10 Mins Booty at Home Workout | Make Hip Line Curvier & Shape Glutes with No Equipment

Hi Wishtrenders, welcome back
to Wishtrend Fitness TV. I am Chloe Bak. And I am second runner-up for Miss Korea 2018. In the last episode we worked on our muscles
in the thigh and abdominal area. Have you been working out consistently? If you wish to watch previous episodes,
please refer to them at the bottom of the screen. Hip is a vital muscle in our body that has
a lot to do with the waist, thighs and knees. Having firm and healthy hip muscles help
your knees and thighs not to ache and be healthy. So today I’ve prepared an effective and easy
workout for a firm hip that many of you requested. Before that please like the video and subscribe to us. It’s time to get up and shape up Alright, so the first move is fire hydrant kick.
It’s one of my favorite. So let’s get down on the mat. Support your body in a face-down position and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stretch our leg and Put it to the side and we’re going to
go up as high as you can. Let’s go! It helps strengthen your butt muscles
and also your core and ab and what I like about this exercise is that it
gets rid of the back and inner fat of your thighs. How awesome! All right. On to the next side, so we’re gonna do it again. Straighten and go to the side and we’re gonna go up as high as we can. Let’s go! Don’t forget to breathe and
I especially love this exercise because You can kind of really tell
the difference the next day and While you exercise it really feels good
to have your butt tense. All right, that’s it! All the subscribers already know what to do, right?
Shake your legs. Alright. After working out you should
always relax your muscles. By now, lower body should start to burn. We’ll maintain this burn without stopping it.
Shall we move on to the next movement? That’s gonna burn all your fat off. This exercise is the lower leg lift. This is effective in
strengthening the side of your body. It makes a beautiful body line
from the waist down to the hip. All right, so we’re gonna go down to our mat. What we’re gonna do is
stretch the leg and we’re gonna have The arm support the head and have one leg bent like this and with the stretched out leg. Can you guess?
Obviously we’re gonna go up and down. Ready? Okay guys think about getting the hot body line.
Let’s go! You’re gonna do two sets of ten. Done! Okay, we’re gonna turn the next on to the next side once again support your head Have one leg out with this. Okay, can you feel the tense core and your hip? All right, awesome, that’s it for a lower leg lift. Take a deep breath as you were
exhaling all the air out of you. You’re doing awesome. We’re doing the most effective workout that gives
a faster result. Let’s go to the next exercise. All right, so for a one-leg shoulder bridge we’re gonna get down on our mat. Alright. So we’re gonna lift our butt high. So this is like a regular bridge, right? And using our one leg you’re gonna go up and down. Okay guys, as you can feel the tense
feeling on your abs and your butt area, you know where it’s getting tense
and where you’re getting that workout. On to the next. Guys do not forget to breathe
and you will be ready for that beach body. Okay, and then you go slowly down
and you’re done. That wasn’t too bad, right? Are you feeling the back of
your body being stimulated overall? That’s because a lot of calories
are being burned although it looks like a simple workout. Wanna proceed to the next movement? This next one completes the smooth lower body line and helps remove the stubborn
lower hip fat and lifts up your butt. Alright guys, we’re so close to the end.
The last exercise in this episode is called Side lying legs. This exercise removes outer thigh fats
and simulates hip muscles. It makes your hip looking very beautiful. Okay, so we’re gonna get down on our mat. And support your head with your arm. Stretch your leg and then we’re gonna go front and back. Okay.
Let’s try two sets of 10 reps for each leg. Are you guys ready? Let’s go. Okay, so give some tension
to outer thigh and hip muscles. All right, are you guys ready
to switch and do it all over again? Okay. Let’s go guys! Try not to have
the front heel of the foot raised up. Do not forget to breathe. Guys do not forget to drink water after
every exercise to replenish your body. Guys, you guys are amazing
for keeping up with me until now. Two thumbs up for you. I am exhausted too when I workout, but when I see myself get healthier and feel my body change a little bit by a little bit it makes me feel so happy. If you just keep up
consistently with the routines that I shared you will get healthy and have that fit body in no time. Of course, it can be hard for you if you have
just started working out, but let’s keep going until exercising becomes a healthy habit for you. Today we worked on the apple hip
following our thigh exercises in the last episode. I have introduced only the highly effective exercises. So if you want fit hip line make sure to be consistent. No matter how hard you work out, the results don’t
show fast enough when you don’t control your diet. But it’s bad to go completely carb-free
because the results are only instant and won’t stay. Today’s menu is conjac rice to prevent
such yo-yo effect and help you to have a healthy diet. Conjac contains nutrients that lowers your cholesterol
levels and helps activate your bowel movement. So it’s great for weight loss. Whoo, that was easy right? Sometimes I eat conjac as a snack.
I like it because it feels you up. Give us a feedback if you have seen effects
through the workout we did together. It is a great support for us. If you have questions about getting specific
body lines, diet tips or any other workout methods please leave us a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to Wishtrend TV
to get the next episode of Wishtrend Fitness TV.


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