崩壞3劇情講解第一彈!主線劇情全梳理!帶妳輕松搞懂崩壞3rd到底說了啥!| Honkai Impact 3 Storyline Explained in 10 Minutes #1

This video was originally released in September, 2018 so some information may be outdated HI3 is a mobile action game created by miHoYo That branched into an expansive multimedia project Pumping out manga, anime, and novels That are definitely worth a read But due to the sprawling world building and the anachronical storytelling Many players find the Honkai-verse too daunting to get into Unknown to many is that after two years of development HI3 has built up a relatively comprehensive and engrossing storyline From Being completely incomprehensible To Being partially comprehensible This year marks the 2nd anniversary of HI3 So it would be the perfect time to go over the storyline In a chronological order for every Captain out there Firstly are the basic concepts you should know Earth harbors a planetary will known as [Honkai] that is keen on wiping out human civilizations Natural disasters, plagues, and monsters are all its manifestations Honkai of the highest level cultivates a super life form known as [Herrscher] inside human bodies These individuals are classified as [1st Honkai], [2nd Honkai] and so forth Humans have established two organizations to fight Honkai and Herrschers Schicksal and Anti-Entropy Schicksal relies on archaeology While Anti-Entropy relies on technology And HI3 is all about Schicksal and Anti-Entropy strangling each other and smacking Honkai occasionally while they are at it Which is the ultimate explanation of everything For clarity, I have broken up the storyline into 5 arcs using historical nodes The Previous Era 50 thousand years ago The late Middle Ages in 15th century The 1st Honkai Eruption in 1952 The 2nd Honkai Eruption in 2000 And lastly the 3rd Honkai Eruption in 2014 Most of the Honkai-verse franchise focus on these periods 50 thousand years ago, mankind developed a highly advanced civilization With many ways to fend off Honkai One of them is to process the extracted cores of defeated Herrschers Into super weapons against Honkai Such weapons are known as [Divine Keys] 14 Herrschers emerged in the era The first 13 lost to humanity And were turned into 13 Divine Keys With matching powers For instance, [Judgment of Shamash] corresponds with the [Herrscher of Fire] [Abyss Flower] corresponds with the [Herrscher of Death] Even though humanity of the era amassed an arsenal of crazy tech and weaponry They stood zero chance against the most powerful 14th Herrscher Excluding a handful of super soldiers such as Kevin and Fu Hua Who were covertly preserved in cryo-pods to assist the following eras The rest of the human population were annihilated The history is explained in a short spin-off manga titled [Secret of the God Keys] It’s basically info dump from a narrative perspective Short in length but thick in volume Every page is laden with new supplementary information Making it the go-to source for Honkai lore specialists It also contains plenty of Easter eggs about character relationships Such as Dr. Mei and the 7th Herrscher Himeko They share the same looks and names with Mei and Himeko They’re basically their reincarnations Kevin·Kaslana who wielded the Judgment of Shamash is basically Kiana’s forefather And the MANTIS Hua belonging to the MOTHs 50 thousand years ago is basically Fu Hua’s… Herself Someone explain why she’s so overpowered This concludes the Previous Era so let us fast-forward to the current generation 50 thousand years later Schicksal, the Honkai resistance, was founded in Europe in the 15th century Two major characters made their debut in this time period Otto Apocalypse, heir to the Schicksal Overseer And his childhood sweetheart Kallen Kaslana, Kiana’s medieval ancestor Otto was the brain and the leading mind in Honkai studies Kallen was the brawn and the strongest Valkyrie of Schicksal However, in a war against the Ming Dynasty Kallen was overwhelmed by Fu Hua, the protector of Shenzhou Immediately recognizing Kallen’s weapon Oath of Judah was a Divine Key Fu Hua warned Kallen before leaving Ask yourself what you are trying to protect After returning to Europe, Kallen accidentally discovered that Schicksal was conducting human experiments to study Honkai And Otto was leading the effort Which led to irreparable differences between the two Kallen finally understood what Fu Hua meant She chose to stand with the people and destroyed Schicksal’s test site And took the Black Box used in the experiments To hide from Schicksal’s hitmen, she fled to Japan And met Yae Sakura there After many events that are better left unspoken They fell in love I should have seen it coming Another pair of childhood sweehearts got wrecked by a third wheel But the Will of Honkai in the Black Box seized the opportunity and possessed Yae Sakura Turns