💪 Women Fitness | Top Trainer At Home Exercise Routines For Busy Moms To Shed Baby Weight

You just had a baby right four and a half months ago born If I can look like that after four and a half months of having a baby I’m gonna be super super excited Obviously today we are going to do some banded Exercises it’s gonna be a total body so we’re hitting some upper and we’re hitting some lower you guys are gonna get your heart rate up and you’re gonna burn a crap ton of calories in that 10 minutes so how it’s gonna work is I’m gonna give you 4 exercises they’re gonna have designated reps for each of them I’m gonna say them for you and then you’ll just repeat those four exercises in 10 minutes as many times as you possibly can so It’s up to you if you hit that 10-minute mark and you feel like hey I have time I’m gonna do a little bit more do more it add another 10 minutes but this is a fun little structure that you guys can do at home and on your own With some exercises that you guys like just making it a 10-minute amrap we have the lovely Cassy Hey and she’s going she you just had a baby right four and a half months ago foreign if I can look like that after four and a half months of having a baby I’m gonna be super Super excited that’s awesome alright so she is our our? victim today no I’m kidding When you go down and your push up your leg is gonna come up so I’m gonna go down now if you are not able to do an actual push-up you can just do five on this side and then switch five on this side So one knee down make sure you have that one leg up so that way we can start activating our glutes and get some not only upper body but some lower body in there as well so you guys will do ten of those so that’s five leg lifts on each side ten push-ups total and then we’re gonna do fifteen jump And you guys will do 30. So that’s 15 on each leg and then the last one Tap the opposite arm with the opposite hand each side you’re going to come up and Burpee Ten minutes is plenty for these four exercises so the first one we did push-up with a leg lift we got 1015 jump squats 30 mountain climbers and then we’ll do 10 burpees with a shoulder tap so then you’re gonna pop back up Just like that then we’re going to do mountain climbers so down in a plank position again and You’ve got 15 on each leg so drive your knee forward and we want to go fast We’re gonna do the Burpee with the shoulder tap so start with the shoulder tap opposite hand opposite shoulder and then you’re going to Burpee up and jump at the top good perfect so now when you guys do this When you tap each shoulder try to keep your hips nice and quiet so we don’t want our hips going side to side we want to keep them nice and steady so keep your core tight there you go perfect just like that That is one round of it okay so you what you guys will do is set ten minutes on the clock Anywhere however you want to do it And just go through those four exercises As many times as you possibly can and try to make it a personal best so you know you can do this a couple times All right so you know just if you guys say you got like two rounds in in that ten minutes the next time you do it try to get three rounds and the next time try to get four and so on and so forth you know push yourself it’s A good it’s a good measuring tool as well to do these am reps that’s another reason why I like them is as a trainer it’s a really good way for me to to monitor my clients progress and things that their person you know progressing it and things that they may not be present in so Some added resistance does yeah look at her look at her she had a baby for two half month ago I still can’t believe it Thanks for kicking my butt!


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