💪 Best Time To Exercise For Building Muscle – by Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, It’s Dr Sam Robbins, I rarely get this question, but it’s an
important one – when is the best time to exercise, if your goal is to build muscle? This usually is asked by men, but it also
pertains to women. Well, my generic answer to “best time”
to do anything is always going to be, when YOU can get to it. Some of us can maybe only go to the gym before
work or after work or we’re so busy, it can only be on the weekends. So, whenever YOU can get to it, then do it. Don’t overthink it. Plan it, schedule it and then DO IT consistently
and you’ll get results. However, in an ideal world, there IS a best
time to exercise for building muscle. Now, the first rule for building muscle is
to optimize your hormones. This is extremely important and I’ll get
to that in a minute, so make sure you watch to the end of the video. The second rule for building muscle is you
need to FEED it and thus, you have to eat a good amount of extra food. There’s NO way around it. Food is your most anabolic substance. You can exercise all you want. You can sleep all day long. You can take lots of steroids. But if you don’t eat enough food, gaining
muscle is going to be very difficult. So you want to make sure you eat at least
ONE good meal and preferably, 2 or 3, BEFORE you go to the gym. You need to fill up your muscles with enough
fuel – protein, carbs and fats – so you can have a good workout, be strong and have stamina
to lift heavy weights, for enough sets and reps. The more VOLUME (sets x reps) you can do and
still RECOVER, the more muscle you’ll grow. And recovery starts with food. So, don’t even think about going to the
gym first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. You’ll just burn away your muscles. You’ll have no fuel and your body will readily
burn MUSCLE before fat for energy – especially because you’re lifting weights, which uses
muscle (protein). It’s different than doing cardiovascular
exercise, which CAN be done on an empty stomach and I’ll do an entire video about that later. Additionally, you want to feed the muscle
at least 2 good meals after your workout. Which means, don’t workout last thing at
night and then go to sleep on an empty stomach. #1 Best Case Scenario
Thus, in an ideal scenario, you’d eat 3 meals, go to the gym and then eat 3 more meals. Of course, not everyone can do this – especially
if they have a job. Unless they workout during their lunch hour,
which a lot of my clients do. Or your in school and you can take off an
hour and go to the gym. Anyway, IF you can do this, great. This is the best option. Three meals before and after your workout. #2 Second Option Second best option would be a morning workout
— You’d eat one good meal (breakfast) and then go the gym and then eat the rest of your
meals during the day. Morning are better because you’ll get energized
and burn more calories the rest of the day. #3 Last Option Third best option would be a night workout
— You’d come home after work for example, go to the gym, eat a good solid meal and then
go to sleep an hour or two later. This is the last option because exercise increases
body temperature and cortisol levels, which stimulates the nervous system (CNS) and thus
– makes sleeping more difficult. But, this is better than no workout. BOTTOM LINE: You need to get at least ONE
meal before and after your workout. Intermittent Fasting
If you’re doing some kind of intermittent fasting, I would suggest the same thing. Break your fast with at least one meal, then
go to the gym and eat again after. This of course depends on how long you’re
fasting for. But if you’re going to eat for 8 hours,
that gives you plenty of time to feed the muscle before and after the workout. It’s All About Your Hormones As I stated earlier, (genetics aside) muscle
growth is ALWAYS dependant on your hormones. This is why women can never get as big as
men. This is why a guy in his 50’s and older,
will never look as good as he did in his 20’s — all having to do with your hormones. Now, the great part is you can always optimize
and maximize your hormones naturally, at any age. Be Anabolic AND Anti-Catabolic And the reason I tell you to make sure you
get at least ONE meal before and after your workout is to manage insulin levels – which
is BOTH anabolic AND anti-catabolic. By having some carbs before and after your
workouts, as part of a meal (with proteins and a little bit of fat too), you’ll have
higher blood sugar and insulin levels. This shuttles and moves the food you eat into
the muscle for your workout and FEEDS your muscle. This is the “anabolic” part (building). And the carbs after your workout (again, with
some protein and a little bit of fat) keeps blood sugar elevated, which continues to feed
the muscle, but also LOWERS cortisol – your “catabolic” stress hormone. This means that you are now also “anti-catabolic”. REMEMBER: It’s one thing to build muscle
– but you ALSO want to reduce the BREAKDOWN of muscle at the same time. Now you get double the growth, double the
progress. Otherwise, you’ll gain 5 lbs of muscle and
lose 5 lbs and end up with no progress…. Which is what happens to most people. Also, keep in mind that as cortisol (stress/catabolic
hormone) goes up, your testosterone (anabolic) hormone comes down. And without testosterone, you’ll NEVER gain
any muscle. Thus, it comes back to optimize your hormones
— increasing the “anabolic” hormones, while minimizing the “catabolic” hormones. And if you really want to increase muscle
size, then you should considering using a clinically proven testosterone boosting, hormone
optimizing supplement such as AlphaViril. Now you’ll have optimal hormonal balance
for building muscle, gaining strength AND losing fat. Plus, you’ll have much higher sex drive
and libido too, which is always nice. You can get more details about AlphaViril
below, in the description area… So in closing, make sure you feed your muscle
with at least one good meal, before and after your weight training workout. This will help build muscle and reduce muscle
breakdown. Finally, add in a testosterone boosting, hormone-optimizing
solution such as AlphaViril, to really increase the anabolic, anti-catabolic ratios needed
for building more muscle, gaining strength and losing fat. Then, go rest and you’ll slowly build muscle
over the next few weeks and months. Well, that’s it for today. I hope this gave your more clarity. If this was helpful, please subscribe to this
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