out the 12th Herrscher, [Herrscher of Corruption], was sealed inside the box It was also [Jizo Mitama], one of the few Divine Keys that had not been fully constructed before the annihilation Although Kallen succeeded in sealing Yae Sakura She was badly wounded and was captured by Schicksal Which led to her death when she protected civilians from Honkai Beasts on her execution ground Ending her heroic and significant life The manga chapters elaborating on her life Comprise the Elan Palatinus Arc, the EX Sakura Arc, and chapters 8~11 of the monochrome manga in chronological order On account of being released over a long time span The EX Sakura Arc was released three years prior to the Elan Palatinus Arc So reading them together feels like retcon at its finest For instance, Oath of Judah is now excavated instead of artificially-created Otto is now a devoted lover instead of the nasty culprit behind everything Kallen, on the other hand, is now a larger sized Kiana instead of the impeccable heroine Only she got the shorter end of the stick As to why Otto has survived to this day It is because he learned the knowledge of the Previous Era from the 1st Divine Key [Void Archives] And applied it to prolong his life by switching bodies He has ruled over Schicksal as the Overseer for 500 years straight, making him the shadowy string-puller he is today Out of his twisted love for Kallen, he did a lot of unhinged things Such as creating Theresa Apocalypse by fusing the DNA of Kallen and Honkai Beasts And developing Kallen Fantasy, a game telling the touching love story of Kallen and Otto and how they beat up Yae Sakura Which has been a chart-topper since launch But after Cecilia beat his highscore… He froze her game account Let us move on to modern times The 1st Honkai Eruption of this era occurred in Berlin in 1952 The incident begot the 1st Herrscher named Welt Having somehow lost his memories, he was not keen on murdering humans as other Herrschers Schicksal did not know what to do with him either, so they confined him for human experiments In 1955, Welt met Einstein, Tesla, and Planck A group of Schicksal scientists who for whatever the reason were all cuties After living the dream harem-ish life for a while They discovered the dark side of Schicksal Which prompted them to break with Otto and leave Schicksal to found Anti-Entropy The derivative work elaborating on this story is a visual novel titled [Anti-Entropy] Unlike manga, visual novels are built upon words, so expect massive exposition The novel clarifies concepts including Honkai, Soulium and the Previous Era And tells a particularly exciting story, even by HI3 standards For your information, 4 Welts have appeared in the series The blue-haired Welt Joyce is the protagonist of [Anti-Entropy] He was the original 1st Herrscher But died in the resistance against Otto Before his death, he transferred his Herrscher Core to a Finnish boy The boy later became the brown-haired Welt Yang, the current leader of Anti-Entropy Welt ① who got stepped on by Mei and Welt ② who got pulverized by Fu Hua Were the clones of Joyce The true power of the1st Herrscher is reason Enabling the recreation of objects upon understanding their principles So the source of Welt ① and Welt ②’s gravity controlling power was… It was actually the muscle memory of the first Welt they cloned that reproduced the powers of the 9th Herrscher of Earth sealed in the 9th Divine Key Star of Eden Okay this is getting way too complicated After the 1st Honkai Eruption comes the period that serves as the transition The 2nd Honkai Eruption that transpired in Siberia in 2000 At first, it was only a backstory told indirectly Siegfried Kaslana married S-rank Valkyrie Cecilia And gave birth to Kiana Due to Otto’s orders, Cecilia died along with the 2nd Herrscher Sirin during the 2nd Honkai Eruption Grieving over his wife, Siegfried fled Schicksal with Kiana And that was it Even in Story Chapter V and VI that revolve around the event Kiana’s parents only make brief appearances to please fans However, the latest ongoing manga [Second Eruption] Explains what exactly happened in great detail Expanding it into an epic war of power struggles This applies especially to Anti-Entropy With their fricking god slayers and unlimited battleship works They even created a black hole of all things to steal the spotlight In contrast, Siegfried, a recurring hero in the game In the manga This minion should not be taken lightly! I’m losing! Someone! Help! Siegfried! Show us your true power! The 2nd Herrscher Sirin fled to the dark side of the moon after losing to Anti-Entropy But coincidentally found a part of Honkai God that had been sealed by Dr. Mei in the Previous Era The god bestowed the powers of four other Herrschers upon her Storm, Thunder, Death, and Flame This is why Sirin, who