10 Min BOOTY & ABS Workout \\ Get abs + poppin’ booty πŸ‘

Welcome to today’s ten-minute booty and ab workout. I am so psyched for this workout. You don’t even understand Let’s just get started with a warm-up outburst move up today. Is your air squat? Keep your feet flat on the floor toes pointed out sit back drop low I am so happy to see you today You have no idea. I was hoping you would be here and here you are drop low stand up drop low stand up You nailed it give me those side bends your feet should be about hip-width apart fists clenched and just slide your arms Bend as far to each side as you can Your goal is to get your fingers to go as close to your knees as possible. But from the sides that Was perfect give me some soft squats. It’s not your full squat that you just did just some soft squats Just go down just a little bit and then squeeze your booty to stand back up do this nice and slow It’s not about speed tuck your abs in Perfect. Keep those feet flat on the floor Focus on squeezing your booty. I know you know how to do that. Give me those high pools This is your last warm-up move. Pull your knee as high as you can. You want your knees to be at chest level Good pull your arms down. Bring those elbows all the way down to your waist. I need a full range of motion from you That is so good Love this love you. Let’s get started. We are doing standing marches See why you had to do those high poles and your warmup. It’s a logic. Are you ready? I’m gonna talk you through it We’re doing this together me and you let’s go Pull your knees up and bring your elbows down make sure your core is engaged When you put your foot back on the floor, I don’t want you on your tiptoes get those feet flat on the floor each time It’s complicated just like my relationships raise your knees up bring your elbows down Engage your core That was perfect Next up we are going to do the beloved squat hold The timer is just there for your information Do this for as much time as you can manage it could be five seconds. I’m not judging Keep your feet flat on the floor Make sure you’re sitting back pretend there’s a chair behind you and just Hold it it’s gonna burn in front of your thighs. That’s all right squeeze your thighs squeeze your booty feet flat on the floor You’re doing it you’re doing you can definitely do it. Keep your arms in front of your body or wherever it’s comfortable for you and Five that was so good. Give me sumo reaches you’re going to keep your toes pointed from side to side You’re going to go back into that squatting position. And now you’re reaching from side to side grabbing. What is yours? Are you ready? Let’s go. I Want you to reach as far to each side as you can Tuck your abs in you should feel your scorn your midsection supporting your body feet should be steady Very good keep those feet flat on the floor. Keep that bend in your knee keep reaching core engaged I love what you’re doing you are doing so well You’re almost at the break keep going reach extend those arms as far out as you can Perfect you are killing this workout. All right. All right, let’s go Give me your closed squat your feet are going to be together you sit back and push your booty out You got it These are challenging do your best. Are you ready? Let’s go Keep those feet together toes pointed forward and just sit back and go down pay attention to your knees If you can keep your knees together This workout this exercise is so much easier Drop low squeeze your booty to stand back up. Make sure your abs are sucked in Less than 10 seconds to go. You have only one more movement and you get a break. Yes These are called standing jackknives Do your best it’s not gonna look the way it’s supposed to look but that’s okay. That is a-okay If you’re ready just jump right in Keep your arm straight legs as straight as you can and raise your foot you’re trying to touch your toes to your fingertips Tuck your abs in is your best. It’s all part of the process. That’s alright. Keep going raise your leg Less than five seconds to go. You’re doing good Tuck your abs in and time go ahead and catch your breath you are doing amazing Hi, just a kiss. You’re new here. I’m Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now. We live in Texas. I love pizza with no tomato sauce I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website kabocha fitness. Come on there you can find an All-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and this includes premium 30-minute workouts that are not available on YouTube My eight-week booty program my 21 day belly fat focus program I get this your whole year of workouts planned for you January through December You never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or You can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place in your pocket It’s so convenient. Go ahead and check out my website. Cocoa fitness comm it’s totally free to try. So give it a shot See if it’s right for you Welcome back in the second half of this workout. We are focusing more on your abs core engaged straight line from head to heel Lego Don’t let your hips at to the mat don’t hike your booty to the ceiling You should not look like an inverted V You should look like a straight line from your head to your heel tuck your abs in you can do it you’ve done this before Keep your wrists underneath your shoulders Face down. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you when the timer is up Just hold it you have less than three seconds to go and you did that. Oh So happy so proud give me those mounts and climb bars You’re still in that plank position, but now you’re pulling your knees toward your chest here is the secret with this Go at your own pace, you don’t have to run as if you’re running in your life. It’s just mountain climbers Okay, so just pull your knees in one at a time. That’s good maintain that pace Make sure your arms are nice and extended out and just keep pulling your knees in one at a time That’s all right. You’re doing good. Keep going tuck your abs in Bring your hips down just a little bit good now keep going less than ten seconds to go. You got – You’re doing this One anti give me bridge drops. You’re going to flip over to the other side This is like glute bridges but the advanced level this is like the phd version of glute bridges You’re going to be on your back hips raised and then you’re raising one leg at a time We’re going to do this one leg at a time Your heel should be underneath your knee for the leg that’s on the mat Try to avoid pointing your toes for the leg that’s moving Raise your hip off of the mat squeeze your booty squeeze your abs your head should be on the mat Almost done. Almost done. Keep going squeeze your booty and Time we’re going to do the same movement on the other side pay attention to that leg that’s on the mat You want your ankles directly underneath your knee to provide support? Squeeze your glutes and raise your hip off the mat. It’s a lot, but you can do it Remember for the leg that’s moving you want to avoid pointing your toes You should have an L shape from your foot to your leg Keep going control that movement. It’s not about speed tuck your abs in raise your hips. Relax your head and your neck That’s all right. That’s all good. Just make sure you’re doing it when that timer ends and it counts And Time give me leg pulses you are going to remain on your back Put your hands underneath your booty to help your lower back stay on the floor and just pulse your legs in the air You’re not bringing them all the way down like leg drops. Let’s do this Keep your head on your mats your neck relaxed Really suck in your abs your abs should be doing the work of helping your legs pulse Keep a very slight bend in your knee if you need it Otherwise extend your knees your legs all the way out You’re just pulsing you’re almost done it’s your last move of the day this is really going to burn that lower ab area What out two days that was so amazing we’re going to cool down Starting with a forward lean just lean as far forward as you can tuck your other foot into your groin area That’s such a weird word groin You have done so many things today those squats soft squats squat holds wowee Of course we’re going to switch and do the same thing on the other side just lean in and Fold your other butts into your groin You’re going to be thinking about that word growing all day today. I’m sorry Lean and feel that stretch all through the back of your thigh and all through your back When you are ready, I want you to stand up very slowly nice and slow Put a slight bend in your knee give yourself a big hug today I just want to point out to you that you did things that you thought you couldn’t do You saw some exercises on you’re like can I do this? And then you did that is why I think you’re amazing I believe that I love you Thank you so much for working out with me today. Tell your friends and family about kabocha Fitness subscribe to my youtube channel You haven’t done so already and I will see your fun ice in my next workout videos


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