you so much for being our final guest on 10 minutes is with
the morning meltdown 100 test group member will see you guys later

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