was only the Herrscher of the Void at the time of death, left four different gems (Conquest, Desire, Serenity, Affliction) behind So they finally decided to finish what they started huh? Afterwards, the Gem of Conquest that represents Thunder transformed Mei into the Herrscher of Thunder (the 3rd Honkai Eruption) The Gem of Desire that represents Storm transformed Wendy into the Herrscher of Wind (Story Chapter III) The Kiana whom players have been controlling in-game Is actually K-423, a clone of Kiana whom Otto infused with the 2nd Herrscher’s DNA Allowing her to transform into the Herrscher of the Void in Story Chapter VIII As for why God Kiana addressed Mei as her other half in the cinematics The reason lies in the Gem of Conquest held by Mei, which was a part of the 2nd Herrscher So to be precise, this should be called… My quarter self Back to the [Second Eruption], the manga is still ongoing The 2nd Herrscher has already received an insane power-up There’s no way that someone who is the combination of five powers Who launches meteors to Earth from the moon for fun Could have been killed in a suicide attack by a measly S-rank Valkyrie They need to justify how it is possible Because if it were not for Cecilia’s death Siegfried would not have left with K-423 and Theresa would not have established St. Freya As K-423 grew up in the belief that she was Kiana Kaslana The timeline has reached our most familiar period In 2014, Cocolia, a radical member of Anti-Entropy, used the Gem of Conquest On Raiden Mei to initiate the 3rd Honkai Eruption Kiana and Bronya were dragged into it But with the help of Hyperion’s Captain Actually Former Captain Murata Himeko The incident was resolved and the trio entered St. Freya, the school for in-training Valkyries The events are continued by sporadic manga one-shots Due to being released in earlier times and have little to do with current events I will not be delving into them, but you can pause and take a look This marks the end for HI3’s storyline and associated adaptations that I organized by the timeline If you do want to experience the manga and games yourself I suggest you read them in release order Since the lores and origin stories are refined through constant patching Some viewers might ask What about the plot of the actual game? I’m happy you asked The truth is The story that unfolds as you play Is right here That’s right, from the moment you boot up the game What I summarized is already history And there’s nothing you can do about it Many players have complained about the role of the protagonist Other than diminishing their sense of immersion, it also creates tricky relationship problems Suppose miHoYo has released Cecilia’s battlesuit We can tell Siegfried Hey there, my future father-in-law, I just raised your wife’s Affection to 4♥ This is simply outrageous! And I want to see it happen now In fact, nobody knew what direction to aim the manga two years ago The world building was premature and the plot was close to non-existent Most pages were pointless edgy posing or fan service Guess it’s not that pointless after all The contents of some arcs are blatantly driven by game updates They were releasing Sakuno Rondo So Yae Sakura suddenly appeared and got together with Theresa They were releasing Shadow Knight so Fu Hua KOed the Herrscher of Death with one punch Tactical retcons that exist to support the game are excusable Remember what Blizzard did to hype Demon Hunter They whitewashed Illidan into the Child of Light, even though he had been chased around by Footmen for a myriad The biggest gripe with HI3 spinoffs comes from the messy storytelling rabbit holes To understand A requires knowledge of B and C To understand C requires knowledge of D and E But no one will tell you where to find A, B, C, D, and E It’s possible that they are in different formats B could be a novel, C could be a manga, D could be an in-game cinematic And E could be a piece of narration from A Is this a puzzle adventure game or what? Good news is that the dev team is finally addressing the issue The manga spinoffs have shifted their focus to tying up loose ends and merging storylines The completion of the Elan Palatinus Arc, the Second Eruption Arc, and Anti-Entropy this year Have set up three key historical nodes in particular Threads that were once everywhere suddenly converged Coupled with the escalating plot of the manga Means that other than the intricate game world and gorgeous art We are finally able to discuss how enthralling the plot is This is so… So what a manga series should be from day one! That’s all for this episode I wish HI3 a happy 2nd anniversary Hopefully, the video has helped you with the Honkai-verse Please subscribe if you enjoy my video See you in the next episode!

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