Hello my strong strong friends! Today, I have a very exciting video because it’s… gonna be is this a new series right? Yeah It’s a new series called… “My home gym series” [RYAN] “So is that is it the name of the series? You can do better than that?” [MEG] So come up with a catchy name and put it right here Whatever that is, you know, we’ve been busy thinking about this video. We haven’t thought about what the whole series of people called. So the new series is… obviously if you watch my last video, you may know that I just moved to a new place! So this is my new place! I’m hoping to train here, but you can see… Faster sweep Ryan! You can see I don’t have any equipment but I did just get my first Piece of equipment Oh jeez. Yeah, it’s heavy. So I Am hoping to build a home gym out here, but I did want to grab a kettlebell just I could do some stuff outside. This series will be about building my home gym! And also I’m hoping that it will be helpful for people who are interested in doing the same thing Making a space in their backyard or in the space in their garage to where they can train. Also something that takes very minimal equipment And helps people who aren’t ready to go to the gym yet or don’t have the time to go to the gym yet. I get questions all the time about home workouts And I don’t really specialize in like bodyweight home workouts or anything like that I have done them, but I’m hoping that this series will be minimal equipment friendly [RYAN] “I also feel like you can add a gym like being able to take one piece of equipment. For example… [MEG naturally interrupts Ryan] Like I’ve been doing so much research for this video alone, and there are many kettlebell exercises That I knew about but I don’t implement into training. I’m usually doing boring stuff like stuff that I can do with them those just with the kettlebell So I’m excited to get a little more creative with my training and excited to take you guys along! So hopefully this will be helpful to you if you’re looking for more exercises this video specifically will be about my very empty home gym, but I’ll give you 50 ish 50 ish exercises that you can do with kettlebell alone. 1 kettlebell! If you guys like this video be sure to Give it a like if you want to see more on this series where I’m taking you through my awesome home gym, give us a like so I know to make them and let me Know what you want to see in the comments down below! If you’re not aleardy subscribed to my channel, It’s kind of rude because I’m letting you into my house. So you might as well subscribe and be a strong strong friend So things aren’t weird. [RYAN] Then It’s like you’re hanging out. [MEG] Yeah, that’s like we’re hanging out like we’re friends strong strong friends. All right, you ready? Pray for my back cuz I’m about to do 50 different exercises. We are gonna try to break up the exercises in groups so we’ll start with all hip hinge and some deadlift movements and then we’ll separate them so that if you are looking for a particular exercise… So if you want to see more core movements that you can do with kettlebells, Look down in the description below and it’ll be time stamped right to that. Okay, so hopefully I can keep this organized for you! I’m really excited [RYAN] Let’s Do it! We’re starting with Deadlifts I’m gonna try a pistol squat, but I don’t actually know if I can do it with this heavy of a weight Usually when you are doing pistols being weighed down a little bit will help your pistol. So if you’re trying them just bodyweight. Maybe try a light Kettlebell. 1. I haven’t done a pistol in a little while 2. Probably never this heavy.
[RYAN] All right CrossFit Meg. Let’s go [MEG] Ohhhhyeahhhhhhhh
[RYAN] Do the other side too though [RYAN] DAT VALGUS! Maybe I’ll work on those but Moral of the story is don’t be afraid to try new things if you see some of the things on here, try them. [RYAN] also, maybe we get a lighter kettlebell. [MEG] yeah, that is one of the Negatives to only starting your gym with one piece of equipment. I am quite limited So I also can’t do a lot of the upper body movements. You’ll see me doing them with both hands I can’t do single arm on really any of these [RYAN] You can do presses! [MEG] Maybe
[RYAN] Floor Presses! For the kettlebell that I’m using, I did end up picking a Heavy-ish or moderate weight so that I can get some work done with all of these movements. With that, I am held back because my upper body and core strength just isn’t as strong as when I’m isolating my legs. So for things like core exercises like the Turkish getup, windmills, and a half getup that I would have liked to incorporate into this video, this kettlebell (that is working for me in all the other movements) is just a little bit too heavy for me to comfortably and competently do other movements. So for instance, like I mentioned, I can’t do a single bicep curl with 40 pounds I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do that. So know that if you’re only working with 1 kettlebell Even though I’m held back for some movements. I would Choose a heavy ish or moderately heavy weight. So that you can get more bang for your buck. Of course, lighter kettlebells will be cheaper. I got mine from Amazon for $72 so if you can afford to get more than one one for Upper-body movement stuff, that would be great. I’m not saying that I can’t do upper body or I can’t do core work with this I’m just slightly limited with all the exercises that there are out there for kettlebells We got one bell. We’re just making it work. These next few movements are things that I found in my research but ones that I’ve never actually done myself so when you do have some sort of Obstruction or limitation to training you do have to get a little bit more creative and do a little bit of research Like I have and put yourself out there and try something new of course within safety safety precautions in mind So like the pistol squat I’ve never tried that with that heavy of a weight before but I do feel somewhat confident in weighted pistol squats So it wasn’t too outrageous for me to try. If you’re watching this and some of the movements seem new to you Try them with lighter weights in your gym and try to get a moderate or heavy ish Kettlebell for your home if that’s something that you’re ready to do. Okay. These ones might seem a little bit weird Okay You can hear I’m a little out of breath. So I got a solid workout in Thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that it helped you if you’re interested in looking into new movements That you can try with limited equipment or if you’re thinking about buying your first piece of equipment for your home gym Or just to have in your back yard. I got this kettlebell again on Amazon for 72 bucks 40 pounds They get cheaper as the weights go down, of course So yeah, I’ll link it down below the exact one that I have I haven’t measured it to see if it’s exactly 40 pounds, but I will do that for you. Maybe in the next video Thank you guys for watching if you’re not already subscribed to my channel. Be sure to do that You’re up in my crib. So you might as well be a strong strong friend. Like this if you enjoyed it And I will see you guys in the next video If you like this one I have a body weight exercise video that I filmed in Barcelona that you can check out too for more ideas On things you can do with limited or no equipment. Ok. Yes. Bye


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