1 Easy Tip To Build BIGGER LATS! (Dumbbell Row – More Muscle Activation On Every Rep!)

Hey, what’s up guys? Got a really great tip for you for those of you who are doing single arm bent over Dumbbell Rows which Is actually an exercise part of the pull A on my 12-week training Transformation challenge, if you guys haven’t seen the workout yet I’ll put a link in the section below but this workout you’re doing really short rest periods and so for the first two exercises you only taking a 60-second break in between all your sets, it’s 4 sets per exercise then when you get to the next three you’re only taking a 30 second rest period In between all your sets And you’re doing five sets one of those exercises is the single arm bent over dumbbell row now Traditionally with this exercise in terms of form you know it’s much more than just bending over and pulling the dumbbell up You’re actually posting like this you’re keeping your body parallel to the ground and as you pull the dumbbell up You’re not pulling your hand you’re gripping it as hot as you can in order to activate your forearms But mentally you need to focus your mind muscle connection on being able to almost pull with your elbow to get as much Engagement in your back as possible if you stop pulling with your hand you’re going to get a lot more on your bicep So that is number one thing you want to keep in mind but like I said this workout has really short rest periods and so I Was just finding myself getting tired and fatigued and so I I dropped down to an one elbow like this which is something I never normally do I always keep myself posted up here. But I dropped down because I was tired and instantly I felt like Way more engagement in my back having to do this exercise just from going from here to here and for a few different reasons It’s pretty obvious number one. It’s making me even more parallel to the ground and I’m also changing the angle at which I’m pulling the dumbbell into the ear, so if I’m up like this Even if I’m parallel to the ground, I’m still kind of pulling the dumbbell at an angle, okay It’s not perfectly straight perfectly straight would kind of be like this, so if I drop down here You can even see without even moving my arm I change the whole range of motion of the exercise and now when I pull, I’m pulling directly back So it’s almost like you’re doing this Okay, so now a couple of things come into play You’re going to get a lot more engaging in your back I just fell which is great, but now you can actually kind of do a stop go in every single repetition You know it’s okay to disengage after each rep because it takes a lot more Energy to re-engage the exercise and starting from a dead stop. You should know that if you’re doing deadlifts it’s much harder to drop the weight wait a second and then pull it back up you engage more muscle tissue, so from here grabbing that dumbbell gripping it as hard as you can Pull with your elbow pull all the way up squeeze your back And then when you come to the ground you can choose to stop here or go all the way to the ground Reset your grip and then pull again, and we really focus on isolating that area But it is a really great tip for those of you guys looking to get a little more out of your workouts Get that extra Edge So let me know what you think give it a shot click that like button leave some comments in the comment section below Be sure to subscribe and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys


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