10 MINUTE HOME WORKOUT – “10-31-11” Total Body Torture Workout!

What do these 2 things have in common? Well it is that time of the year again. And the only thing scarier than Halloween Is the thought of making to the end of this
workout! [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere AthleanX.com Here we are another Halloween Getting close, coming up on next week early. We are looking at the 10-31-10 workout from
last year And just like all good horror movies, we have
a sequel. We are going to come out with the 10-31-11
workout Although the monster might be the same, which
is me- We are going to change up the exercises. We are still going to use our big pumpkin
representative here Which is a 20 lb med ball. As I said last year You don’t have to use a big med ball. You can use a smaller one if you have one Or you can also use dumbbells for a lot of
these things and just hold it the same way. So my good old friend here is going to watch. Basically what we are going to start off with
is again Hollywood theme, guys, exercise names we are
going to change a little bit The first one is a GraveRobber. Now, we are going to take this med ball And we are going to get it in a point position
and We are going to work on the deceleration of
our core. Especially our obliques. So What we do is get down to a plank position
here And Put this up on our shoulder, OK, feet
wide. You are now going to take it down from here Roll it down until you are about parallel
to the ground Now at this point not only are my left arm
really working But my right oblique is k–ling me Because if I were to let it go, it would simply
drop down to the ground. But I have to hold and resist. Let this thing down into the grave Come out, down, decelerate, hold Up… [Exercises] You have to establish that hold on the bottom. OK? 10 on the right side up here, position it
on the arm Up, down, hold Up, down, hold OK? And you go 10, 10-10 The next one we call these DOA. Why? Because when you see this combination and
you figure out through the logic of the workout here That you have to do 31 of them! You might not make it to the third exercise. So you could be down on arrival by the time
we are there. This one your are going to take your med ball
over your head, You are coming up through a rolling squat,
come out a little press, Turn it into a Burpee and jump right down
and get going again. So get a grip on the med ball, swing it. Up here down, roll it back. Up, little press-down, bounce and back. [Exercises] [Keeps Exercising] [Keeps Exercising] Keep it up, keep it going. Now you are working everything from your legs,
your arms, your chest, your stamina, to get through those. Finally we have a variation of Wood Chopper We call these throw-offs. Again, kind of thinking of the gross themes
for Halloween But you might just want to [upchuck] at this
point in the workout. So they are appropriate. Basically what we are going to do is a variation
of a Wood Chopper So we are going to come down here as we come
up. You have to accelerate the med ball up so
that we are working shoulders and arms. It is little league throwing here And then catch and decelerate. So let me show you real quick here. Basically when you come here, you accelerate
up You are working your shoulders, your upper
chest, your core, to your low back- Stabilization to the core When we released it, 20 lbs and straight down You have to catch it and decelerate. And that is the key to the exercise. When we go back and forth 11 times. Up, Down Up Up, Down.UP [Repeats Motion} [Exercises] [Keeps Exercising] [Keeps Exercising] I am not sure if I did 11. You do 11 and 11 Guys it is this type of Burst Training, what
I like to call it. Where you put your body through some intense
anaerobic exercises Where you string them together, get your heartrate
up, stamina up. It is a real challenge 10-31-11 just got scarier! If you are following the Athlean-X program this workout can be substituted in as one
of your Tuesday, Wednesday workouts. You repeat this 3 or 4 times through depending
on your level of conditioning. So if you haven’t already, guys, start doing
some unique workouts. Challenge your body in ways that makes multiple
muscle groups work together at the same time. We are get our chest working, our arms, our
legs, our shoulders and our core working, our obliques, everything- In one shot in 3 unique exercises in one format. Head over to AthleanX.com, grab the 90 day
training system Get started on your body Don’t let the Trick or Treats start adding
up to your waistline Get started today! Now very, very important announcement that
I teased a little bit earlier this week. This is a very important week for Athlean-X. We are now about to crown our second MR. X of the year. And the announcement is coming for the first
time Here on our YouTube channel, following the
workout. So it is with great pleasure that I announce
today The winner of the 2011 MR. X Is none other that Phillip Shluder[Spelling
unknown], 62 years old! You can see his picture right here! This guy went after it. He took the 90 day program He made a commitment He said the meal plan was the simplest ever
to follow. He completely transformed himself at an age Where a lot of guys have long ago stopped
thinking About getting in great shape. If you just look at Phil, you will see him
as a sign. An inspiration for you to become the best
that you can be. Guys like I say all the time If you want to look like an athlete, you have
to train like one. Phil Shluder[Spelling unknown] had no concept
or idea in his head Of him thinking of himself as this elite athlete. He trusted the program He trusted my advice He took my guidance and followed that program
step by step And you can see what he has created. Now it is time for you to be the same. Will you be the next Mr. X 2012? Head to AthleanX.com right now Get started with the program. And be the next guy that I am announcing a
year from now. I will see you all guys back here again in
a week with more unique workouts and more unique
tips, Right here in the X-Box. I’ll see you then.


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