{ 10 MIN } – Beginner Friendly SKIPPING ROPE HIIT Workout Circuit.

♫ Intro Music ♫ Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, we’re gonna be having a skipping rope jump rope exercise. We wanna tighten up things. So this workout is gonna be in HIIT cardio style, it’s also gonna be a circuit workout. And once the entire circuit is done, You can choose to go for one more round if you are a beginner, and you can choose to go for two more rounds if you are an intermediate to advanced athlete. If you have your cardio in check. So guys, without talking too much let’s just jump right into… *chuckles* Literally, jump… Jump right into the workout. Okay? Okay. Maybe…was that?… that was too much..yeah ? I know, I know. But let’s jump right into the workout! For the first round, you’re going to start off with the standard skip, doing this for 20 seconds. You want to keep your form proper. Remember – I spoke about the proper skipping form in a previous video. I’m gonna link it above, so watch it if you need to. But after your 20 seconds are done, You’re gonna move right into the single leg knee up. So you’re skipping with one leg going up for 10 seconds, before you move to the other leg and skip for 10 seconds. Okay. So divide the time accordingly and after that you’re gonna rest for 20 seconds, before you move into the next round. Moving on to the second round, the first 20 seconds will be occupied by the front kicks. And here you want to make sure that you are landing on your toes As usual. And while you’re shuffling your feet you want to make sure that you’re just tapping the heel of your foot, and bring back your foot to the initial position. So keep your feet fast and moving. Then after that, you’re going to move into the jacks. The jacks are really, really intense – really gonna spike up your heart rate, and probably you’re gonna trip on this because of how your legs could probably step on the rope, But if you do a trip, don’t be afraid to just resume. You have 20 seconds to do this. After resting for 20 seconds, you’re gonna move to the final round starting off with a single leg skip. Doing 10 seconds on the right, then 10 seconds on the left. This one requires a lot of strength and balance from your legs. So just be very slow and in control. Okay. Do not rush, if you trip over it’s fine to just resume. Just make sure that you complete the 20 seconds. After you’re done with that, You’re gonna move to the crisscross – which requires a lot of coordination. So just do it at your own pace. Once you’re done with those of 40-seconds, You’re gonna rest for 60 seconds completing round 1. If you are a beginner you have one more round if you are intermediate or advanced you have two more rounds. You could even go for 3 more rounds, the choice is yours. Just make sure that you get that burn ! I don’t know when I’ll get used to this skipping rope thing. Because I am, TIRED. and the sun is not making anything any better! *chuckles* But all in all – so happy, I feel so refreshed . The endorphins are poppin. We murdered that skipping rope. So remember if you are a beginner you only have one more round to go, but if you are an advanced athlete there are two more rounds to go. But rest, take a sip of water, Relax, then get right into it. Ok. Anyway guys, thank you so much for tuning in today Do not forget to stretch and cool down. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye. Bye


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