10 Minutes with a Morning Meltdown 100 Test Group Member – Cassidy Brewer

coaches we are live here on the
champions page welcome to another edition of ten minutes with a morning
meltdown 100 test group member guys there she is
this is Cassidy Brewer we’re so excited to have her on guys she has had
phenomenal results thus far with Morning Meltdown 100 and we want to hear all
about it so Cassidy welcome to our training thank you and
thank you so much for having me here I am so blessed and grateful today to
share my experience with this program because it has I know it sounds cliche
to say oh it’s been life-changing but it truly has and it’s something that I’m so
excited to get to share with the rest of the world but especially for all of you
coaches to experience I think for me especially I was really nervous coming
into this test group a hundred days oh gosh I’ve never committed that much I
don’t know if I can do this it was scary but it was one of those good scary where
I knew that it was gonna push me outside of my comfort zone and I just had to say
yes and throughout this program that’s actually been one of
Jericho’s like key terms she says all the time in our workouts say yes say yes
say yes so it’s been something that has Shannon talked about on the wake-up call
too that she’s been saying yes to everything and I think this program has
forced me to get out of my comfort zone and say yes to things that are
uncomfortable to me um several of the workouts that have been in this program
have been ones that I’m not used to new moves new styles of workouts I’m not
someone that has loved anything dancing or yoga style and throughout this
program it’s challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone whereas
before I feel like I would tend to say no to things that I didn’t feel like I
was good at because they were uncomfortable and this has forced me to
say yes to uncomfortable things that helped me grow in so many areas okay let
me stop you there cuz I got to get into my first question you’re diving so
fast into it which I love and it is simply that coaches are simply wanting to know your experience with Morning Meltdown 100 you’re halfway
through it which is great so I’m gonna jump off I’m gonna let you finish
talking about your experience then I’ll come back on we’ll talk about what you’re doing to prep so take it away but what I’ve found is that it really is
about for me the Be 100 means so much more to me because it means be 100 of
you be 100% of your best and for me it has forced me to show up and make myself
a priority again every single day for a hundred days straight whatever that
looks like to me so if that meant that I was traveling and there was no way I
could get this workout in this day or whatever I could double up the next day
and make it work for me but it’s being 100 percent of the best version of
myself which has been exactly what I needed in this time of my life I have
gone through some of the hardest things I’ve ever been through in my life
throughout this test group and I’m gonna try not to get emotional but this has
been everything that I needed to force me to focus on myself when everything
else is going on in life it’s so easy especially when hard things are
happening to lose our focus on ourself first and this program has forced me to
develop a solid routine again for myself do something that is a hundred percent
mine and grow in so many areas my goal for this was not weight loss my goal was
really to gain more confidence and strength and to really find my power
inside me and own my worth and that is 100% what I have gained I have gained so
much from this program and from Jericho and these workouts and every day I feel
that much stronger every day I feel that much more worthy and deserving of all of
the other things that I want to go after in my life and I think that’s the
biggest thing that this program is going to bring to so many people is it’s going
to help you own your worth it’s going to help you gain
strength gain confidence and step outside of your freakin comfort zone to
grow in so many areas of your life so that is definitely the biggest thing
that this this program has brought me but the experience of this test group
and the community and Jericho and I really think you know learn in about
Jericho and her mission with this program because it’s so much more than a
workout program it’s really creating a lifestyle which is where the hundred
days can be scary in the beginning but if you think about it we’re not here to
just do 30 days and be done we’re here to make it truly make it a lifestyle so
a hundred days isn’t even going to be the end I it’s gonna keep going and keep
going and that’s what I loved about this is that it really got me rid of that
mindset of okay I just got to commit to 30 days and then I’ll do the next thing
and instead it’s been just a piece of me and a thing that I look forward to every
single day I know it’s going to be new I know it’s gonna be challenging I know
it’s going to have so much variety and it’s gonna help me continue to build
that lifestyle with that daily routine of getting in the habit of making me the
priority every single morning so that’s been huge for me and I think it’s gonna
be so huge for all of you and everyone that we can bring into this to really
help create a lifestyle and not just something that you do for 30 days or 60
days or whatever and move to the next thing whether you continue with Morning
Meltdown after the hundred days or not you’re going to have built lifestyle
habits that are gonna take you through the rest of your life so that’s really
my experience with this program I could not agree more with that this idea of
you’re worth it you’re worthy of it you can do hard things step outside your
comfort zone a hundred workouts to commit to it’s not
thirty all of that really resonates with so many of the coaches watching this and
guys for you watching this I hope you’re not looking at this as like oh my gosh I
don’t know if I can do this don’t have that mentality take this just like
Cassidy said of I’m gonna say yes say yes to things that you
know are going to push you they’re gonna break you out of your comfort zone and
you will be so much better at the end regardless of what happens next because
you’ve been through these hundred workouts Cassidy I love that you said
that okay moving on to question number two we are right on time
I love this okay so the launch comes out where the packs come out July first and
then obviously the end of July is when the program starts so how are you
preparing for the morning meltdown 100 launch and how are you helping your team
with this So a few things that I’m doing to prepare that I’ve also shared with my team and making it very simple very very simple because I know launches can be kind of a
little bit overwhelming as much as I hate that word especially if it’s
your first launch or whatever but don’t let it be because this can drive your
business forward so much and help your coaches and your team drive their
business forward as well if you just dive all in with it and it doesn’t need
to be complicated so I’ve kept it very very simple for myself and my team and
some of the things that we are doing to prepare is A-I have opened up a
information group a snoop group per se where I am just starting to share bread
crumbs about this program and whether or not you’re in the test group this is
something that you can do because Beachbody has given us so many resources
with morning meltdown the product toolkit and training guide in the
back-office the trainings in here there are things
everywhere test group participants like myself have been sharing things and
are always happy to share as well so you can start bread crumbing about it now
whether you’re going to run a group to give people information or maybe your
upline is you can talk to them about it too otherwise you can even create a
Facebook event that you can start posting in there’s so many options I
know people are even doing Instagram snoop groups but what I’ve chosen to do
is run a information group on Facebook where I’m just starting to share
information about this program getting people excited about it I’m collecting
their email address when they join the group so that I have a way to follow up
and track who I’m talking to who is interested and be able to serve as many
people as possible in that way so how I’m doing that is I’ve created a simple
Google Form and you can make a google form a type form whatever kind of form
you want but this is what my team and I are doing and it’s very simple we just
created a form with two questions what’s your email and what is your name you
don’t really need a lot more information than that it’s just so that you have
their info to follow up with them and make sure that you really do get them
set up with this program when it launches so to keep track of your people
I have created a Google Form that I am posting when I share my workout clips
right now about mourning meltdown when I’m sharing any information about it
when people are going to be joining my snoop group on Facebook I’m getting
their email in that form so that I have all roads leading to one place to easily
track my prospects and to easily follow up with them and get them set up with
what they need so I’m getting their name and email in the form and then I’m
plugging them into my information group and then the other resource that I am
using and my team is using that you 100% everyone should be taking advantage of
is that free workout that’s going to be coming out on the 24th the best possible
way for you to A- get excited about and fall in love with this program whether
you’re in the test group or not is to do it and you get the chance to do that
before it even launches on the 24th so you could even do the workout on the
24th and keep repeating it all the way up until the launch by sharing you know
one 15 second clip a day or whatever from that workout so I’m gonna be taking
advantage of that because I know that people are going to fall in love with
Jericho and with the program when they try this workout so what I’ve been doing
since I’ve been again bread crumbing about this free workout you can see it
if you go to my facebook page but all I did was say that I was going to be
sending out a free workout to the first 100 people
I picked a hundred because it’s Morning Meltdown 100 and I had them
drop a comment you can do like a little lightning bolt or heart or a flex arm or
whatever and I said tag your friends sharing is caring you know and if you
like the work out then I’ll even give you the chance to do this with me for
the next 100 days or a year or until you get tired of loving yourself which
hopefully is never so what I’m doing is just promoting that free workout and I’m
gonna again everyone that comments I’m gonna reach out to them I’m gonna have
them fill out the form so that I have their email so when that free workout
launches I can email it to them and follow up and ask them did you try the
workout how did you like it how did you like Jericho would you be able to commit
to a hundred more of these what are your thoughts what is your feedback you know
all of those kinds of things so those are really the three main things that
I’m doing and my team is doing to help prepare for this launch are we are
starting to share in breadcrumb especially about the free workout and
you can share transformations we’ve shared on your Instagram stories to get
people excited then we have created a snoop group where we’re just posting
more information to have it all in one place and then the Google Form to keep
everyone’s information in one place to easily follow up and be in contact with
you heard her first guys that’s all it takes
it’s not that difficult and yes she did mention they work out coming out on
Monday the 24th you absolutely better take advantage of this if you’re
looking at this going Cassidy but yeah you’re part of the test group you know
exactly what to say and what it’s like this is your opportunity this sample
workout is exactly what you need and yes lightning bolts are gonna be coming out
of everywhere because that’s exactly what that’s the new pineapple thing I
guess that’s gonna happening get ready for lightning bolts but I love that I
love that you’re keeping it simple coaches if you’re watching this going is
overwhelming stop it’s not use the resources we have given you go to the
back-office find everything on Morning Meltdown 100 use the stuff that
you’re seeing on Facebook that the test group members are putting out and just
share your excitement that’s all you need to do share your excitement I love
the simplicity that she talked about all right our
ten minutes are up Cassidy that was phenomenal thank you so much for joining
us today guys on ten minutes with the Morning
Meltdown 100 test group member Thank You Cassidy

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